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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

ASP.NET Unleashed, 2nd Edition (book + source code)

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 03:53 PM PDT

The second edition of ASP.NET Unleashed further strengthens a book that is already one of the most highly regarded ASP.NET books available. Stephen covers virtually all relevant features of ASP.NET. In addition, all samples will now be presented in VB .NET and C#.

Throughout the more than 1,400 pages readers are shown how to develop state-of-the-art Web applications using Microsoft’s powerful ASP.NET. It progresses through Web Forms basics, advanced page development, ADO.NET and XML, securing Web applications, XML Web Services, leveraging the .NET Framework, building custom controls and powerful sample applications. This is a resource that will be referenced over and over

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ASP.NET Data Web Controls Kick Start (book + source code)

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 03:50 PM PDT

Utilizing the more advanced features of the Data Web Controls has many developers stumped. These controls are fairly simple to use when it comes to simple data display. However, they can do much more than merely present data. For example, the DataGrid Web Control allows for sorting, paging, and editing of data. In addition, these controls allow for templating of data, which can be used to provide more complex views. The DataGrid, DataList, and Repeater forum on the Microsoft ASP.NET Forums received more than 2,100 posts in the first month and a half of use, or over 35 posts per day on average. As the Web master of an ASP.NET Web site, Scott has also received numerous emails from readers and visitors asking questions about these Web Controls. ASP.NET Data Web Controls is likely to be an indispensable item in every ASP.NET developer’s toolbox

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Sams Teach Yourself Web Services in 24 Hours (book + source code)

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 03:47 PM PDT

According to recent press reports, everyone is developing Web Services, but many are still in the exploratory phase – learning what’s involved and how to achieve ROI. This book is designed to give a working introduction to Web Services to help decision-makers prepare for the implementation in their companies. It demystifies the topic by providing a beginning level explanation of what this technology is, what it means to businesses, where to apply it, and how to make it work.

Using numerous simple examples, the book explains the core concepts of Web Services: SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL, as well as tools and related concepts that will help create the “big picture” in readers’ minds.
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Moodle E-learning Course Development

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 03:43 PM PDT

A complete guide to successful learning using Moodle, focused on course development and delivery and using the best educational practices. This unique book gives you more than just a guide to the Moodle software; it uses Moodle as a route to better teaching, more motivated students, and more successful courses. Moodle E-Learning Course Development shows you how to use Moodle as a tool to enhance your teaching. It will help you analyse your students’ requirements, and come to an understanding of what Moodle can do for them. After that you’ll see how to use every feature of Moodle to meet your course goals. The social constructionist learning philosophy is at the heart of Moodle: we all “construct” knowledge through interation with one another and with learning materials in a social way. Moodle E-Learning Course Develelopment will show you how to add static learning material, interactive activities, and social features to your courses so that students reach their learning potential. Whether you want to support traditional class teaching or lecturing, or provide complete online and distance learning courses, this book will prove a powerful resource throughout your use of Moodle

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The Teaching Company – Introduction to Number Theory

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 01:24 PM PDT

The Teaching Company – Introduction to Number Theory DVD | 7 GB

Taught by Edward B. Burger, Williams College /Ph.D., The University of Texas at Austin | Publisher: The Teaching Company | ISBN: 1598034200
Course No. 1495 (24 lectures, 30 minutes/lecture)

2 DVD set with 24 lectures 30 minutes each for a total of 720 minutes Taught by: Professor Edward B. Burger, Williams College. Annotation Lectures 1-12 of 24. “Course No. 1495″ Lecture 1. Number theory and mathematical research — lecture 2. Natural numbers and their personalities — lecture 3. Triangular numbers and their progressions — lecture 4. Geometric progressions, exponential growth — lecture 5. Recurrence sequences — lecture 6. The Binet formula and towers of Hanoi — lecture 7. The classical theory of prime numbers — lecture 8. Euler’s product formula and divisibility — lecture 9. The prime number theorem and Riemann — lecture 10. Division algorithm and modular arithmetic — lecture 11. Cryptography and Fermat’s little theorem — lecture 12. The RSA encryption scheme. Summary Professor Burger begins with an overview of the high-level concepts. Next, he provides a step-by-step explanation of the formulas and calculations that lay at the heart of each conundrum. Through clear explanations, entertaining anecdotes, and enlightening demonstrations, Professor Burger makes this intriguing field of study accessible for anyone who appreciates the fascinating nature of numbers.

In an ancient kingdom, a king asked his servant what he most desired.

“Sire,” said the mathematician, “Just place one grain of rice on a single square of a chessboard. Then fill each square by doubling the number of grains of rice for every other square. I would be content with the total sum of rice.”

Little did the king know, he now owed his mathematician a grand total of 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 grains of rice—or more than 671 billion tons!


Windows Forms Programming in C#

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 01:11 PM PDT

Image Review
Everything changes in the Microsoft .NET Framework and the C# language, including the creation of graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Windows Forms Programming in C# explains the Windows Forms (WinForms) environment to programmers who have some experience with .NET programming, and in the process (thanks to a clear and deliberate expository style) reveals a lot about .NET to less experienced developers. The overall effect is that almost every reader comes away with better knowledge of .NET, not just its user-interface libraries and behaviors.

Author Chris Sells takes care to balance code samples with explanatory text, meaning that most chapters take on a characteristic “code, explanation, effect” style (in which “effect” is usually documented with a screen shot). This approach is effective, and serves both to answer “How do I…” questions and inspire “I should give that a try!” exploration. Once in a while, callouts will link two or more screen shots with a sample of code, graphically illustrating how code affects the appearance of a form and how it’s represented in the Visual Studio development environment. On top of his clear teaching style, Sells calls attention to workarounds for shortcomings in the .NET environment (particularly where similar limitations don’t exist in Microsoft Foundation Classes), helping to improve programmer productivity in the growing .NET environment. –David Wall

Topics covered: How to use the WinForms environment within the Microsoft .NET Framework. Dialog boxes, drawing, printing, and controls all are covered by means of explanations and lots of illustrative examples, and there’s good coverage of the WinForms event model, too. An appendix compares MFC and the .NET Framework.

Product Description
Text focuses on the topics developers need to know in order to build real-world applications, including: form layout, multiple top-level and non-rectangular windows, custom drawing, hosting and bulding controls, data binding, moving from MFC, and more. Softcover. DLC: Microsoft .NET Framework.

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Teach Youself Visual C# 2008 In 24 Hours

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 01:09 PM PDT


Book Details:

Sams Teach Yourself Visual C#® 2008 in 24 Hours

James Foxall

Starter Kit

DVD includes Visual C#® 2008 Express Edition

In just 24 sessions of one hour or less, you will be up and running with Visual C# 2008. Using a straightforward, step-by-step approach, each lesson builds upon the previous one, allowing you to learn the essentials of Visual C# from the ground up.

By the Way notes present interesting pieces of information.

Did You Know? tips offer advice or teach an easier way to do something.

Watch Out! cautions advise you about potential problems and help you steer clear of disaster.

Learn how to…

  • Use the powerful design environment of Visual Studio 2008
  • Design a feature-rich interface using components such as tree views and tabs
  • Create robust applications using modern error handling
  • Draw fast graphics using GDI+
  • Build a database application using ADO.NET
  • Distribute a Visual C# 2008 application

James Foxall is vice president of Tigerpaw Software, Inc. (, a Bellevue, Nebraska, Microsoft Certified Partner specializing in commercial database applications. He manages the development, support, training, and education of Tigerpaw CRM+, an award-winning application that automates contact management, marketing, service and repair, proposal generation, inventory control, and purchasing. Tigerpaw has more than 20,000 licensed users in 27 countries. Foxall's experience in creating certified Office-compatible software has made him an authority on application interface and behavior standards. In addition to being a well-known author, James is an international speaker on Microsoft technologies, has taught at the college level, and contributes to several journals.

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Professional C#

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 01:07 PM PDT


Book Details:

Product Description
It is no exaggeration to describe the C# language and its associated environment, the .NET Framework, as the most important new technology for developers in many years. .NET provides a new environment within which you can develop almost any Windows-based or web-based application, while C# is a new programming language designed specifically to work with .NET.Entirely revised and updated for the Golden Release of .NET, Professional C# 2nd Edition is the ideal introduction to the C# language and the .NET Framework, and will become an indispensable companion for any user of C# and .NET.

Offering an unparalleled breadth and depth of coverage, this book provides the information that you need to learn the key concepts of the C# language, and then takes you on to a complete exploration of programming the .NET Framework with C#, so that you are ready to develop powerful C# applications in the .NET environment.

Topics covered include:

- How to program in the object-oriented C# language

- Writing Windows applications and Windows services

- Writing web pages and web services with ASP.NET

- Manipulating XML using C#

- Understanding .NET Assemblies

- Using ADO.NET to access databases

- Integration with COM, COM+, and Active Directory

- Distributed applications with .NET Remoting

- Generating graphics, and printing documents using C#

- Accessing the Internet with C#, and network programming

- Handling files and the Registry, and controlling .NET security

From the Publisher
This book is aimed at experienced developers, probably coming from a C++, Java, or VB background, but no previous experience of C# or .NET programming is assumed.

This book will provide the ideal introduction to writing C# programs on the .NET Framework for developers who are serious about C#, and want all the facts, now.

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.NET developer with with SourceSafe 2005

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 12:44 PM PDT

Visual SourceSafe 2005 Software Configuration Management in Practice
Packt Publishing | February 16, 2007 | ISBN: 1904811698 | PDF | 7.6 Mb | 404 page

This book uses a real-world case-study project to teach you how to manage software configuration efficiently using Visual SourceSafe 2005, Microsoft's Software Configuration Management (SCM) solution for independent developers and for developers working in small- and medium-sized teams.

It also provides a best-practices reference on using SourceSafe 2005 to manage the software development lifecycle. This book is for .NET developers, testers and configuration managers who: Use Visual Studio .NET 2005 for building software. Want to use software configuration to manage their products in day-to-day activities. Want to improve their efficiency by learning to use the best practices with SourceSafe. Want to install, manage, and configure Visual SourceSafe 2005 for optimal operation. The book does not assume previous knowledge of Software Configuration Management or Visual SourceSafe. It takes the reader from the ground up and is a great resource for people starting to learn about this subject. Readers with previous SourceSafe experience will benefit by discovering the improved and new features in Visual SourceSafe 2005.


Java Message Service Second Edition 2009

Posted: 12 Jun 2009 08:26 AM PDT

Java Message Service, Second Edition, is a thorough introduction to the standard API that supports “messaging” — the software-to-software exchange of crucial data among network computers. You’ll learn how JMS can help you solve many architectural challenges, such as integrating dissimilar systems and applications, increasing scalability, eliminating system bottlenecks, supporting concurrent processing, and promoting flexibility and agility. Updated for JMS 1.1, this second edition also explains how this vendor-agnostic specification will help you write messaging-based applications using IBM’s MQ, Progress Software’s SonicMQ, ActiveMQ, and many other proprietary messaging services. With Java Message Service, you will:

Build applications using point-to-point and publish-and-subscribe messaging models Use features such as transactions and durable subscriptions to make an application reliable Implement messaging within Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) using message-driven beans Use JMS with RESTful applications and with the Spring application framework

Messaging is a powerful paradigm that makes it easier to uncouple different parts of an enterprise application. Java Message Service, Second Edition, will quickly teach you how to use the key technology that lies behind it.
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