Masking Exposed

Learn how to use an assortment of Masking techniques to enhance your shows with impressive, artistic effects.

Duration: Approx. 95 minutes
Designed for: ProShow Producer Users

Contents Include:
1. An Introduction to Masking (7:44)
Learn the basic concepts behind masking and watch examples of how you'll learn to apply them.

2. Using Masking in Producer (9:58)
Find out where to access the masking options and learn the basics on how to use them.

3. Creating Files With Transparency (13:30)
Want to customize? Learn how to create your own transparency masks & borders in an image editor.

4. Using the Transparency Channel (6:12)
Learn how and when to use the transparency channel to create a variety of masking effects.

5. Using the Grayscale Channel (14:22)
Learn how and when to use the grayscale channel to achieve an entirely different set of cool effects.

6. A Contrasting Blend (10:49)
Create dozens of beautiful, blended compositions using gradients, masking and contrasting motion.

7. The Picture Grid Display (16:52)
Use a picture grid mask combined with motion, plus a variety of layouts to add excitement to shows.

8. The Spotlight Effect (16:25)
Learn the secret behind simulating a dramatic, moving spotlight using multiple masking techniques.

9. Endless Possibilities (3:21)
Get your creative juices flowing by watching this inspiring collection of advanced masking demos.
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