stereoscopic 3D in Maya

Create audience excitement and interactive experiences. Learn practical workflows to making stereoscopic 3D imagery with Maya 2009 and gain total control over the camera, characters, and environments to create one of the most powerful effects in cinema. Contains over 2 hours of project-based training and step-by-step examples for any artist.

Popular highlights include:

* Stereoscopy Overview
* Rules of Safe Stereo
* Anaglyph Filtering
* Previewing Stereo Images
* Zero Parallax
* Interaxial Separation
* Frustrum
* Customizing a Safe Volume
* Creating Custom Stereo Rigs
* Rendering Stereo Images
* Compositing Stereo Pairs in After Effects
* Anaglyph Effects in Photoshop

* Loading Built-in Stereo Rigs
* Python Scripting to Modify Stereo Rigs
* Stereo Camera Settings and Defaults
* Off-Axis Camera Types
* Converged Camera Types
* Parallel Stereo Camera Types
* Extending Maya Stereo Camera with Expressions
* Cross Converged Viewing
* Parallel Pair Viewing
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