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SkillSoft Visual Basic Customized Programming

Posted: 27 Jan 2009 10:30 PM CST

SkillSoft Visual Basic Customized Programming
Video Tutorial | 2hrs. | 16mb | RS.COM & ES.COM

Visual Basic offers flexibility to the programmer in many new ways in the latest installment of Visual Studio. This course focuses on customized programming such as Interoperability, Reflection, new Drawing Classes for graphics, and Globalization.

Lesson Objectives

Visual Basic: Customized Programming

# integrate a COM object into .NET
# use data marshalling
# use DLL functions
# use System.Reflection
# use System.Reflection.Emit
# perform interoperation and reflection in a given scenario
# use GDI+ to draw a shape
# use GDI+ to display images
# manipulate text in an application
# draw and manipulate text in Visual Basic
# determine how to customize a Visual Basic application
# develop e-mail functionality in an application
# recognize how to configure CultureInfo
# recognize how to configure NumberFormatInfo
# recognize how to configure RegionInfo
# configure DateTimeFormatInfo
# develop e-mail capabilities in an application
# localize and application
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VTC Apple Logic Studio Apps

Posted: 27 Jan 2009 10:24 PM CST

VTC Apple Logic Studio Apps | 285 MB

The Apple Logic Studio Apps are a group of powerful tools designed to cover a wide range of tasks. These include: Mainstage (for live performance), Compressor (a conversion & compression utility), Apple Loops Utility (a loop creator & tagger), and Impulse Response Utility (Space Designer Impulse creator & editor). This course is designed to help get you up and running with each tool in a concise manner with detailed examples and a lot of practical advice. VTC author, Sam McGuire, takes you through the different Apps in such a way that builds upon VTC's other Logic courses, occasionally visiting Logic as well, to demonstrate their full integration. If you are a Logic Studio user, this course will help you get the most out of all the various Apps.

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Exchange Server 2007 Training

Posted: 27 Jan 2009 07:24 PM CST

Understand the larger architecture changes, including how 64-bit servers change the playing field and shift resource needs for Exchange 2007

Learn how to deal with certificates in Exchange 2007

Discover how to troubleshoot failures with Client Access technologies like Outlook Anywhere and Exchange ActiveSync

Lock down your network security with Edge Transport Server

Crash course in PowerShell for non-scripters

Tackle initial setup issues regarding inbound and outbound mailflow

The ONLY Exchange Server 2007 course on the market covering integration with Sharepoint document libraries!

Learn about (and avoid!) the common misconfigurations and costly mistakes made by most admins (beginning AND pro)…
And much more…. Scroll down to see our full course outline…
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