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Lightroom is Adobe’s Pro Photo editing and organizing application, and it’s a requirement for anyone that is working with large number of photos. In this 4.5-hour tutorial by star trainer Dan Moughamian, you’ll learn incredibly useful skills and workflows that will help you get the best results from your photo library.

With the digital revolution it’s now very common to shot first and ask questions later. Consequently, if you’re like most photographers you have endless amounts of digital photos to catalogue and control. This comprehensive tutorial begins by showing you how to organize large libraries of photo files using the detailed database & meta-tagging features contained in Lightroom’s Library Mode.

Next, you’ll move on to Lightroom’s Develop Mode to edit your photos. Common digital photography skills such as editing hue, saturation, luminance, noise reduction, and other workflows are carefully explored. You’ll even learn how to restore photos that are overexposed of under exposed, how to sharpen detail in images, and also how to use saturation to create sepia and other common photographic effects.

Of course, having photos that look great on your computer is only one step in the chain - you still need to output those photos for others to see. To that end, the final chapters of the course demonstrate concepts you need to know when it comes time to output your photos for print and the web.

This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don’t need to watch the entire show. Use the detailed menus and keyword search functions to quickly find topics of interest, or watch the program from beginning to end. That’s the essence of Nonlinear Educating!
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