Geospatial Services and Applications for the Internet

 Geospatial Services and Applications for the Internet

Product Description

The use of geospatial technologies has become ubiquitous since the leading Internet vendors delivered a number of popular map websites. Today, businesses are either migrating location-specific capabilities into their information systems, or expanding existing Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) implementation into enterprise-wide s. As enterprise information systems evolve toward service-oriented architecture (SOA), geospatial technologies also evolve along the same lines.

Geospatial Services and Applications for the Internet covers a wide spectrum of techniques, model methodologies and theories on development and applications of GIS relative to the internet. The world’s experts in this emerging field, present examples and case studies for location-based services, coastal restoration, urban planning, battlefield planning, rehearsal environmental analysis and assessment.

“When you consider that on-line maps, Google-earth etc. are all very heavily used and useful today, a book presenting aspects of this and the underlying background is certainly needed.”
Fred Petry

“A book like this could be a very useful text for courses in GIS, since the existing books are thin on Internet aspects.”
Mike Goodchild