PHP Professional Projects

Product Description
This book provides a hands-on approach to learning PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, which is a server-side scripting language. The book is aimed at both novice as well as advance level readers. Readers might only have the basic knowledge of HTML or might already know Web-based programming. The readers will use the PHP concepts that they learn in the book to create professional projects.

The book starts with a few overview chapters that cover the key concepts of Web-based programming. These chapters act as an information store for programmers who may need to brush up their prior programming knowledge. A major part of the book revolves around professional projects. These projects enable programmers to learn about various tasks by following a simple to complex approach. Each project covers a specific subject area and guides the readers by using practical scenarios. The projects range from a simple project that involves creating plain data entry Web pages using HTML and saving the information in a text file. Then the books moves to complex projects that involve creating Web pages containing PHP scripts and storing information in MySQL databases. These projects help programmers to accomplish their goals by understanding the practical and real-life application of PHP in Web page designing. Each project in the book is a guide for the reader to create a part of a large Web site.

Apart from the overview chapters and the professional projects, this book also includes two additional sections, Beyond the Lab and Appendices. The Beyond the Lab section serves as both a summary of what the reader has learned throughout the projects and as a road map for where the reader can go to expand on this knowledge. This section also covers the future direction of the programming language. The Appendices act as a quick reference for PHP functions and certain concepts that a reader might want to explore further.

Use PHP to accomplish real-world, professional tasks.

Incorporating five hands-on projects, PHP Professional Projects is your key to unlocking the power of PHP. Each project focuses on a specific PHP concept and is based on a real-world situation. You will be able to use the skills that you develop throughout the book to modify the projects as needed to fit your professional needs.


Using various form elements, create a user registration form for an online shopping site. You will use PHP script to track form value and check for errors. Your PHP script will give you experience using variables, operators, and control structures.


Using the registration form that you have just created, you will learn how to store data in a file and to retrieve the data using various file functions. You will learn the basics of file handling such as reading and writing to a file as well as pack and unpack functions.


Begin by creating a database table and inserting data with a form and PHP script. Query your database table based on specific criteria and allow results to be displayed. Further your understanding of handling data storage and using PHP with a SQL database.


Cover all of the steps necessary to create a product catalog and shopping cart with PHP begin-ning with user registration. Learn how to add and remove products and customers and to send a feedback message using the mail function.


Learn how to configure HTTP authentication on Apache and to create users. Begin with the basics of password-based authentication and password storage. Then create a PHP script that will validate users, and learn how to use cookies and sessions to track users.