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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS Microsoft Excel 2007 Financial Analysis

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 06:43 PM PDT

Numbers and financial data drives today’s business world and Excel 2007: Financial Analysis can help decode this information. The proper understanding of these numbers, and the formulas behind them, can be the gateway to corporate and personal success. Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Curt Frye teaches basic fluency in corporate finance, enabling users to see the meaning behind essential financial calculations. Curt explains how to review formulas to ensure they have the proper inputs, and shows how to interpret formula output. He also covers how to calculate leverage ratios and amortization and depreciation schedules, as well as forecast future growth. Exercise files accompany this course.

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VTC QuickStart Apple Soundtrack Pro 3

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 06:41 PM PDT

Apple Soundtrack Pro 3 is a large part of both the Final Cut Studio suite and the Logic Studio suite of applications and is a major post-production tool. With version 3, Apple has introduced a more stable and powerful audio workstation that is designed to compete in the world of audio post-production. This VTC QuickStart! – Apple Soundtrack Pro 3 title is designed to introduce the new user to basic setup and functionality, while also introducing the experienced user to the set of new tools in version 3.

While this title is compact and full of information, the examples are prioritized to be the most useful to the viewer. Author Sam McGuire guides you through this new update with useful tips and tricks that will help you get into the software in an efficient manner. Soundtrack Pro 3 is an exciting part of Apple’s software offerings and this QuickStart! will provide you the means to harness its power.
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EAT3D- Live Action & CG

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 11:00 AM PDT

In this demonstration the instructor starts off by explaining the shot and then tracking the footage using Boujou. Once the live footage is tracked, its on to Maya to start blocking out the scene and incorporating CG elements. Everything from Ambient Occlusion, to Render Layers, to even Image Based Lighting is explained while in Maya. After all of the elements are rendered out of Maya, the last thing done is composing them together using Combustion and After Effects. This tutorial is perfect for those who want a solid foundation on how to take your 3D models and incorporate them seamlessly into Live Action video.

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Audio Masterclass Music Production And Sound Engineering Course

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 08:42 AM PDT

The Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering course is delivered to you online in twelve weekly modules containing the equivalent of over 500 pages of learning materials. The course also contains over 1000 professionally-recorded audio example files, and practical assignment examples where you can learn from the successes, and mistakes, of former Audio Masterclass students.

There are also complete, professionally-made multitrack recordings that you can mix yourself in your own home recording studio.

The content of the Audio Masterclass Music Production and Sound Engineering course is HUGE!

Size : 2.8 GB




After Effects Tutorials from CG Swot

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 08:41 AM PDT

After Effects Tutorials from CG Swot | 1.5 GB

* Learn how to create, from scratch, a morphing effect from one graphic element to another using fractal-noise animation…

* You will learn how to create a map grid with interactive animation…

* Use brightness animation to control the fractal noise for an organic transition effect…

* Learn how to create a flying, 3D image gallery, using any collection of images you want…

* Use Trapcode Particular to drive the simulation and wind to animate the images movement…

* Fade images into the space using vanishing settings and deflect the elements to avoid flying through the camera…

* Create “dynamic sparkles” which adhere to the highlight features of an element…

* Use fractal noise for controlling the dynamics of the sparkle element…

* Give an animated sheen to an element using masks and animation…

* Have some fun creating this simple logo using only Layer Styles and built-in effects within After Effects…

* This tutorial shows some of the potential power of layer styles without having to create them in Photoshop….

* Learn a quick method of creating some common metalic finishes including checker-plate…

* Create an underwater scene from scratch using only After Effects…

* Animate a swimming fish and create a school of fish using Particular…

* Create floating particles and volumetric light rays based on the underwater surface animation…

* Learn how to rig a still image using the Puppet Pin tool and animate it using only After Effects…

* Start with a transparent still image, rig it for animation using after effects and animate…

* Create a basic set using 3D layers and light it using AFX lighting and shadows…

* Learn some fun techneques to get interesting animation by playing with the pivot points of layers and nulls objects…

* Use a photo image, color correction and blurs to create a gold metal effect on a text layer…

* Use Trapcode Shine to create a classic light-ray effect eminating from the text…

* Learn how to create and animate realistic missile trails through 3D clouds using only After Effects and Particular…

* Animate the position of the camera and missiles using easy expressions for random movement…

* Use Trapcode Horizon to get a realistic background animation…

* Learn how to create a futuristic sniper scope using After Effects expressions and null animation…

* Tie the navigation graphics into the position of the camera movement over any still image or footage…

* Use adjustment layers to emulate night and thermal vision…




Massive Black — Richard Doble — Creature Design

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 08:41 AM PDT

Massive Black — Richard Doble — Creature Design Part 1 | 250 MB

You know what we love at Massive Black? We love artists who chase after perfection and and get completely attached to their ideas no matter how crappy they are. We love them because there’s a lot of them, and they keep our jobs safe.

Richard Doble is the opposite of that approach. This tutorial is not about anatomy or color theory or anything too technical. It’s about creating. It’s about quickly coming up with dozens of interesting ideas on the way to arriving at something new and unique. This is Rich’s specialty, and we all enjoy seeing the insane visions that come from this agile young mind.


Brian Tracy – Sales Techniques

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 08:40 AM PDT
Brian Tracy – Sales Techniques | 1.9 GB

1. Success is a Journey
In this inspirational tale of vision, courage and determination, you learn timeless truths and universal lessons to help you on your own personal journey.

2. Building Customer Relationships
Make more money by building and maintaining good relationships with your customers.

Successful salespeople are far better at building and maintaining high-quality relationships with their prospects and customers than average salespeople. People are 100% emotional. They decide emotionally and then justify logically. How the customer feels about you as a person will have more of an influence on what the customer decides than any other factor.

In this DVD training program you’ll learn the important steps to building good relationships with your customers and others.

3. Influencing Customer Behavior
Why is it that people buy or refuse to buy? Why is it that some people buy quickly, and some people take forever to buy, or never buy at all?

The more you know about how and why people do the things they do, the faster and easier it will be for you to turn prospects into customers and then to get the referrals and resales that will make you a top producer in your field.

In this session you will learn one of the most powerful influence strategies and techniques ever discovered in professional selling.

4. Negotiating the Sale
Negotiate your way to becoming the top sales professional in your field!

All of life is a negotiation. Much of your happiness and success in life is determined by how well you negotiate for what you want.

Are YOU good at it? If not, this DVD will show you essential skills and techniques to winning in all negotiations!

5. Personal Sales Planning
What is YOUR plan for accomplishing your sales goals?

Action without planning is the cause of every failure. Successful salespeople are better thinkers than average salespeople. The more accurate you are in thinking about your sales goals and the activities necessary to accomplish them, the more successful you will be.

6. The New Model of Selling
Apply a New Model of Selling that has revolutionized and transformed the careers of thousands of salespeople worldwide!

Top sales professionals are those who have changed, adjusted and adapted to the new world of selling. They treat customers differently and they see themselves differently. They recognize that sales success requires very different approaches to the customer and the market.




AppDev – SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (4 CDs)

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 03:06 AM PDT

AppDev – SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (4 CDs) | 601.9Mb

This course will enable technology professionals with little or no ETL experience and minimal exposure to SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 to be comfortable and productive with the SSIS tools and technologies. In this course you will learn about the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and building Database Maintenance Plans. You will be introduced to the Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) and working with Control Flow and Data Flow. You will also become familiar with SSIS package management and package deployment along with learning to write solid code using debugging, error handling and logging techniques.

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Pro Scalable .NET 2.0 Application Designs (Expert’s Voice in .Net)

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 01:20 AM PDT

Pro Scalable .NET 2.0 Application Designs (Experts Voice in .Net)

Pro Scalable .NET 2.0 Application Designs (Expert's Voice in .Net)

Product Description
Pro Scalable .NET 2.0 Application Design explains how to plan and implement .NET 2.0 applications. It addresses platform, hosting, and database requirements, as well as architectural design techniques that can be used to create the application itself. For example, the book illustrates a comparison between two models, the “traditional” and the “new” SOA, to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each. This book also makes use of the newest version of Web Services Enhancements (WSE 3.0), ensuring you have access to the latest Microsoft standards and advice.


PC Magazine – September 2009

Posted: 25 Aug 2009 01:15 AM PDT

PC Magazine - September 2009

PC Magazine - September 2009

PC Magazine (09/2009)
English | Pages: 73 | Scan & PDF: Antfer | PDF | 12.8 mb