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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS – Adobe: InDesign CS4 Power Shortcuts

Posted: 09 Oct 2009 08:28 PM PDT

In InDesign CS4 Power Shortcuts, Adobe product manager and designer Michael Ninness reveals hundreds of tips to boost productivity, including the top 20 power shortcuts every InDesign user must know. From placing multiple images to the hidden power of Quick Apply, each one of these videos covers an important topic, and includes just the right amount of information to make anyone a true InDesign power user. InDesign users are always looking for faster, more efficient ways to do everything, and this course offers just what they’re looking for. Exercise files accompany the course.

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TotalWeb SEO – Videotutoriales

Posted: 09 Oct 2009 12:05 PM PDT

Video 1 – Mastering the Basics

How to develop your strategy for 500 visitors per day
What is SEO and how it’s going to help you
what search engines you should target first for the best results
What to do if a SEO company approaches you !

Video 2 – How Search Engines rank your pages

How search engines really work
why they rank sites at number 1
The 3 elements you must have for ranking at the top
Why you won’t rank for some terms

Video 3 – Lay Strong Foundations

The most important factors in choosing your niche
How to choose the right keywords
Why the size of your niche will make or break you
How to find profitable niches for your industry
The elements of your niche you concentrate on

Video 4 – Develop your website

The most important elements in your web pages
Learn where to place these for maximum optimization
How changing a couple of words doubles your traffic
Why adding in some elements will get you banned

Video 5 – Power up your SEO (1)

Get indexed in the search engines within 24 hours
Three factors you must get right to rank at number 1
Dislodge your competitors and climb above them
How to get other webmasters to promote your site

Video 6 – Power up your SEO (2)

How to get your own site to be a link magnet
What 3 things not to do to promote your site
What things don’t work any more !
Supercharge today’s most popular method of promotion

Video 7 – Learn from the professionals

A run through of my number 1 ranking website
How I built it and how I get number 1 rankings
I show you how I develop it for popularity
I’ll show you all my code and my SEO strategy

Video 8 – Explode your visitors exponetially

One thing you must do once a week to your site
My top tip to get others to develop your site for free
How to double the value of outsourced material
How to double your visitors in 30 days


Joomla! The Beauty In Design and beautifull template 7 CD

Posted: 09 Oct 2009 12:01 PM PDT

Joomla! The Beauty In Design and beautifull template 7 CD | 1830 MB

Tutorial Videos of :
�VOl A Joomla! for Beginners
�VOl B Building a CSS Template for JOOMLA
�VOl C Increasing User Experience with Javascript
�VOl D Joomla Optimization
�VOl E Template Migration for Joomla Tutorial Series
�VOl F MooTools for the Rest of Us
�VOl G Remaining Collection BEAUTY IN DESIGN

A. Joomla! for Beginners
01. Introduction
02. Downloading Joomla!
03. Creating your Database
04. Uploading Joomla! to your site
05. Installing and Configuring Joomla!
06. A Walk around the Front End
07. It’s all about Content
08. The Back End – Administrator
09. Creating Sections
10. Creating Categories
11. Creating Content Items
12. Linking to Menus
13. Installing Templates
14. Worked Example – An online shop
15. Worked Example – A membership site
16. Worked Example – A magazine
17. Support and Conclusion
B. Building a CSS Template for JOOMLA
1. Lesson One � Slicing a Photoshop Image
� Planning the Layout
� Slicing Images
� Naming Slices
� Saving for the Web
2. Lesson Two � Creating the Foundation
� Files and Folders
� Linking the CSS into the PHP Document
� Getting Setup in Style Master
� Creating the DIV tags
3. Lesson Three � CSS Layout I
� Styling the Body
� Styling the Container
� Styling the Header

4. Lesson Four � CSS Layout II
� Styling the content DIV
� Working through browser bugs

5. Lesson Five � Finishing up and JOOMLA Integration
� Install JOOMLA Plug-in from
� Placing the Header Code
� Placing the Content Code
� Prepare the XML file
� Zip and Upload

C. Increasing User Experience with Javascript
1. Introduction
� Overview of the series
� Showcasing the javascript effects

2. Lesson Two – De-Cluttering the Membership Page
� Attaching scripts
� Considering MooTools as a solution to a cluttered layout
� Using the Fx.Styles of Mootools to change element properties

3. Lesson Three – Using MooTabs to Condense Related Products
� Understanding how MooTabs works
� Implementing MooTabs to condense the related products of a shopping cart

4. Lesson Four – Using a MooTools ‘Light Box’ to Create a Friendly Gallery
� Understanding the problem with the existing gallery
� Fixing the gallery with the MooTools Light Box

5. Lesson Five – Using Fx.Styles to Control Font Size
� Selecting an area to change
� Implementing Fx.Styles to change fonts

6. Lesson Six – Creating a Sliding Sub Menu with MooTools
� Analyzing the main menu and sub-menu for implementation
� Implement some simple MooTools effects to reveal sub-links

7. Lesson Seven – Implementing Reflection Javascript for Images
� Downloading and using reflection.js for images

8. Lesson Eight – Creating a Sliding Image Menu
� Understanding how the Sliding Image Menu works
� Implementing the Sliding Image Menu

9. Lesson Nine – Using AJAX with the Sliding Image Menu
� Creating an updated area for changing content
� Implementing AJAX links with the Sliding Image Menu

D. Joomla Optimization

1. Lesson One – Validation
�CSS Validation
�XHTML Validation
�Correcting incorrect markup

2. Lesson Two – Improving Module Output
�Different types of module output options
�Optimizing the template (continued from the JOOMLA Template Series)

3. Lesson Three – Improving JOOMLA Accessibility
�Better font usage
�Using CSS compression to better file sizes

4. Lesson Four – Using ARTIO SEF Component
�Getting JOOMLA ready for better URL’s
�Around ARTIO

E. Template Migration for Joomla Tutorial Series
1. Lesson One – Introduction and Re-Ordering the File Structure
� Introduction to the Template
� Moving the template files to the correct location for Joomla

2. Lesson Two – Optimizing the Template
� The Dreamweaver extension from
� Inserting the php tags, header code, and various other code

3. Lesson Three – The Template Details XML File
� How the template_details.xml works
� Assigning files, images, css, etc.

4. Lesson Four – Re-naming and Styling the Main Menu
� Understanding how the Main Menu is styled
� Re-assigning existing menu styles with the Joomla selectors

5. Lesson Five – Migrating Styles for Use with Modules
� Latest news module changes
� Main menu module stylings in other positions

6. Lesson Six – Custom Module Styling Using Class Suffixes
� Styling the Newsflash module similar to the static template
Using class suffixes in Joomla

7. Lesson Seven – Styling Various Joomla Elements
� Style matching the titles, paragraphs, etc. in the template
� News component styling

F. MooTools for the Rest of Us

1. Lesson One – Ideas and Resources
� The Purpose and Format of this series
� Where to get ideas from/documentation
� Getting MooTools

2. Lesson Two – Setting up the Document
� Javascript insertion
� Testing out an effect

3. Lesson Three – Creating a “Drag & Resize”-able Window
� Finding ideas
� Implementing an idea
� Duplicating several windows

4. Lesson Four – Opacity Fades for various windows
� Recognizing windows to fade
� Implementing the code
� Custom Options

5. Lesson Five – Using Moo.Ajax for the JoomlaOS Template
� Some benefits
� Creating an Ajax link for the JoomlaOS Template

G.Remaining Collection BEAUTY IN DESIGN


Beauty in Design: MooTools for the Rest of Us Tutorial Series

Posted: 09 Oct 2009 11:57 AM PDT

Beauty in Design: MooTools for the Rest of Us Tutorial Series
Interested in how the JoomlaOS template was made?

MooTools for the Rest of Us” is a series of tutorials that demonstrates, by example, implementation of basic MooTools effects into a template. Using the JoomlaOS template as a reference point, you will learn how to find the effect you’re looking for, create drag-able windows, make them resize-able, fade and adjust DIV’s (including live text resize), and implement ajax links (Links that need no page refresh!).


Lynda – Learning Blogger

Posted: 09 Oct 2009 11:56 AM PDT

 Learning Blogger with Molly E. Holzschlag is a movie-based workshop for audiences new to blogging and to the newly revamped Blogger weblog service, a free service from Google. Begin by learning what blogs are and the various ways they can be used.

You’ll quickly get into setting up your weblog, adding specialty features such as comment systems and news-feeds, working with and customizing templates, and even creating team blogs and audio blogs. The included exercise files, articles, and
resources enhance the title, allowing you to follow along with the movies and learn at your own pace.

Download Links – Photoshop Lightroom Essential Training

Posted: 09 Oct 2009 11:53 AM PDT

 Photoshop Lightroom is a powerful new photographic workflow application designed to help photographers expand their creative potential. Photoshop Lightroom Essential Training is all about using this revolutionary new tool to its full potential. One of the main challenges of photography is dealing with the sheer volume of images that result from each shoot. In Photoshop Lightroom Essential Training , instructor and professional photographer Chris Orwig explains how browsing, organizing, and adjusting images in Photoshop Lightroom dynamically improves photo management, processing, and presentation. The training empowers photographers to establish a more effective and creative workflow so they can focus on what it’s all about the photo! Exercise files (full resolution raw files) accompany the tutorials.

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Winstructor – ISA Server

Posted: 09 Oct 2009 10:28 AM PDT

In this series of ISA Server 2006 Training Videos, we'll show you how to Install, Configure and Secure your Network using the popular ISA Server 2006 Firewall and Caching Server from Microsoft. Learn ISA Server 2006 today!

With this Training Package You'll Discover:
- ISA Server Hardware and Software Requirements
- How to Install ISA Server 2006
- Managing the Firewall
- Configuring the Interfaces
- Backup and Restoring your ISA Server
- Configuring Firewall Rules

- Publishing Applications
- Configuring VPN's
- Caching Data
- Content Download Jobs
- ISA Server Roles
- Configuring Logging
- Alerts
- Domains vs Workgroups
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Apprentice Magician’s Guide to Particle Illusion 3

Posted: 08 Oct 2009 09:39 PM PDT

Table of Contents
Welcome to the Guide
1-Particle Basics

3-The Stage
4- The Graph and Hierarchy Windows
5- Properties
6- Layers
7- The Library
8- Project Settings
9- Rendering
10- pIRender
11- Preferences

12- Super Emitters
13- Forces
14- Using Forces
15- Deflectors
16- Blockers
17- Offsetting
18-Emitter Masks
19- Get Color From Layer

20- Easing Positions
21- Making Sparkles from Scratch



MODL 2273 Manage Network Enviroment Windows 2003 DVD

Posted: 08 Oct 2009 09:38 PM PDT
Size: 1.3GB

Cd includes:
Student CD + Video + LAB Flash
Workbook PDF
and many more……..


Kelby Training Wedding Photography – 15 Ways to Improve Your Photography Using On-Camera Flash

Posted: 08 Oct 2009 09:37 PM PDT

Kelby Training Wedding Photography – 15 Ways to Improve Your Photography Using On-Camera Flash | 522 MB

with David Ziser
English | Subtitle: none | 1:19:36 | 853 x 480 | NTSC (29.971fps) | QuickTime | MPEG-4 AAC LC

David will show you how to get the best out of your on camera flash and he doesn’t mean using it the good old fashion way.

David Ziser, an internationally-renowned wedding photographer, has shared his knowledge with tens of thousand’s of photographers in five languages and in 14 countries worldwide. Studio Photography acclaimed “Award winning photographer, David Ziser, is showing the world how to take wedding pictures.” The Dallas Morning News extolled Ziser as “wedding photographer extraordinaire.” David is one of 97 worldwide who hold the highest honor of “Fellow” bestowed by the American Society of Photographers.