Noesis Interactive 3D Content Creation 3DS Max DVD

3D Content Creation with Autodesk® 3dsMax®, part of the MOD Your World™ training series from Noesis Interactive™, focuses on teaching how to "Build Your Character". Learn the fundamentals of the Autodesk® 3dsMax® interface as well as professional techniques for polygon modeling, texture application, and more. Learn to generate props from scratch, and follow step-by-step instruction walking you through creating your own game-ready humanoid characters.
This tutorial, designed for beginning and intermediate users, introduces you to the world of 3D graphics and covers the basics of using Autodesk's 3dsMax 3D software. Topics including 3D layout and navigation, basic modeling, texturing and material application, and prop and character creation. Each project based lesson also provides you with professional tips and shortcuts essential to the ultimate goal - integrating your own characters, props, and environments into video games.

DVD topics covered include:
* Autodesk 3dsMax interface
* Introduction to modeling
* Basic texture application
* Modeling from reference imagery
* Step by step construction of biped characters
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