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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

Cgcookie – 3D Studio Max 2010 Tutorials

Posted: 20 Sep 2009 08:02 PM PDT

Car paint shader in 3D Studio Max 2010
Create a Rock shader in 3D Studio Max 2010
Underwater scene in 3D Studio Max 2010
3D Studio Max 2010 Tutorial – lighting , render – Mental Ray, Daylight system

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VTC – Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010

Posted: 20 Sep 2009 07:54 PM PDT

VTC – Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010 | 883.1 MB
Rls Date : 18/09/09 | Supplier : iNK H0RN

Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2010 is a building design and documentation system that works the way Architects and Designers think. With Revit Architecture, Architects and Designers can get back to what they love, designing buildings, without their software getting in the way. Users can work in any view that makes sense, quickly and easily making changes to major design elements as they go. Easy visualization with on-the-fly 3D views and instant shadows means less waiting.

You can even make late-stage changes without worrying about coordinating your plans, schedules, and construction documents. This intuitive course is a collection of step-by-step “follow-along” lessons that will teach all users how to get the most from Revit Architecture. Work Files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the Autodesk Revit Architecture 2010 movie links.
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Magic Lantern DVD Guide Nikon D40

Posted: 20 Sep 2009 02:14 PM PDT

Magic Lantern DVD Guide Nikon D40 | 4.1 GB

Owners of the new D40 and the D40x can get terrific results with this Magic Lantern DVD Guide the fastest, easiest way to master the fundamentals and advanced features of Nikon’s just-released digital SLR cameras. Carefully researched and scripted, and shot by the most experienced pros in the business, this full color, high definition video is designed to help anyone from novices to experienced shooters. In addition to the detailed explanations of camera menus, switches, and buttons, they’ll find easy-to-understand, step-by-step instructions, real-world shooting examples, and techniques that are simple to put into practice.



Hudson Music Neil Peart Anatomy of a Drum Solo DVDR Part 2

Posted: 19 Sep 2009 02:12 PM PDT

Hudson Music Neil Peart Anatomy of a Drum Solo DVDR Part 2 | 4.28 GB

Release Date: 2009-08-31 | English | ISO

This DVD features in-studio footage of Neil discussing, in detail, his approach to soloing. Using a solo recorded in September, 2004 in Frankfurt, Germany, as a framework, Neil talks about each segment of this nine-minute tour de force that is a highlight of each Rush performance.

Also included are:
• two "explorations" — completely improvised workouts at the drums, each over thirty-minutes long; a never-before-released solo recorded in Hamburg, Germany in September, 2004 (”Ich Bin Ein Hamburger”)
• "O Baterista", Neil’s Grammy® Award-nominated solo (from Rush in Rio)
• two full Rush performances from Frankfurt '04, shown entirely from the perspective of the drum cameras
• interviews with Lorne Wheaton, Neil's drum tech, and Paul Northfield, Rush co-producer and engineer
• a full-color booklet, a photo gallery and more.

• Alternate Edits-During parts of Neil's analysis of "Der Trommler," the viewer can choose between two different edits, one with related playing examples in full screen and one with Neil in view while the playing example is shown in a separate inset. These spots are identified by an on-screen icon.
• Audio-only Bonus Tracks, "Momo's Dance Party" and "Pieces of Eight," composed and performed by Neil,on marimba, that can be accessed at various points in the program.
• Bonus Footage:
• A previously unreleased solo from the Rush Counterparts tour recorded March 27, 1994 at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Michigan.
• Camera-Option—During Neil's performance of "Der Tommler", the viewer can choose between the program edit and two, isolated cameras, for different views.
• Two Rush performances ("Tom Sawyer" and "Subdivisions") recorded Frankfurt, September, 2004 from the perspective of the drum cameras.
• Photo Gallery

• Modern Drummer 2006 Readers Poll: 1st Place, DVD Category
• Drum! Readers Poll 2007: 1st Place DVD Category

1. Extract with WinRAR 2.9 or higher.
2. Burn or mount with Daemon tools.
3. Enjoy.



Posted: 19 Sep 2009 02:11 PM PDT


|O| |O|
|O| |O|
|O| RELEASE DATE…: November 29, 2007 |O|
|O| SOURCE………: [X] Retail |O|
|O| REGION………: [X] NTSC |O|
|O| ASPECT RATIO…: [x] Fullscreen |O|
|O| RELEASE SIZE…: [90] [ ] 15MB [X] 50mb |O|
|O| IMAGE TYPE…..: [x] ISO |O|
|O| DVD MENU…….: [x] YES |O|
|O| DVD EXTRAS…..: [x] YES |O|
|O| DVD SUBTITLES..: [x] None |O|
|O| DVD LANGUAGES..: [x] English |O|
|O| |O|
|O| |O|
|O| |O|
|O| RUNTIME…….: 90 minutes |O|
|O| Directed by…: Happy Traum |O|
|O| Studio……..: Homespun |O|
|O| RATING……..: 4.5 out of 5 Stars – |O|
|O| GENRE………: Music Instructional |O|
|O| STARRING……: Marcy Marxer, Pete Kennedy |O|
|O| |O|
|O| |O|
|O| Here s the coolest way ever to learn to play an electric guitar! |O|
|O| Two-time GRAMMY« winner Marcy Marxer teams up with top studio |O|
|O| musician Pete Kennedy to inspire kids and get them off to a great |O|
|O| start. These fun, easy to use play-along lessons will teach |O|
|O| budding players the music fundamentals, from holding and tuning |O|
|O| the guitar to playing rhythm grooves, forming chords and even |O|
|O| making up their own rock solos. There s plenty of opportunity to |O|
|O| jam right along with Pete and Marcy and their talented friends, |O|
|O| Jake (age 14) and Emily (age 11). Their friendly energy encourages |O|
|O| kids to join in with them while they teach exciting guitar |O|
|O| techniques. If there was ever a kid-friendly way to start rockin |O|
|O| on the guitar, this is it! |O|
|O| |O|
|O| |O|
|O| |O|
|O| |O|
|O| |O|
|O| DVD…….: [X ] UNTOUCHED |O|
|O| Encoder…: CCE |O|
|O| PASSES….: [ ] 5 [ ] 6 |O|
|O| Audio…..: [x] Untouched |O|
|O| |O|



Eat3d The Fountain Part 1 – High Res

Posted: 19 Sep 2009 02:10 PM PDT

Eat3d The Fountain Part 1 – High Res | 1.7 GB

In this demonstration the instructor creates the high res version of a complex modular fountain from scratch with 3ds Max 2010. The sculpting portions of the video are done twice, once in Mudbox 2009 and again in Zbrush 3.1.

This is a 2-Disc Release with over 8 hours of demonstration and has something for everyone.

- Blocking out the Fountain using a Reference Image
- Experimenting with the new Containers in 3ds Max 2010
- Showing the difference between Scene Explorer and Scene Manager
- Using Stencils in both Mudbox and ZBrush
- Using the new Decimation Master Plugin for ZBrush 3.1
- Using the new Graphite Modeling Tools in 3ds Max 2010
- Using Meshlab to optimize your meshes prior to 3ds Max Import
- Optimizing the Scene for better Preformance
- Rendering out the Fountain with Lighttracer and tweaking it in Photoshop



Lick Library: Colin Woolways Drumsense Vol 1 ISO

Posted: 19 Sep 2009 02:10 PM PDT

Lick Library: Colin Woolways Drumsense Vol 1 ISO | English | 3.6 Gb

Based on the best selling Drumsense books Volumes 1 & 2 This superb DVD gives absolute beginners the chance to learn basic rock drumming starting with simple beats and building up to fairly difficult four way co-ordination. Learn a unique system of subdividing and phrasing showing the student how to move around the kit using toms and cymbals, employing the now famous “Drumsense” teaching technique. There is also a section on “beginners’ jazz” and hi hat timekeeping, building up an ability to play comfortably in rock and jazz styles. An absolute “must” for beginners or drummers who want to revise the basics of how the drumset works!



Lick Library: Learn To Play Oasis – DVDRiP

Posted: 19 Sep 2009 02:06 PM PDT

Lick Library: Learn To Play Oasis – DVDRiP | 1.84 GB

DVDRip | 512×384 | AVI | XVID 1976 kbps | 25 fps | Aspect ratio: 4:3 | MP3 192 kpbs

Lick Library present five songs by the biggest British band of the nineties, Oasis, for you to learn and master. Guitar ace Jamie Humphries gives you a note-by-note guide to five massive Oasis hits, including the stadium thunder of Live Forever and the breathtaking Champagne Supernova. You will learn many of the secrets and influences that have made the Noel Gallagher guitar style so unmistakable, along with every riff, chord and solo in each song. This excellent two-hour DVD will help you master the classic Britpop anthems that rejuvenated guitar playing for a new generation of rockers.



Total Training Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Advanced

Posted: 19 Sep 2009 02:04 PM PDT

Description: Learn professional techniques that will help you to design and develop an impressive web site using Deamweaver CS4. This training walks through advanced concepts in Dreamweaver CS4 including creating pure CSS layouts, working with reusable assets such as Snippets, Library Items and Templates. In addition, you will get the chance to work with Adobe’s Spry Framework to create AJAX-enabled web pages. This series is just what you need to take your Dreamweaver skills one step further and give your site a professional polish.