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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

VTC Facebook Application Development

Posted: 25 Nov 2009 04:11 PM PST

With over 200,000 users, Facebook has become the dominant social networking platform. This course, taught by developer, teacher, and author Jesse Feiler, covers the ins and outs of developing your own Facebook apps using the Facebook API. You'll see how to register your app to receive the necessary development and run-time keys from Facebook and how to set up your app on your own web server so that it can interact with Facebook. Ins and outs of news feeds, invitations, and interaction with Facebook user profiles are all covered. You’ll also see how to interact with your own database to merge Facebook data with your app's data. Work files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the movie links.

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FOREX Trading Course Offline

Posted: 25 Nov 2009 02:08 PM PST

FOREX Trading Course Offline
Complete Offline Course in PDF + 60 SWF Tutorial | 605 MB
* Learn To Trade Forex From A Fulltime Professional Trader *

HectorTrader FOREX Trading Course is not offering you yet another black-box trading system – we’re offering you a full Forex training program so you actually learn how to trade as opposed to blindly follow the signals generated by a black box system.

There’s an important difference! When you simply follow a system you don’t quite understand the trading decisions you’re taking... you just follow the signals generated by a combination of indicators that may or may not be right at that precise time.

In the order hand, when you actually learn how to trade you can fully understand why this or that trading decision is considered and why this or that action is undertaken!

* 8 full chapters and an annex (first chapter is FREE – get it here below!) covering absolutely everything you must know to trade Forex successfully: finding high-probability setups, entry signals, optimum stop loss and target levels, money management rules, and much more!
* Structured around 60+ detailed, feature-rich and comprehensive real time videos.
* Over 17 hours worth of videos! Live videos are the best format to learn a trading system: it’s like if you were watching over my shoulder!
* My Trend-Scanning custom indicator for MetaTrader4 platform: find solid trends across any currency pair or time frame!
* Custom Excel sheet to calculate your Money Management, Track Record and Trade Plans!
* Golden Rules of Trading: get the top-10 rules to keep your account growing.

Digital Tutors Intro To RealFlow 4

Posted: 25 Nov 2009 12:02 PM PST

Digital Tutors Intro To RealFlow 4 | 905 MB

Easily create realistic particle-based simulations and fluid effects using RealFlow4 with nearly 4 hours of project-based training. Perfect for new and experienced artists.

Popular highlights include:

* RealFlow User Interface
* Exploring RealFlow’s different particle emitter types
* Using Global and Exclusive Links
* Custom Waves
* Dynamic Forces
* Daemons
* Groups
* Surface Tension
* Particle Interaction
* Creating Realistic Splashing Liquid
* Using RealFlow’s Gas Particles
* Importing Geometry into RealFlow
* Soft and Rigid Body Dynamics
* Exploring RealFlow’s Elastic Particles
* Using Hypermesh RealWaves to create open water like ponds and oceans
* Generating Wetmaps
* Exporting RealFlow meshes back into your primary 3D package
* Export Central
* Constraints
* Organizing Simulation Files
* Particle Mesh Generation

TTC Discrete Mathematics

Posted: 25 Nov 2009 08:36 AM PST

TTC Discrete Mathematics | 4.52 GB

Video Lectures | Xvid 640×480 29.97fps | MP3 – 128Kbps | 24 lectures, 30 minutes per lecture
Taught by Arthur T. Benjamin | Harvey Mudd College | Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University

Welcome to Discrete Mathematics, a subject that is off the beaten track that most of us followed in school but that has vital applications in computer science, cryptography, engineering, and problem solving of all types.

Most of the mathematics taught after elementary school is aimed at preparing students for one subject—calculus, which is the mathematics of how things grow and change continuously, like waves in the water or clouds in the sky. Discrete mathematics, on the other hand, deals with quantities that can be broken into neat little pieces, like pixels on a computer screen, the letters or numbers in a password, or directions on how to drive from one place to another.

While continuous mathematics resembles an old-fashioned analog clock, whose second hand sweeps continuously across a dial, discrete mathematics is like a digital watch, whose numbers proceed one second at a time. As a result, discrete mathematics achieves fascinating mathematical results using relatively simple means, such as counting.

Explore this modern realm of digital math in Discrete Mathematics, 24 mind-expanding lectures by veteran Teaching Company Professor Arthur T. Benjamin, an award-winning educator and mathemagician who has designed a course that is mathematically rigorous and yet entertaining and accessible to anyone with a basic

Tom Silver Ultimate Shock Inductions 2DVD

Posted: 25 Nov 2009 02:07 AM PST

Tom Silver Ultimate Shock Inductions 2DVD | 2.1 GB

New! – Ultimate Shock Inductions. Ultimate Shock InductionsSecrets of ULTIMATE SHOCK INDUCTIONS Revealed

NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE from Tom Silver Training.

My highly informative 2 DVD video package will teach you a number of very effective deep trance inductions.


VTC – Autodesk Revit Structure 2010 Tutorials

Posted: 25 Nov 2009 02:04 AM PST

VTC – Autodesk Revit Structure 2010 Tutorials
English | ISO | 693Mb
Genre: eLearning

Autodesk® Revit® Structure 2010 software integrates a multimaterial physical model with an independently editable analytical model for efficient analysis, design, and documentation. Structural engineers can create their own models or import architectural files from AutoCAD® Architecture or Revit® Architecture software. Bidirectional linking to structural analysis software enables accurate model updates, while parametric change management technology coordinates those updates across your documents. You can work in any view that makes sense, quickly and easily making changes to major design elements. You can see your ideas visualized on the fly with 3D views and instant shadows. You can even make late-stage changes without worrying about coordinating your plans, schedules, and construction documents. This course is a collection of step-by-step “follow-along” lessons and will guide you and show you how Revit Structure works. Work Files are included. To begin learning today, simply click on the Autodesk Revit Structure 2010 movie links.


Lynda Excel 2007 Introduction To Formulas And Functions

Posted: 24 Nov 2009 11:18 PM PST

Lynda Excel 2007 Introduction To Formulas And Functions | 160 MB

Using the exercise files
1.Introducing Excel 2007 Functions and Formulas
2.Creating Basic Summary Formulas
3.Sorting and Filtering PivotTable Data
4.Preparing Data for Analysis in Excel
5.Auditing Worksheet Formulas
6.Performing What-If Analysis

Best Planet Photoshop Tutorials

Posted: 24 Nov 2009 10:48 PM PST

Best Planet Photoshop Tutorials
92 FLV | 1.87 GB | RS

The Magic of Bellydance with Ansuya

Posted: 24 Nov 2009 10:46 PM PST

The Magic of Bellydance with Ansuya (2007)
DVDRip | English | 01:17:32 | AVI XVID 640×468 29.97fps 1192Kbps | MPEG-3 48000Hz stereo 128Kbps | USA | 2007 | 757 MB
Genre: Training / Belly Dance

Ansuya in 2007 released The Magic of Bellydance. In this video tutorial is not only a master class in dance and choreography, but also tips on makeup, costumes and even the drafting of home decor. Ansuya dancer with 25 years of experience. Came out with their team Yaleil and in a group Bellydance Superstars


Posted: 24 Nov 2009 10:34 PM PST

PC | Silverback Ent. | English | 310MB
Genre: AAction Role-Playing

The skies darken as Harbinger enters a solar system, dwarfing planets and leaving devastation in its wake. Entire civilizations are cleansed, planets eliminated. The majority of the survivors fill the ship's work camps. Those less fortunate are released to the laboratories where vicious experiments eventually rid them of their sanity. But a few have escaped and formed an underground society deep within the forgotten levels of the behemoth. Equipped only with what they can scavenge, the denizens of the wastelands must resist the relentless patrols sent for them. A ship this size has many places to hide and much technology to exploit.

* Unique science fiction setting. Three character classes – Each offering a unique play experience.
* Advanced artificial intelligence, which promotes unpredictable gameplay.
* First and third person player options

Minimum System Requirements:

System: PIII 500 or equivalent
RAM: 128 MB
Video Memory: 16 MB
Hard Drive Space: 650 MB