Dsp for Matlab and Labview: Discrete Frequency Transforms

Discrete Frequency Transforms

This volume provides detailed coverage of discrete frequency transforms, including a brief overview of common frequency transforms, both discrete and continuous, followed by detailed treatments of the Discrete Time Fourier Transform (DTFT), the z-Transform (including definition and properties, the inverse z-transform, frequency responsevia z-transform, and alternate filter realization topologies including Direct Form, Direct Form Transposed, Cascade Form,Parallel Form, and Lattice Form), and the Discrete FourierTransform (DFT) (including Discrete Fourier Series, the DFT-IDFT pair, DFT of common signals, bin width, sampling duration, and sample rate, the FFT, the Goertzel Algorithm, Linear, Periodic, and Circular convolution, DFT Leakage, and computation of the Inverse DFT). The entire series consists of four volumes that collectively cover basic digital signal processing in a practical and accessible manner, but which nonetheless include all essential foundation mathematics.