RF Circuit Design

RF Circuit Design

Product Description
This book targets the two most difficult skills facing RF/RFIC designer: impedance matching and RF/RFIC grounding.

The content is divided into five key parts:

1. Impedance Matching (chapters 1-6)

2. RF/AC Grounding (chapters 7-8)

3. Main Electrical Parameters of a RF Block (chapters 9-11)

4. Individual RF Block Circuit Design (chapters 12-19)

5. RF System Engineering (chapters 20-22)

The selection, organization, and treatment of the subjects in this book are quite different from other books related to RF/RFIC design. The objective of the book is to enable RF circuit designers to master the correct methodology of RF circuit design. The readers are assumed to be familiar with the basic theory of RF circuit design. In addition to the unique content order, this book has some very practical design schemes that are introduced and recommended in many sections. Parts 3-5 address topics similar to other references published to date. However, the author has made many attempts to better clarify important concepts. This includes the addition of special circuit topologies and introduction of some useful schemes for simulation and layout.

In addition to the individual RF blocks’ description and analysis, the main design technologies emphasized in this book include impedance matching, RF grounding, single-ended stages to different pairs, jeopardy in RFIC design, etc., in effect making the configuration of this book both longitudinal and transversal.