Pro SQL Server 2005

Pro SQL Server 2005

Product Description
SQL Server 2005 is a landmark release of Microsoft’s powerful relational database management system for the Windows platform, and one that will change the way you architect your data systems and develop your data-driven applications. Pro SQL Server 2005 takes a deep look at the full range of SQL Server enhancements, and includes meaningful and relevant examples showing how these new features work and how you can build applications effectively. This book provides a critical examination of all of the major new functionality in SQL Server 2005, covering topics that are essential for DBAs and developers alike, including:

* T-SQL programming

* CLR integration and assembly programming

* Using SQL Server Integration Services for data extraction, transformation, and loading

* The new native XML datatype and how to use it

* Security enhancements and Service Broker SQL Server 2005 is a vast new release and each author provides practical, in-depth coverage of the core topics in their specialist areas – always illustrated with realistic examples. As a result, you’ll be able to work on your own SQL Server 2005 solutions quickly and painlessly. Ultimately, this book provides you with a starting point, a roadmap, and then the tools and knowledge to exploit this powerful new database to its fullest extent. So, sit back, fire up your computer and your brain and get ready to learn SQL Server 2005.