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Posted: 25 Mar 2009 05:27 AM PDT

by Christopher Ames

Proud, peaceful and living a simple life off the land; the Stone Axe clan might have been these things once, but with a worsening shortage of food and threats of war from a rival tribe, their survival must come before others. Faced with dirty tactics desperate measures have become commonplace, and drawing the line long forgotten. As the day of battle draws ever closer all that really matters for two thousand barbarians is not honour, but absolute victory.

And among them all is Garrak, an outcast who owes his life to the clan, with a temper but a peaceful tone, who can not make a difference except, perhaps, in the very worst way.

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Betrayal (PDF) or PRC

Surviving the Economic Crisis

Posted: 25 Mar 2009 05:15 AM PDT

Surviving the Economic Crisis
by Mark William Medley

Surviving the Economic Crisis, is the first of a series of ebooks dealing with the current change from the old 2008 pre-crash economy to the New Economy. Chapters in the first book deal with Leadership, Business and Employment through this transition, and lead towards the New Economy of the Future.

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Surviving the Economic Crisis (PDF) or PRC

14 Free Ebooks on Current World Issues

Posted: 25 Mar 2009 05:04 AM PDT

14 Free Ebooks on World Issues
by Lemuel Gulliver XVI

The first 7 of the planned 14 book series are complete. The  major aim of the series is to make more people aware of the crisis of overpopulation which is directly responsible for such ecological excesses as: global warming, air and water pollution and waste disposal: ecological scarcities such as fresh water and food; and social problems like poverty and illegal immigration. The population problems, when combined with our higher levels of technology increase other problems such as: aging with its increasing expenses for health and retirement. Several solutions are also explored.

The books revolve around the travels of Lemuel Gulliver XVI who in 2025 has just completed a 25 year voyage of the solar system searching for homes for the world’s excess population. He found none. On his return he and three friends visit six countries to see how they have, or have not, dealt with the crisis. The odd numbered books are science fiction. The even numbered books are non-fiction–dealing with an issue that was elicited by the preceding book. For example, Book 2 deals with global warming, Book 4 covers how we develop our thinking about our values and morals, Book 6 looks at our psychological motivations. A more complete view of the series can be gained by reading the Editor’s Synopsis at the web site.

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Editor’s Synopsis (PDF) (DOCX)

The style of the books are primarily conversational. To make it more enjoyable for the reader, drawings of each character precede his or her input into the dialogue.

The list of all 14 ebook titles are as follow:-

  1. Book 1: Gulliver returns
  2. Book 2: Are We Digging Our Ecological Crypt?
  3. Book 3: A Visit to Kino
  4. Book 4: Understanding Our Human Values.
  5. Book 5: A Visit to Singaling.
  6. Book 6: Our Psychological Motivations.
  7. Book 7: A Visit to Indus.
  8. Book 8: Politics
  9. Book 9: A Visit to the United Colonies.
  10. Book 10: Justice and Prejudice.
  11. Book 11: A Visit to Northland.
  12. Book 12: Heredity and Environment.
  13. Book 13: A Visit to Muchinju.
  14. Book 14: The Scriptures

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14 Free Ebooks on Current World Issues (PDF & DOCX) or click here.

Name That Pet!

Posted: 25 Mar 2009 04:33 AM PDT

Name That Pet!
by Naomi Jones

Name That Pet! is an animal/pet-naming reference book. It contains 22 chapters, which categorize names according to look (size/color), personality, breed origins, and pop-cultural references. It is informative in an educational context as well as a useful tool for personalizing a new household pet.

“Name That Pet!” is also the debut offering from author and retired canine behaviorist, Naomi Jones. This is the purrfect pet-naming book for any new pet acquisition. With chapters focusing on famous pets, most popular dog names, cartoon characters, and ethnic origins, you’re sure to find that ideal name for your new furry family member!

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Name That Pet! (PDF) or click here to visit the site.

Writing a Market Research RFP

Posted: 25 Mar 2009 04:24 AM PDT

Writing a Market Research RFP
by Kathryn Korostoff

Write a Market Research RFP with confidence! Precise guidance on what to include in your RFP, and tips for finding suitable agencies. This 15-page eBook is based on an excerpt from the paperback, "How to Hire & Manage Market Research Agencies." This eBook is a great resource for anyone planning to hire a market research agency for custom market research.

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Writing a Market Research RFP (PDF)


Posted: 25 Mar 2009 04:19 AM PDT

by Lizzy Van Lysebeth

A large company crushing the little man, pushing out the sole trader, it seems an every day scenario.  But is it really?  Lies, extortion, rape and murder, maybe there is something more than just dominating the market.  Follow this exciting crime thriller novel day by day for free online.  Coming to you on March the 23rd 2009 and fully published on July the 20th.

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