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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

CIERS Self-Paced Lesson MPLS

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 07:50 PM PDT

CIERSCOD for MPLS is a self-paced learning resource comprised of video on demand modules, spot the issues quizzes. Totally nearly 90 minutes of content, each VoD attempts to address a specific aspect or technology related to the general subject of MPLS Layer 3 VPN’s using the Cisco IOS. Each VoD provides the effect of looking over the shoulder of an expert as he explains how MPLS Layer 3 VPN’s operate and how to deploy MPLS using the Cisco IOS while the expert actually enters in the exact Cisco configuration and verification commands related to deploying MPLS Layer 3 VPN’s.

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VTC (Virtual Training Company) – PHP Programming

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 08:59 AM PDT

VTC (Virtual Training Company) - PHP Programming (Eng)

VTC – PHP Programming: The Basics Tutorials

In Real World PHP Programming: The Basics, VTC Author Mike Morton introduces PHP programming in a fashion that is immediately applicable to experienced programmers, and new programmers alike. This programming title does not focus on getting certified in PHP, but rather focuses on the application of PHP in everyday programming, including the proper terminology as well as learning PHP slang. Starting with the absolute basics of PHP types and statements, Mike progresses you through conditional and loops, MySQL, and into advanced topics such as functions and session management. With working examples, and application of what you are learning shown throughout, Mike makes learning PHP an easy and enjoyable endeavour.

VTC (Virtual Training Company) - PHP Programming (Eng)


What This Course Covers (02:14)
What You Will Need (02:41)
Resources – Using Pt.1 (04:51)
Resources – Using Pt.2 (04:17)
Other PHP Resources (03:10)
Hosting Resources (06:23)

Starting with PHP
What is PHP (04:10)
PHP Programming Standards (04:07)
Embedding PHP in HTML (05:27)
Embedding HTML in PHP (05:15)
The All Important Semi-colon (01:38)
Your First PHP Script (05:34)
Comments (02:24)
Chapter 2 Challenge (07:57)

PHP Basics
Variables (04:04)
PHP Statements (00:45)
Values and Value Types Part 1 (07:48)
Values and Value Types Part 2 (02:43)
Referencing Variables and Constants (03:00)
Superglobals (05:04)
Variable Variables (03:56)
Basic Operators Part 1 (04:21)
Basic Operators Part 2 (04:35)
Advanced Operators (05:52)
Chapter 3 Challenge (06:08)

PHP Conditionals and Loops
The “IF” Statement (04:45)
Extending “IF” (03:02)
“SWITCH” Statements (04:40)
The “WHILE” Structure (03:18)
The “DO-WHILE” Structure (02:29)
The “FOR” Loop (04:41)
Chapter 4 Challenge (02:28)

Applying What You Know
Setting up Your File Structure (04:53)
Global Headers and Footers (03:16)
A Functional Website Example Pt.1 (06:23)
A Functional Website Example Pt.2 (04:18)
A Functional Website Example Pt.3 (04:32)
A Functional Website Example Pt.4 (04:49)
A Functional Website Example Pt.5 (04:30)
A Functional Website Example – Addendum (06:09)

PHP and functions
Why use functions (03:12)
Variable Scope (02:58)
Creating and using Functions (03:12)
Functions with Parameters (06:28)
Returning Values (04:05)
Chapter 6 Challenge (05:59)

PHP Arrays
What is an Array (02:09)
Creating Arrays (06:03)
Multidimensional Arrays (03:23)
“FOREACH” looping – basic (03:18)
“FOREACH” looping – advanced (04:19)
Navigating Arrays (02:21)
Manipulating Keys (03:56)
Sorting Arrays (02:41)
Serialization (02:20)
Challenge (07:56)

Starting with MYSQL
Getting Information: (02:49)
Other MYSQL Resources (02:00)
What is a relational database? (03:27)
Accessing MYSQL – the command line (04:36)

MYSQL Basics
Configuring Users in MYSQL – Part 1 (03:59)
Configuring Users in MYSQL – Part 2 (03:02)
Creating Databases and Tables (02:24)
MYSQL Data Types – Numeric Types (04:04)
MYSQL Data Types – Date Types (02:17)
MYSQL Data Types – String Types (02:58)
EXAMPLE: Creating A Table Statement – Part 1 (05:27)
EXAMPLE: Creating A Table Statement – Part 2 (03:47)
Basic MYSQL commands – INSERT (02:46)
Basic MYSQL commands – SELECT and UPDATE (05:46)
Basic MYSQL commands – DELETE and DROP (02:32)
Setting Up phpMyAdmin (05:43)
Using phpMyAdmin (06:06)

Using MYSQL with PHP
Connecting to MYSQL (02:28)
Choosing a database (01:49)
Querying a database (03:53)
Retrieving results (05:38)
Useful MySQL functions in PHP (03:55)

PHP and Sessions
What is a session (01:39)
set_cookie vs session_start (05:36)
Session Tracking With Built in PHP Functions (03:54)
Session Tracking With Databases Pt.1 (04:36)
Session Tracking With Databases Pt.2 (04:40)

Final Words
Where to go from here (03:02)

About the Author (02:04)


CBT Planet Linux RedHat

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 08:59 AM PDT

The Linux operating system continues its march into businesses as a growing alternative to Microsoft. Because Linux isn? going away, it? important for IT professionals to know how to use and administer it properly. Learn how to install and administer Linux systems by enrolling in the Linux System Administration training course.

Among the topics you will learn are how to install and configure the system, start up and shut down the system, add and delete users, install devices, backup and restore data, install applications, implement basic security, and schedule tasks.

download links:

password: war

Career Academy -Shon Harris CISSP Training Platinum Edition 10 DVD

Posted: 12 Oct 2009 08:58 AM PDT

The Shon Harris CISSP Series brings together all the materials, tools, and study aids you need to pass the CISSP exam. Whether you are a security professional, a seasoned engineer, or are looking for a career change – this is the solution to bring your career to new heights! Our objective is to not just prepare you for CISSP Certification, but to also provide you with the practical, detailed understanding and knowledge of security topics that will be of valued use to you and your company. Our product focuses not only on the areas necessary for the CISSP examination, but also on a more detailed and practical perspective that will give you competitive skills in the real world as well.

Our superior technology based course curriculum, strictly adheres to all of (ISC)2 & CompTIA Security+ exam objectives and is presented to you by leading certification instructors who are concise and engaging in their delivery. You will learn both the theory and practical aspects of the technologies as well as gain insight into the industry with their expert instruction. Each class session is presented in full motion audio/video, with step by step demonstrations testing modules to insure that you fully understand the subject matter. You can review each subject as needed to reinforce your knowledge, and access to educational mentors.

  1. DVD1:
  2. DVD2:Domain 2 – Access Control Domain Objectives
  3. DVD 3:Domain 3 – Cryptography Objectives
  4. DVD 4:Domai 4 – Physical Security Objectives
  5. DVD 5:
  6. DVD 6:
  7. DVD 7: Domain 7 – Telecommunications and Networking
  8. DVD 8: Domain 8 – Business Continuity Objectives
  9. DVD 9: Domain 9 – Application Security
  10. DVD 10: Domain 10 – Operations Security Objectives
  11. DVD 11: Final Exam

KURV studios – Modeling a Creature Bust in LightWave 3D

Posted: 11 Oct 2009 10:35 PM PDT

In this video Adam Gibson gives you a detailed look at the 'detail out' approach to modeling in LightWave 3D.

Adam starts out showing you how polygons work in LightWave 3D. How flow and detail are important to a project. Adam has recorded this video aiming at beginner to intermediate LightWave 3D modelers.

So what is the 'detail out' approach? Just like Splines, Box Modeling and Point to Point, Detail Out is another method of modeling. The theory is by starting with the details first and working your way outward you gain control of the polygon flow and have more accuracy where it is needed, the detail areas.

Is the detail out approach right for you and your workflow? Can this style benefit you? Watch Adam's video and find out. Every artist is different, everyone sees flow differently, especially complicated details. This method gives you one more tool box to open when complicated projects come your way. Juts like Splines and other modeling methods, this style has it's place. After all having the ability to tackle a job from different aspects allows you to see short-cuts, save you time and most of all, make you more money.
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CBT Nuggets Mac OSX Training

Posted: 11 Oct 2009 08:52 PM PDT

Wouldn’t it be cool to add “Mac guru” to your resume? This Don Jones video takes you deep into the OSX and shows you how to use your existing Windows skills to operate a Mac. It’s perfect training for Windows “Power Users” who find themselves using or supporting Mac computers in a business environment or at home. By the time you’re done watching you’ll be monitoring and maintaining Macs; performing most basic desktop support tasks (such as configuring, networking, managing files and folders, and configuring security) and operating and configuring advanced features (such as Time Machine, wireless networking, and MobileMe).

download links:

CBT Nuggets CompTIA Network PLUS 2009 Certification Package DVD

Posted: 11 Oct 2009 08:32 PM PDT

CBT Nuggets CompTIA Network PLUS 2009 Certification Package DVD | 715 MB

Organizations worldwide depend on network administration to keep them up and running. CompTIA Network+ certification identifies you as someone with the fundamental network skills they’re looking for. It’s the perfect way to either kick off your network admin career or improve on those networking skills you’ already have. It’s also a terrific introduction to computer networking for business professionals of any stripe. Wouldn’t it be great to know what your network admins are talking about?

This Michael Shannon training takes you wherever you want to go network-wise. In addition to being great prep for the CompTIA exam, it gives you the underlying skills you need for your next step into networking. Michael carefully shows you how to maintain, secure, troubleshoot, install, control and configure basic network infrastructure.

Throughout this video series you’ll be:

* Seeing live routers and firewalls in action
* Learning how to use a packet sniffer and wireless information
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