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Practical C# Charts and Graphics

Book Description
This book provides everything you need to create advanced charts and graphics in your .NET applications. It shows you how to create a variety of graphics and charts that range from simple two-dimensional (2D) X-Y plots to complicated three-dimensional (3D) surface graphs using managed C# code. The author introduces readers to the C# graphics program in a simple way - simple enough to be easily followed by C# beginners who have never had experience in developing C# graphics and chart applications. You can learn from this book how to create a full range of color graphics applications and how to use C# controls to create impressive graphic and chart effects without having to buy expensive third-party add-on products.


AdvancED Flex 3

Book Description

Whether you're a Flex 3 beginner or intermediate user, this book provides the necessary information to help you develop into an expert. Using a practical hands-on approach, it illustrates exactly how to create robust and scalable enterprise-grade Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

The book is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the architectural and design aspects of Flex 3 application development. It explains the internals of a Flex 3 application and advocates a few best practices to fine-tune your application to ensure maximum performance. It includes tutorials on creating custom components, data binding, and creating AIR-powered desktop applications.

The second part concentrates on effectively integrating Flex 3 with server- and client-side technologies. Techniques for integration with Java and PHP are covered in detail, and content covering interaction with client-side technologies is also included. After reading the chapter on JavaScript integration, you will be ready to create applications that can use Ajax and Flex 3 together.

The third and final part of the book is a unique and eclectic mix of some advanced topics like mashups, collaborative applications, 3D rendering, highly interactive visualization, and audio and video streaming.

In summary, through reading this book, you will benefit from the wealth of information and years of experience the authors hold, and will then be ready to cruise with comfort in the world of Flex 3 application development on your own.
download Mobile Essential Training

Creating brilliant Flash applications for mobile devices isn't as simple as just making existing applications
smaller. In Flash Mobile Essential Training, instructor Arthur Phillips tackles the challenges of developing specifically for mobile devices, including building static pages; creating navigational screens and buttons; programming gaming animation, memory and scoring; generating pages with XML; implementing video, text and graphics; and creating animations for the small screen. Exercise files accompany the course.

Released on: 4/4/2008

Table of contents

Welcome 0:44 0.5 MB
What this course covers 1:08 0.6 MB
Using the exercise files 0:46 0.5 MB
Prerequisites 0:44 0.4 MB

1. Understanding the Challenges
Flash mobile and you 4:58 2.9 MB
The history of Flash Lite 4:14 2.3 MB

2. Design and Development Considerations
Tools 1:00 0.9 MB
Business goals 0:54 0.8 MB
Technical goals 1:58 1.8 MB

3. Getting Started with Flash
The Flash Welcome screen 1:32 1.7 MB
Introduction to Device Central 2:53 3.3 MB
Creating a device set 3:00 3.8 MB
Overview of the workspace 1:47 1.9 MB
Using the Property Inspector 2:17 2.6 MB
Managing the workspace 2:13 2.7 MB
Customizing preferences 2:35 2.1 MB

4. ActionScript Overview
Using the Actions window and Help 4:50 3.5 MB
Executing ActionScript in Device Central 5:23 3.6 MB
The System Capabilities object 7:52 9.3 MB
Setting device properties with the FS2 command 4:19 6.6 MB
Getting device information with the FS2 command 4:52 4.2 MB

5. Text Field Overview
Understanding types of text fields 6:50 4.8 MB
Understanding font issues 4:39 7.8 MB

6. Key Handler Overview
Implementing key handlers 3:02 3.5 MB
Managing scope issues 5:06 6.1 MB
Responding to keys 4:55 5.6 MB

7. Building an Information Page
Building text with the System Capabilities object 4:52 3.8 MB
Building text with fscommand2 4:47 5.6 MB
Scrolling a text field 5:09 6.5 MB
Updating data displays 3:07 3 MB

8. Applying Movie Clips to Modular Design
Creating movie types 5:30 6.1 MB
Attaching movies 12:30 13.5 MB
Moving keyframe information 4:15 4.9 MB
Building placeholder screens 7:08 8.4 MB

9. Building a Navigation Screen
Importing bitmap graphics 5:55 4.9 MB
Creating handling buttons 8:06 9.9 MB
Working with the focus rectangle 6:15 7.7 MB
Storing data 9:33 7.6 MB
Implementing navigation 7:10 9.5 MB

10. Building an XML Data-Driven Content Screen
Loading XML 4:57 3.9 MB
Processing XML 4:57 6.9 MB
Generating displays with XML 22:02 17.1 MB

11. Building a Media Screen
Overview of video in Flash Lite 3:10 2.8 MB
Implementing detection 6:11 4.8 MB
Implementing embedded video 4:37 6.2 MB
Implementing external video 4:22 5.6 MB
Implementing Flash video 4:56 5.4 MB

12. Building a Static Screen
Importing text 8:06 10.8 MB
Importing graphics 8:58 12.3 MB

13. Building an Animation Screen
Understanding keyframe animation 18:54 25.8 MB
Understanding programmatic animation 7:29 8.3 MB

14. Building a Game Screen
Gaming animation 12:33 14.3 MB
Programming interactivity 7:43 10.2 MB
Programming trajectories 15:00 19.9 MB
Managing memory 4:17 5.3 MB
Collision detection 8:42 10 MB
Scoring 9:53 12.7 MB

15. OOD and Class-Based Development
Understanding Object-Oriented Development 7:00 4.3 MB
Converting classes 11:05 16.3 MB

16. Publishing an Application
Moving an application to a phone 2:46 11.2 MB
Distribution channels 2:49 1.9 MB

Goodbye 0:26 0.3 MB

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