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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

Total Training – Photoshop CS4 Ext. Mastering Advanced Tech

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 04:34 PM PST

Description: This is a practical, project based series that will give viewers a new appreciation of some of Photoshop’s most creative tools. Viewers will gain a new appreciation for Smart Object workflow, Photoshop 3D, and 32-bit color space. The project-based chapters begin with valuable tips for artistic compositing including using channels for difficult masks and sophisticated layer management with Smart Objects. In addition, viewers will explore 3D Modeling—using only tools found in Photoshop— as well as a practical workflow for merging 3D layers with models from outside sources.

The training also introduces viewers to techniques for texturing and lighting models using the 3D Panel, choosing appropriate scene settings & render presets and creating photorealistic detail with bump maps. The chapters close with a look at 32-bit color space as an artistic tool, and managing bit-depth for export using Smart Objects.!

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MIG Productions F.A.Q. Vol.1+2 – The Pigments

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 03:48 PM PST

MIG Productions F.A.Q. Vol.1 - The Pigments
MIG Productions F.A.Q. Vol.1 – The Pigments
English | 54 min | 720×480 | PAL (29.97fps) | DivX | AAC 192Kbps | 3.21 GB
Genre: Video Training

This is a new DVD produced by Mig Jimenez and is designed to show you step by step instructions on how to use Mig Productions range of pigments. The DVD includes a small guide book and has a running time of 58 minutes. The first volume focuses on all the techniques you will need to successful model using pigments. The Mig Pigments have revolutionized modelling during the last few years and may be one of the most important modelling changes for the hobby in the 21st century. Thousands of modellers worldwide now use pigments and this is why the first volume is devoted exclusively to this new medium. Includes how to make rust, dust, mud, ashes, smoke, fading and more. How to use the popular fixer and the thinner with your pigments. Throughout the 60 minutes of footage you will discover all the secrets of using pigments along with each tip and technique through incredible detail using the best image quality available.

MIG Productions F.A.Q. Vol.1 - The Pigments
MIG Productions F.A.Q. Vol.2 - Modulation Style
MIG Productions F.A.Q. Vol.2 – Modulation Style
English | 60 min | 720×480 | PAL (29.97fps) | DivX | AAC 192Kbps | 3.32 GB
Genre: Video Training

This is the second dvd in the series from Mig Productions. The colour modulation style is a very new and dramatic painting approach created by Adam Wilder. The colour modulation style gives modellers another level of creativity allowing them to shift the colour tones of a scale model to bring attention to certain areas of the vehicle that are more important. It applies different tones to existing painting techniques to add both depth and contrast which creates volumes on any type of vehicle.

The first segment of the dvd thoroughly explains how to both properly use and maintain your airbrush. Having an understanding of how to use your airbrush will aid you in obtaining the different tones and gradients needed when applying the modulation style with other types of scale model painting. Also demonstrated are two different examples of airbrushing a base coat onto a model using the modulation style, applying contrast detail, fading with oils, washes and paint chips which are all explained in detail with clear close up footage of these techniques being performed by a professional modeller. Running time – 60 minutes


Gun Metal: War Transformed

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 03:46 PM PST

Gun Metal: War Transformed

Gun Metal: War Transformed
PC Game | Windows | Eng | 588 MB

Gun Metal is a futuristic action packed experience where you take control of the fully transformable, prototype combat vehicle known as the Havoc Suit. Use the Havoc Suit to battle-ground based enemies, or transform in the blink of an eye into an agile jet and take on aircraft in high-speed dogfights. Either way, get ready for mind-blowing action and out of this world graphics. Fight hordes of enemies through 14 different missions, scorch the earth, crush rocks under foot, fell trees, and tear chunks out of towering buildings and raze entire settlements to the ground. You can also tool-up with an extensive armoury of devastating weaponrySystem Requirements: Operating System: Windows 98,2000,ME,XPProcessor: Pentium II 450 or equivalentRAM: 64 MB System RAMVideo Card: 32MB 3D graphics cardDirectX 9 compatible sound card Multiplayer Functions * 1 Minimum PlayersSupport functions * Memory Card

Gun Metal: War Transformed
Gun Metal: War Transformed

* Fight hordes of enemies through 14 incredible missions * Scorch the earth, crush rocks under foot, fell trees * Tear chunks out of towering buildings and raze entire settlements to the ground! * Tool-up with an extensive armoury of devastating weaponry.

Penumbra: Overture

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 03:44 PM PST

Penumbra: Overture
Penumbra: Overture
PC Game | Windows | Eng | 375 MB

Penumbra is a first person horror game utilizing physics for interaction and puzzles. The game is set on Greenland where the protagonist searches for information regarding his late father.

Minimum Requirements
* Windows 2K/XP 1Ghz CPU 256MB RAM 1000 MB hard-drive space ATI Radeon 8500/NVIDIA GeForce 3(MX not supported)

Multiplayer Functions
* 1 Minimum Players

Penumbra: Overture
Penumbra: Overture

* First-person adventure
* Immersive, spellbinding story
* Cutting-edge advanced physics system for maximum environment interaction
* Intricately detailed graphics
* Clever, brain-teasing puzzles


Mount and Blade

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 03:40 PM PST

Mount and Blade
Mount and Blade
PC Game | Windows | Eng | 835 MB

War has come down on Calradia and war attracts its own bunch of misfits. Men ride to war, for one or other reason. Some because they are looking for thrill and excitement, some because they are desperate and know no other way. Some because they are so bitter and hateful that they are willing to unleash doom on earth… And yet some, because they are the very heroes who will step forward to stop that…

Combining a sophisticated, dynamic game world and intense medieval swordfighting action, Mount&Blade has you venturing through a world filled with daring enemies as well as friendly groups that will come to your aid or need yours. In a land torn by constant danger, raids and skirmishes, you will raise and lead your own war band, commanding dozens of hardened soldiers. You will hunt down your enemies following the tracks they leave behind. And you will fight epic battles where arrows cut the air with deadly hisses, axes and swords hack with fury, and horses and men clash into a violent melee.

Mount and Blade
Mount and Blade

* Free-form sandbox gameplay. Trade, serve, or even joust. Go anywhere, do anything in a world thriving with hundreds of locations
* Distinctive horseback combat. Mount up and attack your foes with swords, lances or arrows.
* Highly advanced and intuitive sword-fighting system
* Be a lonesome adventurer, conniving merchant, or a commander of armies
* Interact with hundreds of characters; hire mercenaries to build a private army, accept quests to assassinate troublemakers, or boost your reputation by buying a round of beer at the local tavern


Learnkey Security Complete 4 CD’s

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 03:37 PM PST

Learnkey Security Complete 4 CD’s | 1.6 GB

Develop your understanding of network administration by gaining a certifiable knowledge of Security+ by CompTIA. Learn how to secure and manage all facets of your network from CPU cycles to software used by individuals or across a network. Security+ is the next level to attain certification for every IT network administrator. This course will prepare you to pass the CompTIA® Security+ certification exam SY0-201.


Implement and maintain an effective security strategy within your company's network infrastructure
Our courses meet or exceed all CompTIA® certification objectives for exam SY0-201
Learn the knowledge of systems security, network infrastructure, access control, assessments and audits

Session 1
Section A: Introduction
· Prerequisites
· Knowledge Domains
· Security Importance
· Applications

Section B: Security Requirements
· Requirements
· Classification
· Due Care
· Due Diligence
· Due Process
· User Education
· HR Security

Section C: Security Threats
· Understanding Threats
· Viruses and Worms
· Trojans, Spyware, and Malware
· Rootkits
· Spam Filtering
· Botnets

Section D: Privilege Escalation
· Initial Entry
· Escalation Methods
· After Escalation
· Performing a Logic Bomb

Section E: Hardware Security Risks
· USB Devices
· Removable Storage
· Cell Phones

Section F: Network Vulnerabilities
· Vulnerable Devices
· Weak Passwords
· Backdoors
· Denial of Service
· Vampire Taps

Section G: Infrastructure Risks
· Old Protocols
· TCP/IP Issues
· Null Sessions
· Spoofing
· Man-in-the-Middle
· Replay Attacks
· DDoS
· DNS Vulnerabilities
· ARP Poisoning
Session 2
Section A: Wireless Vulnerabilities
· Wireless LANs
· Wi-Fi
· Data Emanation
· War Driving
· Default Behaviors
· Rogue APs
· Hijacking

Section B: Wireless Encryption
· Encryption Cracking
· Authentication
· Understanding WEP
· WEP Key Problems
· Weak Initialization Vectors

Section C: Personal Device Security
· Portable Devices
· Bluejacking
· Bluesnarfing
· Blackjacking
· Laptops

Section D: Authentication Fundamentals
· Identification
· Authentication
· One Factor
· Multiple Factors
· Single Sign-On

Section E: Authentication Hardware
· Thumb Scanners
· FAR and FRR
· Smart Cards

Section F: Authentication Protocols
· Understanding Protocols
· PAP and CHAP
· LAN Manager
· NTLMv2

Section G: Advanced Authentication Protocols
· Kerberos
· Kerberos Tickets
· Kerberos Access
· 802.1X/RADIUS

Section H: Users, Groups, and Roles
· Active Directory
· Users
· Groups
· Group Strategy
· Guidelines
· Roles

Section I: Authorization Models
· Group Policy Editor
· Password Policies
· Lockout Policies
· Creating Accounts
· Account Parameters
Session 3
Section A: ACLs
· Managing Folder Access
· Network Resource Permissions

Section B: Access Control Methods
· Least Privilege
· Implicit Deny
· Duty Separation

Section C: Remote Access Security
· Remote Access
· RA Encryption
· RA Authentication
· Enabling RAS
· RAS Authentication Options

Section D: Physical Security
· Understanding Physical Security
· Affecting Factors
· Access Control
· Facility Access Checklist
· Internal Access Checklist
· Network Access Checklist

Section E: OS Hardening
· Patches
· Service Packs
· Patch Management
· Linux Hardening
· Windows Hardening
· Creating Security Templates
· Security Analysis

Section F: Application Security
· Buffer Overflows
· Dependencies
· Stack-Based Overflows
· Heap-Based Overflows
· After the Attack
· Countermeasures
· Instant Messaging
· P2P Networks

Section G: Web Application Security
· Web Servers
· Communications
· Common Attacks
· Web Applications
· ActiveX and Java
· Browser Options
· Cookies
· Input Validation

Section H: E-mail Security
· E-mail Protocols
· E-mail Threats
· E-mail Authentication
· Confidentiality
· SMTP Relay
· Spam Solutions

Session 4
Section A: Client Security Solutions
· avast Software
· Spam Filtering
· Pop-Up Blocking
· Personal Firewalls

Section B: Virtualization and Security
· Virtualization Defined
· Benefits
· Scenarios
· Virtual PC
· Hyper-V
· VMware
· Planning
· Security Issues

Section C: Network Firewalls
· Understanding Firewalls
· Firewall Types
· Firewall Installation
· Well Known Ports
· Port Blocking

Section D: Network Security Design
· Subnetting
· Virtual LANs
· Connecting Networks

Section E: Telephony Security
· Traditional PBX
· VoIP
· SIP Security
· H.323 Security

Section F: Intrusion Detection and Prevention
· Intrusion Monitoring
· IDS Solutions
· Detection Methods
· IPS Solutions
· IPS Detection States
· Intrusion Indications
· IDS Implementations
· Intrusion Responses
· Honeypots

Section G: Controlling Internet Access
· Proxy Servers
· Internet Filters
· Creating a Firewall Rule

Section H: Protocol Analyzers
· Installing Wireshark
· Capturing E-mail Logon
· Creating HTTP Filter
· Viewing Passwords
Session 5
Section A: Wireless Network Security
· War Driving
· SSID Issues
· Rogue APs
· Weak Encryption
· Configuring WPA

Section B: Monitoring Systems
· Performance Tools
· Task Manager
· Performance Snap-In
· Baselines
· Creating a Baseline
· Creating a Second Baseline
· Comparing Baselines with Excel

Section C: Scanning the Network
· Port Scanning
· Angry IP Scanner
· Scanning Devices
· Service Enumeration
· Configuring Zenmap GUI
· Nmap Scanning

Section D: Vulnerability Scanning
· National Vulnerability Database
· Password Cracker
· Pen Testing

Section E: Logging and Auditing
· Importance of Logs
· DNS Logs
· System Logs
· Performance Logs
· Access Logs
· Firewall Logs
· Antivirus Logs
· Auditing

Section F: Cryptography 101
· Encryption
· Simple Encryption
· Non-Repudiation
· Whole Disk
· Key Management
· Steganography
· Encryption Testing

Section G: Encryption Algorithms
· Encryption Types
· Key Factors
· 3DES
· RC4
· Secure Transfer
· One-Time Pad
Session 6
Section A: Encryption Protocols and Hashing
· Hashing
· Hashing Protocols
· Digital Signatures
· TLS Goals
· SSL Operations
· L2TP
· IPSec
· HTTP Solutions

Section B: Public Key Cryptography
· Certificates
· PK Cryptography
· PKI Components
· PKI Processes

Section C: Risk Assessments
· Risk Management
· Asset Identification
· Threat Identification
· Risk Assessment
· Risk Tracking

Section D: Redundancy Planning
· Failure Points
· Spare Parts
· Redundant Servers
· Redundant ISP
· Power Supply
· Spare Sites

Section E: Incident Response
· Incident Defined
· IR Process
· First Responders
· Computer Forensics
· Chain of Custody
· Reporting
· Damage Control

Section F: Disaster Recovery
· Planning
· Backup Practices
· Backup Methods
· Backup Types
· Media Rotation
· Restoration
· DR Exercises

Section G: Social Engineering
· Definition
· Example Attacks
· Dumpster Diving
· Passive Attacks
· Inside/Outside Attacks
· Reverse
· Phishing Attacks

Section H: Security Policies
· Importance
· General Policies
· Functional Policies

4 AIO in One Hacking Video Training and Ebooks Collection

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 03:06 PM PST

4 AIO in One Hacking Video Training and Ebooks Collection | 795 MB

1. Best Ever Hacking Video Collection AiO

A penetration Attack Reconstructed

Bluesnafling a nokia hand set

Breaking WEP in 10 minutes

Buffer Overflow

Buffer Overflow Exploits 3

Cain to APR poison and Siff passwords

DoS attack against Windows FTP Server

IDEspinner Buffer Overflow pt1

IDEspinner Feature Addition pt1

IDEspinner Feature Addition pt2

IDEspinnerDNS Poinson Routing

Install VNPC Remotely!

MITM Hijacking

Sniffing logins and passwords

Telnet Bruteforce

Tunneling Exploits through SSH

Use Brutus to crack a box running telnet

Start a session and get interactive commandline access to remote Windows Box

IE remote Execution Exploits (CMDexe) Client Side Attack

Sniffing Remote Router Traffic Via GRE Tunnels

2. Certied Ethical Hacking and Countermeasure course V 6.12 AIO


CEHv6 Module 00 Student Introduction.pdf

CEHv6 Module 01 Introduction to Ethical Hacking.pdf

CEHv6 Module 02 Hacking Laws.pdf

CEHv6 Module 03 Footprinting.pdf

CEHv6 Module 04 Google Hacking.pdf

CEHv6 Module 05 Scanning.pdf

CEHv6 Module 06 Enumeration.pdf

CEHv6 Module 07 System Hacking.pdf

CEHv6 Module 08 Trojans and Backdoors.pdf

CEHv6 Module 09 Viruses and Worms.pdf

CEHv6 Module 10 Sniffers.pdf

CEHv6 Module 11 Social Engineering.pdf

CEHv6 Module 12 Phishing.pdf

CEHv6 Module 13 Hacking Email Accounts.pdf

CEHv6 Module 14 Denial of Service.pdf

CEHv6 Module 15 Session Hijacking.pdf

CEHv6 Module 16 Hacking Webservers.pdf

CEHv6 Module 17 Web Application Vulnerabilities.pdf

CEHv6 Module 18 Web based Password Cracking Techniques.pdf

CEHv6 Module 19 SQL Injection.pdf

CEHv6 Module 20 Hacking Wireless Networks.pdf

CEHv6 Module 21 Physical Security.pdf

CEHv6 Module 22 Linux Hacking.pdf

CEHv6 Module 23 Evading IDS Firewall and Honeypot.pdf

CEHv6 Module 24 Buffer Overflows.pdf

CEHv6 Module 25 Cryptography.pdf

CEHv6 Module 26 Penetration Testing.pdf

CEHv6 Module 28 Writing Virus Codes.pdf

CEHv6 Module 29 Assembly Language Tutorial.pdf

CEHv6 Module 30 Exploit Writing.pdf

CEHv6 Module 31 Exploit Writing.pdf

CEHv6 Module 32 Exploit Writing.pdf

CEHv6 Module 33 Reverse Engineering Techniques.pdf

CEHv6 Module 34 MAC OS X Hacking.pdf

CEHv6 Module 35 Hacking Routers, Cable Modems and Firewalls.pdf

CEHv6 Module 36 Hacking Mobile Phones, PDA and Handheld Devices.pdf

CEHv6 Module 37 Bluetooth Hacking.pdf

CEHv6 Module 38 VoIP Hacking.pdf

CEHv6 Module 39 RFID Hacking.pdf

CEHv6 Module 40 Spamming.pdf

CEHv6 Module 41 Hacking USB Devices.pdf

CEHv6 Module 42 Hacking Database Servers.pdf

CEHv6 Module 43 Cyber Warfare- Hacking Al-Qaida and Terrorism.pdf

CEHv6 Module 44 Internet Content Filtering Techniques.pdf

CEHv6 Module 45 Privacy on the Internet.pdf

CEHv6 Module 46 Securing Laptop Computers.pdf

CEHv6 Module 47 Spying Technologies.pdf

CEHv6 Module 48 Corporate Espionage by Insiders.pdf

CEHv6 Module 49 Creating Security Policies.pdf

CEHv6 Module 50 Software Piracy and Warez.pdf

CEHv6 Module 51 Hacking and Cheating Online Games.pdf

CEHv6 Module 52 Hacking RSS and Atom.pdf

CEHv6 Module 53 Hacking Web Browsers.pdf

CEHv6 Module 54 Proxy Server Technologies.pdf

CEHv6 Module 55 Preventing Data Loss.pdf

CEHv6 Module 56 Hacking Global Positioning System.pdf

CEHv6 Module 57 Computer Forensics and Incident Handling.pdf

CEHv6 Module 58 Credit Card Frauds.pdf

CEHv6 Module 59 How to Steal Passwords.pdf

CEHv6 Module 60 Firewall Technologies.pdf

CEHv6 Module 61 Threats and Countermeasures.pdf

CEHv6 Module 62 Case Studies.pdf

CEHv6 Module 63 Botnets.pdf

CEHv6 Module 64 Economic Espionage.pdf

CEHv6 Module 65 Patch Management.pdf

CEHv6 Module 66 Security Convergence.pdf

CEHv6 Module 67 Identifying the Terrorists.pdf

3.Best Hacking Books AIO 2009

hacking the art of exploitation

How Thieves Targeted. eBay Users but Got Stopped Instead

Malware: Fighting Malicious Code

Maximum Security, 3rd Editio

The art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick

Network Sercurity Tools

Pc hacks

PDF hacks

Practical Study Remote Access

reversing secrets of reverse engineering

Maximum Security: A Hacker’s Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network

hacking exposed : windows

Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box: Ryan Russell, Ido Dubrawsky, FX, Joe Grand, Tim Mulle

hacking for dummies

the art of intrusion

the complete history of hacking

a guide for Serious Searcher

Tricks of the Internet Gurus

underground hacking madness and obsession on the electronic frontier

Web hacking : Attack and Defence

Windows Server hack

Internet Denial of Services

SecuriTeam – A Buffer Overflow Study – Attacks & Defenses

Wi-Foo the Secret of Wireless hacking

A Complete Reference with Custom Security Hacking Toolkit

Hacking Guide 3.1

computer vulnerabilities

crackproof your software

credit card visa hack

ethical hacking and countermeasures

google hacking for penetration testers

hacking exposed network security secrets & solutions

hack it security through penetration testing

hack proofing your identity in the information age

hacking proofing your network : internet Tradecraft

hacker disassembling uncovered

hacker beware

hacker delight

access to other people systems

4.Ankit Fadia Hacking Collection – AiO – 2009

ankit fadia hacking guide

batch file programming – Ankit Fadia

defacing websites a step by step process

untold windows tips and secrets ankit fadia

dos attacked by Ankit Fadia

Ankit Fadia – encrytion algorithms explained

ftp exploits by ankit fadia

tracing ip,dns,whois – nslookup

transparent proxies with squid

truths!!!–what they don’t teach in Manuals

base64 encoding torn apart

closing open holes


gathering info on remote host

hacking into linux

more password cracking decrypted

removing banners from your site

sendmail and beyond

ssl torn apart

transparent proxy squid


KeyStone Java J2EE Complete:: Total 4 Courses (4 DVDs each)-$799.00

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 02:35 PM PST

KeyStone Java J2EE Complete:: Total 4 Courses (4 DVDs each)-$799.00 | 5.8 GB

Java J2EE Complete:: Total 4 Courses (4 DVDs each)
Includes each of the following courses.

* Introduction to Java Programming
* JAVA GUI Programming
* JDBC and Servlets
* Advanced Java Programming
Introduction to Java Programming Video Training Course

Course Highlights
* Set up a development environment to create Java applications.
* Learn the core elements of the Java language, including the syntax of Java, available operators, data types, variables and IF statements.
* Understand Java methods and object oriented concepts in creating Java applications.
* Define Java classes, hide information inside those classes, and document classes using the Java Documentation Facility.
* Create Java archive files.
* Work with Java strings, arrays and vectors.

About This Course
This Introduction to Java Programming Training Course provides development professionals with an in-depth look at the essential elements of the Java programming language beginning with an introduction to relational database management systems before diving into an overview of Java development platforms.

Throughout this course, your instructor, Eric Rich, will lay a solid foundation of knowledge you'll need to work with Java including available Java variables, operators and control statements. You will learn how to create applets and applications and you'll be introduced to the object-oriented programming methodologies as well as building, working with and packaging classes and many other topics.

Java GUI Programming Video Training Course

Course Highlights
* Learn the basic elements required to create graphical application in the Java language including the AWT and Swing toolkits.
* Work with Swing's text components and advanced table component to display data in grids.
* Develop and embed Java Applets.
* Make tree nodes editable and define custom tree cell editors.
* Use Swing's Tree component to display data in a hierarchy.
* Customize dialog boxes and contextual pop-up menus.

About This Course
This Java GUI Programming Training Course provides development professionals with the basics of Java GUI programming. In this course, you'll start with an introduction to GUI programming including the components of the Swing toolkit. You'll then move on to learn how to work with tree classes and how to write applets.

Throughout this course, your instructor, Eric Rich, will go also in-depth on two core components of creating graphically-based Java applications – Layout Management and Event Paneling. You'll use these features to arrange components on a screen and respond to events. Among other topics, you'll also learn about working with combo boxes, radio buttons, menus and graphical programming concepts such as how information can be displayed as circles, squares and lines.

Java JDBC and Servlets Video Training Course

* Learn fundamental database concepts as well as the SQL language for a foundation on which you can create Java applications that use databases to store information.
* Walk through basic and advanced features of JDBC to equip you with the knowledge required for creating database-enabled Java applications.
* Learn the basics of hypertext markup language (HTML) using markup tags such as font style, HTML tables and forms.
* Learn how to create a web-based application using the Java programming language.
* Create Java servlets and work with both form processing and session management.

About This Course
This Java JDBC and Servlets Training Course provides development professionals with the basics of creating Java applications that use databases to store their information. In this course, you'll start with an introduction to relational database management. You'll then move on to learn about installing, running and working with SQL.

Throughout this course, your instructor, Eric Rich, will show you how to take advantage of the Java platform's, "Write Once, Run Anywhere" capabilities for industrial strength, cross-platform applications that require access to enterprise data.

There are nearly 100 lessons across 4 levels in this course – all designed to give you a strong foundation in the main areas of web application development: databases, SQL, HTML and Servlets.

Advanced Java Programming Video Training Course

Course Highlights
* Understand the heart of the Java programming language – Inheritance, and use it to create more customized classes.
* Work with advanced Inheritance features to use abstract classes and polymorphism.
* Use Java classes, including the Wrapper and Math classes and work with dates and times.
* Store groups of objects using the collections framework.
* Understand and implement the networking capabilities of the Java language.
* Develop client- and server-side network applications and send and receive email inside a Java application.

About This Course
This Advanced Java Programming Training Course provides development professionals with a solid working base in Java server-side technologies beginning with an entire level devoted to working with Inheritance, Interfaces (to force classes to implement methods) and Inner Classes (to define classes within the context of existing classes).

Throughout this course, your instructor, Eric Rich, will go in-depth on two of the main features of Java – Exception and Input/Output Handing. You'll use these features to handle communication across a network. Among other topics, you'll also learn about available classes in a Java Net package and how to invoke methods of remote Java objects using RMI.
D0wnload Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 Essential Training DVD

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 11:59 AM PST Autodesk 3DS Max 2010 Essential Training DVD | 1.9 GB

In 3ds Max 2010 Essential Training, instructor Steve Nelle provides a thorough introduction to the techniques needed to take an animated project from start to finish. Steve provides new users with everything they need to know to get up and running, while offering experienced users plenty of tips and tricks they can apply to improve their productivity and workflow. He walks through the program’s newly designed interface, details how to create both simple and complex objects, and shows how to bring things to life through a variety of keyframing

Star Wars Republic Commando FULL (PC-RUS-ENG)

Posted: 26 Nov 2009 11:13 AM PST

Star Wars Republic Commando FULL (PC-RUS-ENG)
PC Game | Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person | ENG – RUS | 1.31 Gb

In the far-distant galaxy powerful Confederation of Trade declared war on the Republic. Using the army battle droids, the Confederation of successfully advancing, causing the troops of the Republic of defeat after defeat. Save the situation could only wonder … And it was – in the form of artificially cultivated army soldiers. The army of clones. Soldiers from the tube, designed for war, knowing nothing but war and living for the sake of war.
Game features:
Tactical shooter in the Star Wars universe, exceptionally drayvovy, full of surprises. Mass of weapons, mission by mission, and crowds of enemies that you, the commander of special forces, will shred a cabbage, in the name of the Republic.

Star Wars Republic Commando FULL (PC-RUS-ENG)

Star Wars Republic Commando FULL (PC-RUS-ENG)

Star Wars Republic Commando FULL (PC-RUS-ENG)

Minimum System Requirements:
-System: Windows
-Processor: Pentium III / Athlon 1 GHz
Memory: 256 MB
-Video card: 64 MB
-Hard drive: 2.2 GB