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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

Planet Photoshop Corey Barker Bloodyelf

Posted: 27 Sep 2009 03:41 PM PDT

Planet Photoshop Corey Barker Bloodyelf | 2.14 GB

Corey Barker is the owner of planet photoshop site he is a famous designer.

collected all his videos until the last one
you can see the list of the videos @


The Lovers’ Guide 7: What Women Really Want

Posted: 27 Sep 2009 11:42 AM PDT

The Lovers’ Guide 7: What Women Really Want | 700 MB

DVDRIP | English | XviD-1752 kb/s | mp3@120 | 640×480 | 60 min

The Lovers’ Guide- What Women Really Want is part whistle-stop tour of modern female aspirations, part uninhibited and fast moving sex education documentary. Introduced by Dr Sarah Humphrey and unfolding like a video version of Cosmopolitan the five “chapters” cover “What Women Want From … Life, Their Bodies, Sex, Their Lover and Their Relationship”. Vox pops from a variety of women preface sex sequences with different couples which cover safe sex, masturbation and becoming orgasmic, oral sex (receiving and giving) and the advantages of various positions for intercourse. 3-D computer models show what happens inside a woman’s body during sex and there is enough information to give a better understanding of female sexuality to both women and men.

Unfortunately, in trying to be all things to all women and cover virtually all generally acceptable forms of sexuality–including lesbianism, bisexuality, fantasy, anal sex and a mention of bondage and sado-masochism–the programme does what it accuses men of: rushes to the end without giving full satisfaction. At 55 minutes, including a gratuitous pop video finale, longer would have been better as matters such as pregnancy, children and ageing are rapidly dispensed with and there is not a single mention of marriage. While for a real insight into women’s sexual experience The New Hite Report remains unsurpassed, anyone looking to improve their sex life will find graphically explicit scenes here easier to follow than static images in a sex manual.–Gary S Dalkin

Pass: AvaxHome.Ws

CG Academy – Animation Fundamentals 2 : Adding Character

Posted: 27 Sep 2009 03:33 AM PDT

The second part of our Animation Fundamentals series will build on the core animation techniques Simon taught you in the previous tutorial. Here we look at the importance of analysing and understanding our characters before attempting to animate them. How good staging, contrasting poses, observing silhouettes and related techniques will help deliver your drama clearly to the viewer. Simon will show you how the pose-to-pose animation technique will allow you to quickly and effectively animate in a production environment. Simon completes the tutorial with a practical example of how to put all of these principles into effect in a real world example staring Floppy the alien.

This tutorial is aimed at a user that is comfortable in general 3dsmax and with the animation interface and general animation skills. It is highly recommended that you view DVD1 in this series, before viewing this tutorial.
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