Motorcycle modeling techniques in 3ds Max

Learn production techniques to hard surface modeling, creative tips and tricks to building complex geometry, and a proven workflow to modeling detailed motorcycles and parts. Contains over 8 hours of self-paced training for artists using 3ds Max 2009.

Popular highlights include:

* Modeling from Blueprints
* Hard Surface Modeling
* Polygon Modeling Techniques
* Spline-based Modeling Techniques
* Understanding Metal-working Process
* Motorcycle Parts Overview
* Modeling Detail for Realism
* Surface Tools

* Creating Seam Detail
* Creating Complex Shapes with Booleans
* NURBS and Splines for Tubes and Wires
* Creating Geometry from Existing Pieces
* Adding Welds to Metal Pieces
* Adding Bevels to Edges and Polygons
* Modeling Different Types of Materials
* Materials and Lighting
* Texture Maps
* Image-based Lighting
* Reference Images
* Tire Treads with Bump Maps
* Setting up Hierarchies
* Posing for Final Shots
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