Career Academy IT Infrastrcture Library ITIL Training

Career Academy IT Infrastrcture Library ITIL Training | 275MB
This instructor-led course will provide students with a set of best practices standards for Information Technology (IT) service management. ITIL provides businesses with a customizable framework of best practices to achieve quality service and overcome difficulties associated with the growth of IT systems.

The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is so named as it originated as a collection of books each covering a specific 'practice' within IT management. These books were later consolidated into a number of 'sets' that group related sets of process guidelines for different aspects of the management of Information Technology systems, applications and services. Taken as a whole, ITIL provides a comprehensive set of guidance that provides management processes linking the technical implementation and operations guidelines recommended by specific equipment or software manufacturers and the strategic management, operations management and financial management of a modern business.
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