Talented Pixie - Adobe InDesign CS4 Level 1

Talented Pixie - Adobe InDesign CS4 Level 1 170 MB

Talented Pixie - Adobe InDesign CS4 Level 1
With Mike Strange

InDesign is one of the fastest growing software packages in the last couple of years. It is easy to pick up if you have been using Photoshop or Illustrator. This Tutorial covers all of the basics in getting to know and love InDesign. Great for if you are changing over to InDesign or learning from scratch.


01. The Interface file
02. Navigating documents file
03. Getting started file
04. Importing text file
05. Linking text boxes file
06. Working with images file
07. Text wrap file
08. Formatting text file
09. Kerning, tracking and formats file
10. Paragraph formatting file
11. Paragraph style sheets file
12. Character style sheets file
13. Applying colour file
14. Common print problems file
15. Sending files to print
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