Human Cell Culture: Primary Mesenchymal Cells

Primary Mesenchymal Cells

Product Description
This unique comprehensive volume in the Human Cell Culture Series encompasses research methodology for the growth and differentiation of all types of primary mesenchymal cells. Each of eleven mesenchymal cell types is covered by a leading expert in the field, providing insightful background information along with detailed current culture and assay techniques. Tissue types covered include bone, cartilage, tendons and ligaments, muscle (smooth, skeletal, and cardiac), adipose tissue, and skin (dermis), as well as multi-potent mesenchymal stem cells and fibrocytes. In addition to uses for research applications, current and future clinical applications of large-scale culture methods are also discussed. Further, the procurement and processing of primary human tissues is covered in detail. The generous inclusion of figures and tables, along with a consistent format, makes critical information highly accessible to the reader. Additionally, numerous literature citations provide a valuable reference for students and professionals in the fields of cell biology and bioengineering.