Cisco CCNP Certification Package Contains BSCI, BCMSN, ISCW, and ONT $599.00 - Includes 93 Videos C

CCNP CBT Nuggets Certification Suite
CCNP CBT Nuggets Certification Suite

Stand out from your peers as a Cisco Certified Network Professional

If you work on Cisco networks and want to really stand out as a networking professional, then the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification is for you.

Today’s CCNP certification proves to employers that you can deploy and manage Cisco networks that support the convergence of data, voice, and other rich media traffic on both wired and wireless networks — all while maintaining the high levels of security businesses need. And with all this, you’re able to keep the network up and running around the clock — minimizing the risk of service interruption.

It sounds like a big task but with the right training, you’ll be up to it. In the Cisco CCNP Certification Package, expert instructor Jeremy Cioara takes you through and teaches you both on-the-job skills and the knowledge you need to get certified. He’s fun to learn from, very informative, and best of all he gives you skills you can use to boost your career.

The Cisco CCNP Certification Package contains these exam-packs:

Exam-Pack: 642-901 BSCI (Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks)The BSCI series, at its core, is all about routing. You’ll immerse yourself in the features and functionalities of Cisco routers. This includes deploying, managing, and optimizing the performance of Cisco routers. Major topics in this series include EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS, Advanced Routing, BGP, Multicast, and IPv6.

Exam-Pack: 642-812 BCMSN (Building Converged Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks)

BCMSN is all about deploying, managing, and optimizing Cisco switches. You’ll learn the role of switches in your Cisco network, including smart network design for today’s networking needs. Major topics in this series include VLANs, STP, Ether Channel, Layer 3 Switching, Redundancy, Wireless LANs, Campus VoIP, and Campus Security.

Exam-Pack: 642-825 ISCW (Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks)

In the ISCW series you’ll learn how to create and manage secure, robust remote access solutions. In today’s world of frequent telecommuting and distant offices throughout the globe, this topic is getting bigger than ever. Major topics you’ll learn include understanding WAN technologies, Multiprotocol Label Switching, configuring IPSec VPNs, and securing your network.

Exam-Pack: 642-845 ONT (Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks)

The ONT series covers how to configure your network to support rich media traffic including Voice over IP and video conferencing. The throughput and quality of service required for these technologies is higher than normal data traffic, and requires these advanced skills. Major topics in this series include understanding and implementing VoIP technologies, managing Quality of Service, and the special considerations for supporting convergence technologies on wireless networks.

On the job skills for Cisco networking plus exam-prep

In the Cisco CCNP Certification Package, you’ll gain the professional-level skills you need to work on today’s converged Cisco networks. In addition, each exam-pack maps to exam objectives so you can watch the videos to help you prepare for Cisco CCNP Certification.


A thorough understanding of Cisco networking such as a CCNA certification or equivalent knowledge is recommended before viewing these videos.
The Cisco CCNP Certification Package contains these videos:

Exam-Pack: 642-901 BSCI contains:

- Today’s Routed World (free video!)
- EIGRP: The Concepts
- EIGRP: Implementation and Verification
- EIGRP: Summarization, Authentication, and Other Advanced Options
- EIGRP: Best Practices and Design Options
- OSPF: The Concepts (Part 1)
- OSPF: The Concepts (Part 2)
- OSPF: Implementation and Verification
- OSPF: Understanding Network Types
- OSPF: Router LSAs and Summarization Options
- OSPF: Special Area Types and Options
- OSPF: Authentication and Other Miscellaneous Options
- IS-IS: The Concepts (Part 1)
- IS-IS: The Concepts (Part 2)
- IS-IS: Basic Implementation and Verification
- Advanced Routing: Route Redistribution
- Advanced Routing: Manipulating Route Updates
- BGP: Foundation Concepts
- BGP: Implementation and Tuning (Part 1)
- BGP: Implementation and Tuning (Part 2)
- BGP: Implementation and Tuning (Part 3)
- BGP: Tuning Attributes (Part 1)
- BGP: Tuning Attributes (Part 2)
- Multicast: Concepts and Configuration
- IPv6: Understanding Basic Concepts and Addressing
- IPv6:Configuring, Routing, and Interoperating
- Advanced Routing: Implementing Router-Based DHCP Services

Exam-Pack: 642-812 BCMSN contains:

- The Switches Domain: Core Concepts and Design
- VLANs: Configuration and Verification (free video!)
- VLANs: In-Depth Trunking
- VLANs: VLAN Trunking Protocol
- STP: Foundation Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Concepts, Part 1
- STP: Foundation Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Concepts, Part 2
- STP: Rapid Spanning Tree Concepts and Configuration
- EtherChannel: Aggregating Redundant Links
- L3 Switching: InterVLAN Routing Extraordinaire
- L3 Switching: Understanding CEF Optimization
- Redundancy in the Campus: HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP, Part 1
- Redundancy in the Campus: HSRP, VRRP, and GLBP, Part 2
- Wireless LAN: Foundation Concepts and Design, Part 1
- Wireless LAN: Foundation Concepts and Design, Part 2
- Wireless LAN: Frequencies and 802.11 Standards
- Wireless LAN: Understanding the Hardware
- Wireless LAN: Configuration and Verification
- Campus VoIP: Overview, Considerations, and AutoQoS
- Campus Security: Basic Port Security and 802.1x
- Campus Security: VLAN and Spoofing Attacks
- Campus Security: STP Attacks and Other Security Considerations

Exam-Pack: 642-825 ISCW contains:

- Cisco ISCW Series Intro (free video!)
- Model Madness: Network Design and Connectivity for the Modern World
- Understanding New WAN Technologies: Cable Technology
- Understanding New WAN Technologies: DSL Technology
- Understanding New WAN Technologies: Configuring PPPoE DSL Connections
- Multiprotocol Label Switching: The Concepts
- Multiprotocol Label Switching: Frame Mode Configuration
- Multiprotocol Label Switching: Understanding MPLS VPNs
- IPSec VPNs: VPN Concepts, Part 1
- IPSec VPNs: VPN Concepts, Part 2
- IPSec VPNs: VPN Site-to-Site CLI Configuration
- IPSec VPNs: VPN Site-to-Site SDM Configuration
- IPSec VPNs: IPSec Encrypted GRE Tunnels
- IPSec VPNs: Remote Access Connections with Cisco Easy VPN
- Network Lockdown: Attacks and Defense
- Network Lockdown: Cisco Auto-Secure and SDM Security Audit
- Network Lockdown: Securing Management Access
- Network Lockdown: Securing Management Access, Part 2
- Network Lockdown: Using Access Lists
- Network Lockdown: Securing Network Management
- Network Lockdown: Implementing Cisco AAA
- Defending the Network: Cisco IOS Firewall (free video!)
- Defending the Network: Cisco IOS IPS

Exam-Pack: 642-845 ONT contains:

- VoIP Networks: Understanding the Foundations (free video!)
- VoIP Networks: How Your Voice Becomes a Packet
- VoIP Networks: Allocating Enough Bandwidth
- VoIP Networks: Implementation Considerations, Part 1
- VoIP Networks: Implementation Considerations, Part 2
- Quality of Service: Fighting the Bandwidth Monsters
- Quality of Service: Implementation Models and Methods, Part 1
- Quality of Service: Implementation Models and Methods, Part 2
- Quality of Service: Classification and Marking: Layer 2
- Quality of Service: Classification and Marking: Layer 3
- Quality of Service: Using NBAR
- Quality of Service: Queuing Fundamentals
- Quality of Service: Queuing Configuration
- Quality of Service: Congestion Avoidance
- Quality of Service: Policing and Shaping
- Quality of Service: Link Efficiency Mechanisms
- Quality of Service: Through VPNs and Service Providers
- Quality of Service: The Magic Wand of AutoQoS
- Wireless Networks: Wireless in the Cisco World
- Wireless Networks: Security and 802.1x
- Wireless Networks: Cisco Wireless Configuration
- Wireless Networks: Wireless QoS
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Cisco CCIE Certification Series
$399.00 - Includes 36 Videos
The CCIE certification is one of the highest paid and most respected IT certifications available but also one of the most difficult to obtain. Many people have questions and concerns when it comes to obtaining the CCIE and that’s what this training is all about.

Jeremy Cioara has done a tremendous job breaking down all the information you need to not only study and prepare for the hands-on lab exam, but he presents it so that you learn how to model and configure advanced LAN/WAN topologies and scenarios. He shows you how to put together a practice lab to duplicate nearly any network set-up and provides an array of cost and time saving tips and tricks that will literally repay your investment in this training many times over.

Even if you do not plan on obtaining certification, you’ll learn about the Catalyst 3550 router, Frame-Relay, ISDN, OSPF, ISIS, NAT, VoIP, QOS and BGP.

While a CCNP certification is not a pre-requisite to earn your CCIE certification, you do need to know routing and switching thoroughly. In addition to having a CCNA, we recommend that you have the knowledge and skills of a CCNP prior to viewing the CCIE videos.

The training contains 36 videos providing more than 24 hours of instruction.

NOTE: The CCIE Exam has been updated to cover new information on MPLS, as well as some additional information on Security and IPv6.

This training has not yet been updated to cover these concepts. This training still maps to all other exam objectives and will help you greatly as you prepare for the CCIE Lab exam.

For information on updates and future product releases, please see our Videos in Development page.

Contents: Cisco CCIE Certification Series

- CCIE Series Intro: So you want to be a CCIE
- Advanced LAN Configuration (Part 1): Cat 3550, VLANs, VTP, and EtherChannel
- Advanced LAN Configuration (Part 2): Cat 3550, Spanning Tree Protocol
- Advanced LAN Configuration (Part 3): Cat 3550, Advanced Features
- Advanced WAN Configuration (Part 1): HDLC & PPP
- Advanced WAN Configuration (Part 2): Frame Relay
- Advanced WAN Configuration (Part 3): Frame Relay Traffic Shaping and ATM
- Advanced WAN Configuration (Part 4): ISDN
- Internal Routing Protocols (Part 1): Distance Vector Challenges and RIPv2
- Internal Routing Protocols (Part 2): Advanced EIGRP Configuration
- Internal Routing Protocols (Part 3): OSPF, Key Concepts
- Internal Routing Protocols (Part 4): Foundation OSPF Configuration
- Internal Routing Protocols (Part 5): Advanced OSPF Configuration: NBMA Networks
- Internal Routing Protocols (Part 6): Advanced OSPF Configuration: Practical Example
- Internal Routing Protocols (Part 7): Understanding and Configuring the IS-IS Protocol
- Advanced Router Technology (Part 1): Routing the Unroutable: Router Bridging Technology
- Advanced Router Technology (Part 2): Data Link Switching Plus (DLSW+)
- Advanced Router Technology (Part 3): Voice over IP (VoIP)
- Advanced Router Technology (Part 4): Network Address Translation (NAT)
- Advanced Router Technology (Part 5): HSRP and NTP
- Advanced Router Technology (Part 6): Understanding IP Access-Lists
- Advanced Router Technology (Part 7): Multicast Routing Concepts
- Advanced Router Technology (Part 8): Configuring Multicast Routing
- Quality of Service (Part 1): QoS Fundamentals and the MQC
- Quality of Service (Part 2): Congestion Management and Avoidance
- Quality of Service (Part 3): Policing, Shaping, and Link Efficiency
- BGP (Part 1): BGP Theory
- BGP (Part 2): Understanding BGP Attributes
- BGP (Part 3): Foundation BGP Configuration
- BGP (Part 4): BGP Route Reflectors, Confederations, and Peer-Groups
- BGP (Part 5): BGP Route Aggregation and Filtering
- BGP (Part 6): Configuring BGP Attributes to Influence Routing, Part 1
- BGP (Part 7): Configuring BGP Attributes to Influence Routing, Part 2
- BGP (Part 8): BGP Multihoming, Route Dampening, and Optimization
- Practice Lab
- IPv6

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BSCI (Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks) 642-901 2CD
BCMSN (Building Converged Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks) 642-812 2CD

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ISCW (Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Networks) 642-825

ONT (Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks) 642-845