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Complete Mobility Solutions by Naukri .com
Naukri .com takes your job search to another level of convenience with complete job search solutions on your mobile phone. Now, whether you are near a computer or far, you will always remain in touch with job opportunities. Finding jobs, applying to them, e-sending resume, updating your profile- all this can now be done through your mobile phone.
Here's a quick overview of our mobile services suite:
Naukri WAP Site
Lets you search and apply to jobs from your mobile phone at

Mobile Application

A downloadable, user-friendly widget to search and apply to jobs from your mobile phone.

SMS Apply
Allows you to apply to desirable jobs using an SMS.


Get jobs matching your profile via an SMS.

Naukri Express CV
Lets you mail your CV to potential recruiters via an SMS.
Lets you document your achievements, and update your profile, instantly through an SMS.
So, no matter where you are, your job search can be as mobile as you are.
18 million resumes 54 Offices in 37 cities Over 35000 Clients

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