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2 Free Ebooks on Social Media by OrangeJack

Posted: 26 Mar 2009 10:14 AM PDT

What Is Social Media Marketing? (7 Pages)
This eBook serves as a brief overview as to what Social Media Marketing is all about by looking at the various styles of online communication and a couple of case studies.

Getting Started with Social Media (11 Pages)
This eBook is written as a guide or checklist to get yourself or your small business started with social media.  This is your starting point.  Also included is a handy chart you can print and use to fill in your various social media profile information to have on file.

Click on the link below to download both of these ebooks:-
2 Free Ebooks on Social Media (PDF)

Free Ebooks and Magazines from Amazon

Posted: 26 Mar 2009 10:03 AM PDT

This might come a bit too late in the sense that it’s an old news and most of you might heard of it and most probably have grabbed all of them in a flash. Don’t worry they’re still available for download so far and I have no idea if the download links will remain for a long time. This offer or partnership was started off in conjunction with 2009’s new year celebration (reported by QuickOnlineTips), and covers pretty much some of the top names in each of the industry. Some of the free stuff includes:-

  1. Oprah’s Top Ten “Live Your Best Life” Tips
  2. Redbook “Hot to Get Everything You Want in Life”
  3. Vegetarian Times “Eat Great, Lose Weight”
  4. Women’s Health “9 Fitness Rules You Should Break”
  5. Esquire “What You’ve Learned”
  6. GQ Style Guy Guide
  7. Marie Claire’s Find the Sexiest Jeans for your Shape
  8. And many more …

Click on the link below and grab them now:-
Free Ebooks and Magazines from Amazon (PDF)

Free IT and Business Resources

Posted: 26 Mar 2009 09:47 AM PDT

Free IT and Business Resources
by under has a great section outlining free downloadable ebooks, whitepapers & reports under various topics from the IT category. All of the ebooks are in PDF format and requires registration. Some of the ebooks even require you to fill out a quick and simple survey before downloading. Just follow the on-screen instructions accordingly and check / uncheck any items whichever you see fit. The topics include:-

  1. IT Management
  2. Security
  3. Storage
  4. Networking
  5. Developer
  6. Architect
  7. ISP
  8. Personal Technology
  9. Project Management

Click on the link below to start downloading these free ebooks:-
Free IT and Business Resources (PDF)