TCP/IP Professional Reference Guide

Book Description
The TCP/IP suite has evolved from an academic networking tool to the driving force behind the Internet, intranets, and extranets. Advances in networking and communications software based upon the TCP/IP protocol suite has opened a new range of technologies that have the potential to considerably effect our lives. A comprehensive reference, TCP/IP Professional Reference Guide provides you with detailed information covering the concepts associated with the TCP/IP protocol stack, current and emerging applications, issues such as IP addressing via DHCP versus individual addresses, security via routers and firewalls, design issues including the use of subnetting, and Ipv6. It covers the various protocols and what they do, how applications operate, addressing issues, security methods, routing, and an overview of emerging technologies. This book covers how various network protocols and applications operate - information that will help you in selecting applications, troubleshooting, and resolving network capacity issues. It reviews the manner in which the different components of the suite operate -you will know how and when to use certain members of the protocol suite. As an IT manager or consultant, you don’t need to know the minutiae of every field and every protocol. While it is important to understand how to write code and configure protocols, you hire experts to do that. You need to understand the issues involved in operating or planning or operate an IP based network. You need higher levels of information, such as the effect of using DHCP vs individual network addresses, not the details of configuring DHCP. TCP/IP Professional Reference Guide describes the applications and methods, concepts and economics you need to make informed decisions for your organization.