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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

Computer Shopper – December 2009

Posted: 29 Oct 2009 07:48 PM PDT

Computer Shopper - December 2009

Computer Shopper - December 2009

Computer Shopper – December 2009 (UK)

English | 162 pages | PDF | 70.75 Mb

MacUser – 23 October 2009

Posted: 29 Oct 2009 07:47 PM PDT

MacUser - 23 October 2009

MacUser - 23 October 2009

MacUser – 23 October 2009 (UK)

English | 100 pages | PDF | 36.40 Mb

Windows 7 For Dummies

Posted: 29 Oct 2009 07:45 PM PDT

Windows 7 For Dummies

Windows 7 For Dummies

Product Description

The perfect plain-English guide to the much-anticipated release of Windows 7

Windows For Dummies is the all-time bestselling guide to the Windows operating system. Windows 7 For Dummies answers all your questions about the interface adjustments and all the new tools in Windows 7.

Whether you’re new to computers or just eager to start using the newest version of Windows, expert author Andy Rathbone will walk you step by step through the most common Windows 7 tasks, including managing files, applications, media, and Internet access. If you’ve never used Windows before, it shows you the things most books assume you already know, like how to navigate the interface, customize the desktop, and work with the file system. Then it helps you get comfortable using all aspects of Windows 7.

  • Nearly ninety percent of the world’s PCs use the Windows operating system
  • Covers basic management of applications, files, and data; creating and printing documents; setting up an Internet connection and e-mail account; and online security
  • Explores using Windows to edit and manage audio, video, and photo files, and how to create CDs, DVDs, and playlists with Media Center
  • Helps you tweak and customize Windows 7 to operate your way and set up user accounts, build a home network, and maintain your PC
  • Provides troubleshooting advice, helps you find missing files and use the Help system, and explains common error messages

Windows 7 For Dummies will have you up and running on the newest version of Windows quickly and easily.


AppDev Dev Apps VB 2008 Enterprise Mobile And Security DVD

Posted: 29 Oct 2009 07:09 PM PDT

AppDev Dev Apps VB 2008 Enterprise Mobile And Security DVD | 1.4 GB

This course moves your development skills even further beyond the basics, starting with learning how to extend Visual Studio 2008 and handling issues you'll encounter with multiple versions of assemblies and applications.

Course includes 36+ hours of total training time…

* 12 modules of training
* Over 12 hours of media run time
* Over 700 pages of printable courseware
* Step-by-step hands-on-labs
* Sample code

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Total Training Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended Advanced DVD

Posted: 28 Oct 2009 10:52 PM PDT

Take your Photoshop CS4 skills to a new level with Total Training for Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended: Advanced. With Jennifer Smith as your host, you’ll learn how to give your images a professional touch. You’ll discover advanced level techniques for color correction, photo retouching, and compositing using Photoshop. You’ll also learn how to optimize your images for the web and how to work with animation. If you already know the fundamentals of Photoshop, get ready to take what you know one step further and learn tips and techniques that will impress even the most seasoned Photoshop user!

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Cisco Networkers 2009-CCVP Prep: Cisco IP Telephony Essentials

Posted: 28 Oct 2009 09:33 PM PDT

This session covers the basics of IP telephony as presented in the Cisco Voice over IP course that are needed to pass the CVoice exam (642-432). The speaker presents a series of questions similar to the ones on the exam, then explains the answers while covering some of the major IP telephony technologies. The session covers some of the more difficult exam topics including centralized and distributed call management, dial-peer concepts and configuration, and PBX integration.

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Kelby Training Adobe Photoshop Starting From Scratch

Posted: 28 Oct 2009 07:37 PM PDT

This course goes beyond Photoshop as a photography tool and engages your creativity with off-the-wall techniques for creating astounding effects right from scratch. Corey is a doosh, but you’ll learn a lot! Exercise files are included.

21 Lessons with Exercise Files

* Lesson 01 Introduction (0:46)
* Lesson 02 Custom Lens Flare (11:53)
* Lesson 03 Nebulous Starfield (10:26)
* Lesson 04 Bubble Brush (7:13)
* Lesson 05 Burst Out Effect (10:31)
* Lesson 06 Light Burst Effect (12:57)
* Lesson 07 Creating Textures (10:38)
* Lesson 08 Fire Brush (11:23)
* Lesson 09 Laser Welding 1 (10:34)
* Lesson 10 Laser Welding 2 (5:08)

* Lesson 11 Lights On (11:19)
* Lesson 12 Honey Stick 1 (7:20)
* Lesson 13 Honey Stick 2 (7:28)
* Lesson 14 Honey Stick 3 (7:03)
* Lesson 15 Iceman 1 (11:46)
* Lesson 16 Iceman 2 (6:55)
* Lesson 17 Moonlight Painting 1 (7:55)
* Lesson 18 Moonlight Painting 2 (6:09)
* Lesson 19 Moonlight Painting 3 (12:29)
* Lesson 20 Illustrate Glass 1 (10:30)
* Lesson 21 Illustrate Glass 2 (13:29)
* Lesson 22 Illustrate Glass 3 (15:16)
* Lesson 23 Conclusion (0:38)
* Lesson Files
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