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August '09
Hiring in Banking, Insurance & Education rises substantially
August saw a positive movement in hiring in Banking and Insurance industries even as the overall Job Index saw a dip of 3.6 per cent in Aug '09 as against Jul '09. However, on the three month moving average, the index rose up by 1.7 per cent.
Overall highlights of the report:
Job Index, at 701 in August, is 3.6% down as compared to 727 in July '09
Banking & Financial Services and Insurance saw an increase in the index by 11% and 23% respectively
Bangalore saw marginal increase in hiring activity, while Mumbai remained stable
Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune saw slackened hiring
IT Industry saw a marginal decline in hiring activity
Naukri JobSpeak is the monthly job index that provides an insight into the hiring trends across sectors based on real job listings. Month on month, you can look forward to reliable information on the job market with Naukri JobSpeak.
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