2007 Microsoft Office System and Your Windows-Based PC: A Real-Life Guide to Getting More Done

2007 Microsoft Office System and Your Windows-Based PC: A Real-Life Guide to Getting More Done

Reviewed by Sandra Haynes, Content Development Manager, Microsoft Learning
(adapted from the book's Introduction)

The second book by the editors, authors, and reviewers at the officially endorsed Windows Vista: The Official Magazine, brings together both Office 2007 and Windows to show how you can get organized, get creative, and get more done--in less time. This full-color guide focuses on practical, everyday scenarios to help you get fast, reliable results.


This book takes you through Microsoft’s user-friendly operating system and suite of programs--Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system. From initial setup basics, you can progress to find out how Windows Vista can help you get the most from your PC. Like Windows Vista, the Office release covers all the bases, too--from creating simple text documents, to developing savvy presentations and organizing your life. Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system combine to create a powerful backbone to your PC that can assist and enhance your working day and family time.

Step 1. Get started. New to Windows Vista? Never opened an Office document? Then this is your starting point. From the five-minute guide to personalizing your desktop--to getting familiar with the different Office programs and features--you'll find smart and simple tips to get up and running quickly.

Step 2. Explore. Once you've had a good look around, you’ll be itching to find out more! In this section, you’ll find an in-depth look at how Windows Vista and the Office suite can make every aspect of your life more organized and, in turn, more constructive, whether you’re using your PC for work or leisure. Create stunning slides and charts. Fix your own connectivity problems. Blog. Go wireless. Go mobile.

Step 3. Do more. Now that you're conversant with the workings of Windows Vista, and acquainted with the flexibility and power of the Office programs, it’s time to launch into some projects. From working on the move to discovering your creative talents, this is where things get productive--and fun. Create an online library of all your books. Plan a wedding with style and ease. Share your files across the world with Windows Live FolderShare.