Joey L Behind The Scenes The Complete Tutorial Photoshop | 1.24GB

I found myself furiously clicking around Photoshop re-editing original photographs pulled from external hard drives, scribbling notes trying to lay out the patterns I worked in, and brewing new techniques wild eyed and maniacal. All of this while trying to stay awake and keep my voice calm and normal while I narrated and recorded it all in the middle of the night.

The result of months (maybe years? Who knows! I lost track of time) of this came out much cleaner and bigger than I had thought and turned into this
tutorial that IÆm quite proud of. IÆm offering the knowledge of my techniques to you to better your own craft, whether it be to add that new-aged edgy look
to your professional work or simply to bring something fresh to the results of your hobby. Check it out…

Specialized RAW Conversion Techniques - blend many different variations of the same raw file / picture to get æmanualÆ HDR effects you control.

Levels and Curves - learn how I use (and positively abuse) these lightness and darkness tools together to their fullest capability.

Multiply techniques - learn how to get the ôJoey L signature lookö to obtain a muddy, dark yet vivid tonal range in your own images

Dodge / Burn - see how I use these tools to enhance certain areas of my pictures, and special tips IÆve come across by trial and error

Soft Light Techniques - how to obtain edgy, æembossedÆ looks on your photographs that make them pop out of the screen

Grunge - the best ways to apply textures, scratches and other dirty elements to your images and blend them in with precision

Rescue - save and rescue a æbad takeÆ or mistake you canÆt afford to have. Examples such as swapping peoples heads from different pictures, expanding
the cut off area of a photo, etc.

Tilt / Shift effect - learn how to get a realistic ætilt shiftÆ lens blur effect in Photoshop without having to buy one / manual focus

Quick Masks - how to make realistic selections to influence light and dark values, manually controlling the look of an otherwise flat image

Cooking Your Own Textures- yup, I kid you not! How you can bake up your own textures in the oven to use in your grungey photographs.
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