Microsoft Office 2007: Getting Up to Speed

These tutorials make all programs in Microsoft Office 2007 a breeze to use. You are introduced to the new interfaces and taught how to use each application’s key features. This includes how to save time creating shortcuts for formatting Word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Plus, see how to manage your email, calendar, and list of contacts. Learn how to use Office 2007 efficiently and effectively with minimal effort now!


Microsoft Word

* Get to know Word’s new Ribbon-based interface and streamline common edits by learning shortcuts for selecting, moving, copying, and replacing text
* Learn how easy it is to standardize page layouts with indents, spacing, and tabs.
* Harness the power of Word’s styles to quickly format and control the look of your overall document; then use 2007’s latest Style features to go even further.

Microsoft Excel

* Find out how to use Excel to create a new spreadsheet and add a new worksheet within the same file.
* Get up to speed on how to work with and format cell contents and worksheets for easy reading.
* Learn how to build lists, sort, and filter for quick access to important data; e.g., sales leads.

Microsoft PowerPoint

* Manage Layouts, Themes, and Colors to save time with each new project.
* See how to insert Smart Art objects, graphs, and organizational charts, plus add animation effects to make your presentations come to life.
* Sit back and watch as your presentation runs itself with the numerous options and timing settings. You can even convert your presentation to a website or a PDF.


* Get better at using charts and similar content taken from an Excel spreadsheet.
* Find out tricks for sharing content between Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
* Share your work via Outlook with your newly created address book of contacts; then setup meetings and appointments in multiple calendars.
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