Futuristic Set Design with James Clyne Conceptual Environments for Feature Film Production

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In this first of three DVDs in a series, James will cover a wide range of Adobe Photoshop® techniques that he uses as a concept designer in the feature film industry. Focusing on the subject of futuristic architectural landscapes, James starts with a blank page and quickly delves right into such topics as sketch ideation directly in Photoshop® and blocking in a dynamic composition. Setting itself apart from other concept art techniques, this DVD concentrates heavily on the smooth integration of photo reference and high-end conceptualization ideas, or what James terms "Photoshop® kit bashing", blurring the line between photo and ideation rendering. Subjects such as Photoshop® layer properties, creating custom brushes, and developing architectural concepts are also covered.

Topics Covered:
Digital Sketching in Photoshop®
Kit Bashing
Masking and Layer Properties
How to Render with Indication
Rendering with Photorealism, but Keeping it Impressionistic
Conceptual Architectural Understandings

01: Loose Digital Sketching
02: Manipulating Reference Photography
03: Composition / Hot Keys
04: Kit Bashing
05: Masking / Choosing Colors
06: 2D Texture Mapping
07: Adding More Objects to the Composition
08: More Photo Scrap / Render with Indication
09: Keeping it Fresh
10: Custom Brushes / Progression of Detail
11: Dodge Layer / Adjusting for Perspective
12: Adding a Figure for Scale
13: The Home Stretch: Final Details
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