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Gnomonology – Daylight Fake GI Lighting Rig for Maya

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 04:04 PM PDT

The Daylight rig simulates Global illumination without using GI. It is fast, simple, and all you have to do is import it into your scene and the default presets yield great results. The rig works with Mental Ray and all you need is Maya 8.5 and above. The rig comes with three presets to get you started, sunrise or sunset, mid day and late afternoon.

GI looks fantastic for stills, but once you try to have a character move through the scene, you will often get a lot of flickering and speckling because of the nature of GI. It is possible to minimize this by increasing your GI samples or by adding Final Gather to the solve, but not without increasing render times. To solve this problem, Leonardo came up with a solution – make a daylight rig that looks like GI, that wont flicker, and that renders quickly.

The Gnomon Workshop – Character Animation : Acting And Lip Sync

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 04:03 PM PDT

This is Chris? third lecture in a series on character animation using Maya. In this lecture, Chris delves ever deeper into the world of acting and its most important aspect: the character? internal thought process. Chris covers the fundamental principles of lip sync and dialogue, from keying the audio track and breaking it down to phrasing and inflection. Building on earlier themes, including dynamic posing, contrast of shape and emotion, line of action and use of negative space, Chris shows you the step-by-step process of bringing a scene to the level of full 3D theatrical animation.

Caricature : Exaggeration And The Creative Process

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 04:02 PM PDT

How do you exaggerate the face and still get a likeness? What tricks are there to help you out? How far can you push an exaggeration? What are some good examples from professional caricaturists today? The answers are in this video! Jim invites you into his studio and shows you a behind the scenes look at the creative process of producing caricatures fit for illustration or framing. Recognizable celebrities are used as examples so you can judge for yourself how well a likeness was achieved. While Jim sketches, you see all the rough drawings, trials and errors, and near misses until he finally comes to the finished product that he*s pleased with. You learn to exaggerate beyond the quick sketch technique of the party caricature as describes in Volumes One and Two. Three examples are completed in three different mediums, colored pencil, airbrush, and mixed media. A bonus section includes a series of five minute first impression sketches of celebrities picked from various photos to inspire you to let loose and have fun with the art of caricature. An extremely detailed analysis of exaggeration is presented as an aid to understanding caricaturing in its strictest sense, filled with examples from modern day masters, Phillip Burke, David Cowles, Robert Risko, and Steve Brodner. There*s even a humorous spot of animation to help illustrate some of the finer points of stretching a likeness. This is a highly entertaining and informative 70 minute video worthy of your artistic library.

Gnomonology – Nurbs Surface Modeling Categories

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 04:00 PM PDT

Maya has the ability to construct multiple types of surfaces using a number of modeling tools and techniques. Maya’s NURBS surface offer a clean technical approach to surface modeling. Starting from Photographic reference this tutorial demonstrates the entire workflow from images plane setup to curve layout to surface construction and detailing using Maya’ surfacing tools in the construction of an organic bug.

Gnomonology – Nurbs Surface Modeling Categories

Massive Prime v2.0 (Training Video Tutorials)

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 04:00 PM PDT

Massive Prime v2.0 – Training Video Tutorials.

Size : 685.92 MB


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You Got Served – Take It to the Streets

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 03:58 PM PDT

You Got Served – Take It to the Streets | 720 MB

DVDRIP | English | 0:57:00 | 352×288 | DivX, 1150 kbps | AC3 256 kbits

If you enjoyed the dancing in You Got Served and wondered how they did those moves, this 54-minute dance instruction DVD will give you a hint. Choreographer Dave Scott leads a group of dancers in three routines. He breaks down each move slowly, then combines several and speeds them up. Each pattern uses complex footwork, armwork, and body isolations, and unless you’re an experienced dancer, you’ll need to stop and reverse frequently to practice and memorize.

“You’ve got to listen to the music and hit everything in the pocket,” he says, referring to the rhythmic challenges. And if you discover that the routines are too advanced for you, you can enjoy sitting back and watching the process of dancers learning a routine. Additional features include technique instruction (ticking, waving, freezing) and demonstrations of different styles of street dancing. Hip-hop stars Marques Houston, Omari Grandberry, Christopher Jones, Robert James Hoffman III, and a team of athletic dancers help Scott demonstrate routines and techniques. English, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles are available.


C# dotnet introduction – video training

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 03:57 PM PDT

Introduction (02:55)
Course Overview (03:41)
History of C# (05:48)
Programming Challenges (06:38)
Visual Studio 2008 Versions (07:15)
Visual Studio 2008
Visual Studio & Virtual PC (06:12)
Getting Visual Studio 2008 (03:11)
Installing Visual Studio 2008 (06:57)
Visual Studio Tour pt. 1 (06:31)
Visual Studio Tour pt. 2 (07:05)
Understanding Solutions & Projects pt. 1 (02:49)
Understanding Solutions & Projects pt. 2 (03:44)
Your First C# Program (06:52)
Commenting Your Code (05:53)
Collapse & Expand Code (05:01)
Code Snippets (05:02)
Refactoring Code (04:39)
C# Essentials
Data Types (05:58)
Built-in Value Types (06:21)
C# Variables (03:07)
Casting pt. 1 (06:24)
Casting pt. 2 (05:45)
Strings (03:46)
Converting (04:01)
Formatting (04:06)
Understanding Scope (05:06)
Constants (04:39)
Expressions & Operators (05:41)
C# Control Structures
Relational & Logical Operators (04:55)
If Statements (06:27)
Switch Statements (05:55)
While Loop (05:58)
DoWhile Loop (05:16)
For Loop (06:13)
Methods & Events
Coding & Calling Methods (03:56)
Method Parameters (05:02)
Event Handlers (05:42)
Handling Multiple Events (06:23)
Exception Basics (07:03)
Catching an Exception (06:02)
System Exception Classes (04:58)
Throwing an Exception (06:30)
Validating Data (06:44)
Arrays & Collections
Array Basics (06:39)
Using an Array (06:26)
Array Data (06:50)
Inserting Data into the Array (06:07)
Two Dimensional Arrays (04:27)
Jagged Arrays (04:11)
Collection Basics (06:01)
Typed & UnTyped Collections (06:30)
Using a List pt. 1 (06:56)
Using a List pt. 2 (04:20)
Sorted Lists pt. 1 (06:29)
Sorted Lists pt. 2 (03:47)
Queues (06:05)
Stacks (05:55)
Dates & Time
DateTime Basics (05:58)
Formatting DateTime (04:26)
DateTime Math (04:14)
Debugging Basics (06:43)
Edit & Continue (04:43)
Using Breakpoints (04:02)
Debugging Windows (05:05)
C# Classes
OOP Basics (06:57)
Creating a Class (06:05)
Instantiating an Object (07:06)
Class Tools (05:18)
C# Structures (03:35)
Constructors (06:45)
Class Indexers (04:06)
Delegates pt. 1 (06:40)
Delegates pt. 2 (06:35)
Course Wrap Up (04:39)
Additional Resources (02:21)
About the Author (03:39)

Introduction To Microsoft C Sharp 2008 | 345 MB


Caricature : The Creative Process Continued

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 03:50 PM PDT

This video continues with more in depth demonstrations of famous people so you can follow along and monitor the likeness in the same way as Volume 3, Exaggeration and the Creative Process. You will witness drawing develop from the very rough stages to final caricature, one of which will be carried out to the medium of pen and ink. The last section includes seven quick, 5 minute sketches of well known celebrities designed to inspire you to let loose and experiment with outrageous exaggerations. These demonstrations give you tremendous insight into the actual thought process of creating a caricature fit for framing or print.

Size : 207 MB

CmiVFx Fusion – Advanced Keying Techniques

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 03:50 PM PDT

In this DVD you will learn real world techniques for green/blue screen removal, edge concealment and set design. All of the project files are available on the DVD-Rom for you to follow along.This is not just a tutorial in navigating the specifics of dialogue boxes of filters. It is an approach to understanding the fundamental problems that may exist with your footage and industry proven techniques to solving them.This DVD is geared towards professionals with experience using standard keying techniques. We show you how to take those low level concepts and turn them into extremely accurate keys at even Digital Video quality levels! Concepts such as color space, interlacing, edge matting, advanced garbage matting are just a few of the MANY concepts on this DVD.


Video Professor : Learn Adobe Photoshop CS

Posted: 18 Oct 2009 03:49 PM PDT

If youre looking for the fastest, easiest way to take your Adobe Photoshop CS skills to the next level, youre in the right place! Video Professor is dedicated to making Adobe Photoshop CS training as simple and convenient as possible. Once youve completed our comprehensive Learn Photoshop CS 3-CD tutorial, youll be up to speed at the next level of knowledge and skill you want to reach editing photos