Gnomon Workshop - Character Design for Animation Part I & II

In this DVD, Gil Rimmer simultaneously develops two characters, Francis and Paulo, who are classic pugilists in a fictional turn of the century metropolis. This first in a two DVD series focuses on creating the faces and heads of the two fighters, using dynamic silhouettes, rhythms, graphic design and composition principles. Gil stresses the various visual relationships within individual characters while addressing the complementary relationship between the two fighters. Through a methodical process, beginning with a design brief followed by reference gathering, through traditional approaches to silhouette design and ending on detailed ortho- graphic views and expression sheets, Gil shares his thoughts about the design process and its place in the animation production pipeline.

The Design Brief
Reference Gathering
Designing the Character Head
Traditional Approaches
Orthographic Views
Graphic Design
Value Structures
Color Application
Facial Expressions
Design Pipeline

01: The Brief
02: Head Design Paulo
03: Head Design Francis
04: Orthographic View B & W Francis
05: Orthographic View Color Francis
06: Orthographic View B & W Paulo
07: Orthographic View Color Paulo
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