Introduction To 3DS Max

What is covered in this training series?

The basic and fundamental skills that are required by students and newcomers to 3d animation are thought with this product. The material covered in this training series is vital and builds the foundation for further advancement into 3d animation. Without the fundamental skills learned in this training series, it will be difficult to impossible to be able to continue into advanced 3d animation and digital content creation.

Who is this training series for?

Because the material in this training series is geared towards beginners to the world of 3d animation and 3dsMax, this training series is not recommended to experienced 3d artists. However, if you have just begun working in 3d, are thinking about it, or have little to no experience, then this training is for you. The aim of this training series is to take someone who is new to 3d animation in general and get them up and running with 3dsMax as quickly and easily as possible. If you have never worked on a real production with any 3d software, then this training series is right for you.
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