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C# Programming Books

Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with Qt 4 ©2006-2008 (Alan Ezust, Paul Ezust) 656 pages

C++ Annotations ©1994-2008 (Frank B. Brokken)

Optimizing C++ ©1999 (Steve Heller) 416 pages

C++ Essentials ©2005 (Sharam Hekmat) 311 pages

C++ Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic ©2005 (Valluru B. Rao) 549 pages

An Introduction to GCC: for the GNU Compilers GCC and G++ ©2004 (Brian Gough, Richard Stallman)

C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3 ©2004 (Jasmin Blanchette/Mark Summerfield) 464 pages

Wireless Game Development in C/C++ with BREW ©2003 (R. Barbagallo) 321 pages

Applied C++: Techniques for Building Better Software ©2003 (Philip Romanik/Amy Muntz) 352 pages

C++, A Dialog: Programming with the C++ Standard Library ©2002 (Steve Heller) 1122 pages

C++ in Action: Industrial Strength Programming Techniques ©2001 (Bartosz Milewski) 485 pages

Designing Components with the C++ STL ©2000 (Ulrich Breymann) 320 pages

Linkers and Loaders ©2000 (John R. Levine) 256 pages [Manuscript ] [Homepage]

Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition, Vol. 1 ©2000 (Bruce Eckel) 814 pages [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [PDF]

Thinking in C++, 2nd Edition, Vol. 2 ©2001 (Bruce Eckel) 832 pages [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror]

ANSI/ISO C++ Professional Programmer's Handbook ©1999 (Danny Kalev) 356 pages [PDF] [PDF]

Visual C++ 6 Unleashed ©2000 (Mickey Williams, David Bennett) 1000 pages

Industrial Strength C++ ©1997 (Henricson/Erik Nyquist/Ellemtel Utvecklings) 240 pages

Teachers' Guide to Practical C++ Programming ©1996 (Steve Oualline and C. M. Oualline)

Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C++ (Bruno R. Preiss)

Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [PDF]

C++ Network Programming, vol 2: Systematic Reuse with ACE Frameworks (D.C Schmidt) [Miror] [PPT] [vol 1]

Compilers and Compiler Generators: An Introduction with C++ (P.D. Terry) [Mirror] [PDF] [Homepage]

Language Translation Using PCCTS and C++: A Reference Guide ©1996 (Terence John Parr) 310 pages

How to Think Like a Computer Scientist, C++ Version © (Allen B. Downey) [HTML]

C/C++ Reference [Another] [Another] [PDF]

C/C++ Reference Zone

Complete C++ Language Tutorial

The C++ Course (Allen B. Downey)

The Function Pointer Tutorials for C/C++

SUN C++ User's Guide

Microsoft C++ Language Reference

C++ Reference Guide (Danny Kalev)


C++: The Rule Of Three (by Valmont)

C++ Coding Standard Specification (PDF)

Coronado Enterprises C++ Tutor, v 2.2 [Mirror] [Mirror]

Incompatibilities between ISO C and ISO C++ ©2001 (Davd R. Tribble)

Software Design Using C++ ©2007 (Br. David Carlson)

Techniques for Scientific C++ ©2000 (Todd Veldhuizen)

C++ Programming for Scientists (Roldan Pozo/Karin Reminton)

C++ Standard Template Library (STL) Programmer's Guide [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror] [Mirror]

Phil Ottewell's STL Tutorial

Debugging C and C++ Code in a Unix Environment

Larch/C++ Reference Manual (G. T. Leavens)

C++ Programming Tutorials

An Introduction to the Imperative Part of C++ (R. Miller, D. lark, B. White, W. Knottenbelt)

C and C++ Style Guides

C++ Portability Guide (D. Willias)

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ ©1997 (Peter Müller) [Printing Verion]

An Introduction to C++ and Object Oriented Programming, (Ian D Chivers) January 1999

Using C and C++ with Fortran

The ZooLib Cookbook ©2001 (Mchael D. Crawford)