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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

Hand-Applied Finishes with Jeff Jewitt – A Fine Woodworking DVD Workshop

Posted: 16 Nov 2009 03:03 PM PST

Hand-Applied Finishes with Jeff Jewitt – A Fine Woodworking DVD Workshop
DVDRip | DivX | 1400 kbps | 640×480 | MP3 448 kbps | 90 min. | 900 MB

Get perfect hand-applied finishes, with technique advice from a pro finisher Simple tools and the correct techniques are all it takes to produce flawless finishes by hand. This DVD combines two videos: Hand–Applied Finishes: Coloring Wood and Hand–Applied Finishes: Applying Topcoats to offer a complete video guide to these time-tested techniques. You’ll learn about:
* Preparing surfaces
* Using pore fillers
* Mixing stains
* Brushing on varnish
* Using pad laquer and shellac
* Applying French polish
* Rubbing out a finish

MOC 10133A First Look Whats New in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 DVD1 & DVD2

Posted: 16 Nov 2009 03:02 PM PST

MOC 10133A First Look Whats New in Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 DVD1 & DVD2
ISO | English | 11.1Gb
Genre: eLearning

This clinic describes some of the significant enhancements provided in Exchange Server 2010. It also provides an overall description of the most important design priorities for Exchange 2010. This clinic also provides additional details on the enhancements that the Exchange Server 2010 users and administrators will experience. This session provides a description of how these features work, as well as the information on how to configure these features.

Also included in this session is a description of the new message transport features, the new database and high availability options, and the new administration tools and features. This clinic also provides an overview of the process for upgrading from previous versions of Exchange Server to Exchange Server 2010.

This course is intended for IT Professional messaging administrators and messaging engineers who serve as technical decision makers to evaluate new software, assess new software capabilities that:

* Enable new business solutions
* Improve IT services
* Improve IT operations

These IT technical decision makers have at least 3 years experience working with Exchange Server and are familiar with Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange Server 2007 administration, basic Exchange design concepts, and the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer.
At Clinic Completion
After completing this clinic, students will be able to:

* Describe the design priorities for Exchange Server 2010
* Configure the new client access features
* Configure the new messaging policy and compliance features
* Describe the new Unified Messaging features
* Describe the new federated sharing features.


Windows Server 2008 Active Directory

Posted: 16 Nov 2009 03:00 PM PST
Windows Server 2008 Active Directory
ISO | English | 599Mb
Genre: eLearning

This three-day instructor-led course provides in-depth knowledge on configuring and troubleshooting Identity and Access (IDA) solutions with Windows Server 2008 Active Directory.

This course is intended for those who want to understand how IDA solutions are implemented in Windows Server 2008. This course provides a technology overview of IDA and PKI solutions, and details the implementation of each of the roles in Windows Server 2008 that implement the IDA solution. Also architects, IT professionals, and developers who are responsible for integrating applications and platforms with enterprise directory and security services would benefit from this course.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

* Explore Identity and Access (IDA) solutions.
* Deploy and Manage Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS).
* Deploy and Manage Certificates.
* Configure Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS).
* Configure Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).
* Configure Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS).
* Maintain access management solutions.
* Troubleshoot IDA solutions.


Cisco Networkers 2009 – Secure Enterprise Design

Posted: 16 Nov 2009 07:45 AM PST

Cisco Networkers 2009 – Secure Enterprise Design | 700 MB

The always-evolving security landscape represents a continuous challenge to organizations. Today, achieving the appropriate levels of security is not longer a matter of deploying point products confined to the network perimeters and acting independently. The complexity and sophistication of today's threats mandate system-wide intelligence and collaboration of devices deployed throughout the entire network. This session introduces Cisco Security Architecture for the Enterprise. It is an end-to-end security architecture based on modular validated designs and architected to maximize security for Cisco-based enterprise networks

This session describes the design best practices for the various Places in the Network to achieve defense-in-depth and to leverage system-wide intelligence and collaboration throughout the network. Design and deployment recommendations are provided in conjunction with a set of management tools used to evaluate the effectiveness and proper operation of the safeguards, and in order to facilitate day-to-day operations. Attendees can expect to learn how to leverage the routing and switching infrastructure for security, how Cisco's security products and features can be deployed throughout the network; how event and posture information can be shared across safeguards to improve visibility, and how response actions can be coordinated under a common control strategy. This session also describes Cisco's rich portfolio of security services designed to support the entire solution lifecycle.

CBT Nuggets Cisco CCNA Wireless IUWNE 640-721 – iNKiSO

Posted: 16 Nov 2009 06:41 AM PST

CBT Nuggets Cisco CCNA Wireless IUWNE 640-721 – iNKiSO | 640 Mb

It seems like the whole world is going wireless. After watching Michael Shannon’s new CCNA Wireless training series you’ll be ready to control wireless technology.

Michael’s training is appropriate for anyone considering implementing a Cisco Wireless solution for their company, a partner, their customer, or their clients…even if its simply for a guest or lobby VLAN. In addition, anyone who needs to setup a wireless LAN for scenarios like a hotel, airport, retail site, or medical facility will find this training invaluable.

Soon you’ll be ready to deploy your own stand-alone or LWAPP wireless LAN and use the CLI or graphical web-based tools to configure your solution. You’ll also be well prepared for the CCNA Wireless exam and gain solid grounding towards respected Cisco CCNP Wireless certification.
Download MobileMe Essential Training DVDR

Posted: 16 Nov 2009 06:36 AM PST MobileMe Essential Training DVDR | 780 MB

In MobileMe Essential Training, Nick Brazzi takes a comprehensive look at this group of cloud-computing tools for synchronizing information and files across devices. Nick covers how to instantly synchronize address book and calendar data wirelessly between an iPhone and a computer. He shows how easy it is to publish photos, movies, web sites, and even calendars to the internet, and describes some lesser-known features of MobileMe, like sharing large files on the web and locating a lost iPhone. He also shares some timesaving shortcuts and techniques to ensure that MobileMe runs as smoothly as possible.

Phone Unlocking for All Mobilephones

Posted: 16 Nov 2009 01:57 AM PST

Phone Unlocking for All Mobilephones | 190 MB

Phone Unlocking for All Mobilephones – SPECIAL

Most models catered for..…………..
Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Ericsson, Sony, Sharp, Toshiba – Plus Loads More!
Most phones will need a data cable to connect your Handset to the PC.

Ericsson: (virtually all models covered)
Mitsibushi: (virtually all models covered)
Motorola: (virtually all models covered)
Nokia: (virtually all models covered)
Panasonic: (virtually all models covered)
Philips: (virtually all models covered)
Sagem: (virtually all models covered)
Siemens: (virtually all models covered)
Sony: (virtually all models covered)
Samsung: (virtually all models covered)
Sharp: (Inc. GXa^€™s) (virtually all models covered)
LG: (virtually all models covered)
NEC: (virtually all models covered)

You can do the upgrade at home/work with a USB cable in 20 minutes
all you require is a ‘USB to mini-USB’ cable to connect your V3 Handset to the PC
this cable is normally provided with your phone.

Check Point Security Administration CCSA NGX R65

Posted: 16 Nov 2009 01:35 AM PST

With over 24,000 CCSA certified professionals worldwide, CCSA NGX certification is one of the most highly recognized and respected vendor-specific security certifications available.

The foundation of Check Point certifications, CCSA NGX R65 certification validates a Security Administrator’s ability to maintain day-to-day operation of Check Point security solutions and ensure secure access to information across the network. Proficiencies include creating and installing Security Policies, using logging and reporting features, and managing anti-spoofing, Network Address Translation (NAT), and OPSEC applications.

More information on specific topics, skills, and competencies covered by CCSA NGX R65 certification is available in the course and exam details.