The PSTN • Telephony • Telecom Equipment • The Telecom Industry Voice Digitization • DS0-DS3 • Transmission • TDM • T1 • T3 • ISDN • SONET • Fiber • D

Produced 2006. Length 142 + 124 minutes. DVD-R NTSC format.

Course V1: Fundamentals of Telecommunications
The PSTN • Telephony • Telecom Equipment • The Telecom Industry
Produced 2006. Length 142 minutes. DVD-R NTSC format. 55-page 8.5″ x 11″ softcover bound workbook.

It all starts with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Plain Ordinary Telephone Service (POTS).
We'll begin with the basics of telephony: loops, trunks, circuits, analog, the voiceband… fundamentals that are key
to understanding of newer technologies and services.
To complete the picture, we take a practical journey through different types of equipment. We’ll review switches,
PBXs, Centrex, multiplexers and routers, as well as ancillary equipment like ACDs, voice mail and interactive voice
response (IVR) systems.
With this framework in place, we’ll review the telecommunications industry and understand the main players and
competitors, how Local Exchange Carriers connect to Inter-Exchange Carriers and how CLECs fit into the picture.
The topics in this video course - how the telephone system and industry work, provide the essential foundation on
which everything else, including digital communications, data circuits and networking are built.

Part 1 Fundamentals of Telephony
1.03 The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)
1.05 Analog Circuits
1.07 What is Sound?
1.09 The Voiceband
1.11 Plain Ordinary Telephone Service (POTS)
1.13 DTMF Address Signaling
1.15 Signaling System 7 (SS7)

Part 2 Telecom Equipment
2.03 Telephone Switches
2.05 PBX vs. Centrex
2.07 Voice VPNs
2.09 Call Centers

Part 3 The Telecommunications Industry
3.03 US Domestic Telcos
3.05 AT&T and Verizon
3.07 Canadian Telephone Companies
3.09 PSTN Switching Centers Before Competition
3.11 Accessing The Interexchange Carriers
3.13 Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs)
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