Microsoft Vista Desktop Support - CBT

If you’re new to Vista you’ve probably heard how much different it is to XP and other Windows Operating Systems but trainer James Conrad understands Vista and this video series shows you how to manage it at a desktop level. You’ll learn how to fully administer a Windows Vista computer, including deployment, desktop management, security configuration, application control and troubleshooting.

Vista is unlike XP. Internet Explorer 7 works differently in Vista. Security features like IPSEC and Firewall are easier to configure. Encryption is more powerful. You’ll certainly appreciate the added protection against Malware that Windows Defender provides. In this video series you’ll learn how each of these — and tons of other — terrific Vista features work.
Once you’re a Vista client pro you’ll troubleshoot policy objects, set software restrictions and provide tight network security. In fact, managing Vista clients offers you lots of powerful ways to keep all your Vista users (including your boss) thrilled with your efforts.

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