Professional iPhone Application DevelopmentWiley

, John & Sons, Inc. ISBN-13: 9780470251553 English PDF 313 Pages Size: 586.3 KB This hands-on, in-depth book introduces developers to the initial release of the iPhone application platform and assists them in creating Web 2.0 applications that operate on the iPhone and integrate with its services. Author Richard Wagner shares his experience as he guides readers through the process of building new applications from scratch and migrating existing Web 2.0 applications to this new mobile platform. Utilizing practical examples, the book shows how to build a wide range of solutions—from a basic XHTML/CSS client to an advanced Ajax-enabled database application. As it does so, it helps readers design a user interface that is optimized for the iPhone touch-screen display. Additionally, the book helps readers integrate their applications with iPhone services, including phone dialog, its motion sensor, and Google Maps.With this book, readers will discover how to:* Build an XHTML and CSS UI framework from the ground up* Emulate the look and feel of built-in applications* Integrate public Web 2.0 APIs into applications* Capture finger touch interactions* Use Ajax to load external pages* Create mashups for the iPhone* Store local and remote data* Optimize applications for the EDGE network* Test, debug, and deploy iPhone applications* And more. Table of ContentsAcknowledgments.Introduction.Chapter 1: Introducing the iPhone and iPod touch Development Platform.Chapter 2: Designing a User Interface.Chapter 3: Implementing the Interface.Chapter 4: Styling with CSS.Chapter 5: Handling Touch Interactions and Events.Chapter 6: Advanced Programming Topics: Canvas and Video.Chapter 7: Integrating with iPhone Services.Chapter 8: Enabling and Optimizing Web Sites for iPhone and iPod touch.Chapter 9: Bandwidth and Performance Optimizations.Chapter 10: Packaging Apps as Bookmarks: Bookmarklets and Data URLs.Chapter 11: Case Studies: Beyond Edge-to-Edge Design.Chapter 12: Testing and Debugging.Index.