Maintaining Domino Servers and Users Lotus R5 Maintaining Domino Servers and Users

With [productbanned]'s Maintaining Domino Servers and Users course students will learn the core technologies for monitoring, maintaning and troubleshooting Domino applications directories, users, and groups. Expert Libby Schwarz shows you how to maintain both messaging and replication, and servers and systems. Libby's experience with users at all levels makes this course relevant to technicians responsible for maintaining a Domino network and to those working towards CLP certification. Users will understand the essentials of Domino network maintenance and be prepared to pass Lotus exam #520.

Session 1
• Overview
• Administrator Client
• Basic Terms and Information
• Monitor Servers

Session 2
• Administration Process
• Partitioning
• Clustering
• Web Server
• Internet Information Server
• Domino Directory
• Other Directories

Session 3
• Maintain ID Files
• ID Password Recovery
• Group Maintenance
• User Maintenance
• Migration to Domino
• Mail Routing

Session 4
• Troubleshooting and Tracking Mail
• Internet Mail Protocols
• Calendaring & Scheduling
• Replication
• Initiating Replication

Session 5
• Replication Factors
• Database Size and Performance
• Application Security
• Agents
• Application Maintenance
• Backup and Recovery
• Certification Paths
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