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CBT Exam-Pack 70-452: Microsoft PRO SQL Server 2008

Posted: 20 Jan 2010 05:07 PM PST

Are you ready to design and plan database business solutions for your company? SQL Server 2008 offers database managers lots of built in controls and plenty of great opportunity to enhance their reputations.

In this CBT Nuggets video series you’ll learn to plan the design and implementation of your SQL Server 2008 SSIS, SSAS and SSRS projects.

This training maps to Microsoft exam 70-452. After watching this series you’ll be fully prepared to take the exam and earn Microsoft PRO: Designing a Business Intelligence Infrastructure Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008
Published certification. It’s also your final towards earning SQL Server 2008 Business Intelligence MCITP Certification.

Exam-Pack 70-452: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 includes to following:

* SSRS Architecture Overview
* SSRS Data Sets & Filters
* SSRS Templates, RDL & Advanced Reports
* SSRS Deployment & Migration (free video!)
* Scaling SQL Server 2008
* SQL Server 2008 Performance
* Aggregations & Partitions
* Data Mining Design
* SQL Server 2008 Advanced Data Mining
* SQL Server 2008 Sharepoint Integration
* SQL Server 2008 Visualization Tools
* SQL Server 2008 Auditing
* SSAS — Moving Packages
* SSAS International Considerations
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Get Traffic From Yahoo Answers videos

Posted: 20 Jan 2010 11:25 AM PST

Get Traffic From Yahoo Answers videos
English | FLV Videos | 48 minutes | Year 2009 | 105 MB

The Insider Code Agora Forex Trading Course

Posted: 20 Jan 2010 10:42 AM PST

The Insider Code Agora Forex Trading Course | ISO | 903 MB

The bonus course is full of the basic concepts you need to truly understand TCP/ IP an integral part of networking.

Office 2010 Beta Training for Developers

Posted: 20 Jan 2010 06:08 AM PST

Office 2010 Beta Training for Developers | AVI + Bonus | 2.35 GB

Office 2010 Beta is a broadly extensible platform for building information worker productivity solutions and developing for Office with Visual Studio 2010 makes this easy. The Office 2010 Developer Workshop includes videos and presentations. This content is designed to help you get started developing solutions, from Add-ins to full featured Office Business Applications (OBAs), using Visual Studio 2010 with Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 as the core platform.

Audience Prerequisites:
Basic understanding of Microsoft Office, SharePoint and using Microsoft Visual Studio.

* Office 2010 Beta
* Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2
* Open XML SDK 2.0


* Windows Server 2008 R2
* SQL Server 2008 64-bit
* SharePoint Server 2010 Beta

Units in this course

* Getting Started with Office 2010 on Channel 9 Getting Started with Office 2010 on Channel 9 The Office 2010 Beta will be released in November and this Channel 9 Learning Center is to help you prepare for developing on the Office and SharePoint 2010 platform. We are excited to offer developers this all new content on Channel 9 which complements the great content already available on MSDN and provides 250 to 300 level guidance. To start with, the content consists of video presentations with demos and presentation decks. We'll be adding hands-on-labs and source code following the beta release so stay tuned. Check out this introductory video and hear about operation Rolling Thunder.
* Office 2010 Developer Roadmap Office 2010 Developer Roadmap Developers can build applications and solutions for Office 2010 using a number of tools including Visual Studio 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010, InfoPath 2010 and Access 2010. With many new features, these tools help developers be more productive by providing greater flexibility in how they approach developing and deploying their solutions. This unit is a tour around the tools and services available to developers for building on the Office platform.
* Office UI Customization Office UI Customization Developing for Office with Visual Studio is a deeply integrated experience. Project templates abound for almost every Office client application making it easy to quickly build Add-ins, Outlook Form Regions, extend the Ribbon and Backstage View and create Context Menus. All 2007 supported scenarios persist forward in Office 2010 as well. This unit provides an overview on what is available in Visual Studio 2010 for customizing Office.
* Office Client Workflow Office Client Workflow This unit provides an introduction to workflows, the processes that help solve business problems. Workflows can help manage interactions between information workers, automate tasks that were previously done manually and provide consistency for business processes. Here you will learn about workflows and the tools used to build them, Visio 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010 and Visual Studio.
* Security and Deployment Security and Deployment Once you build your solution, you will want to deploy it appropriately. This unit introduces you to how to deploy your Office Add-ins and SharePoint applications and the roles that the end user and administrator play in each. Topics covered are security, SharePoint Solution (WSP) files, ClickOnce, Add-ins and Document Templates.
* Business Connectivity Services Business Connectivity Services In SharePoint 2010 Business Connectivity Services (BCS) enables integration with back end systems. Business Connectivity Services includes a set of presentation features, a connectivity framework and tooling within SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio that enable developers and ITPros to connect to external data and services and to surface this data in SharePoint and Office 2010. This unit provides an overview of the BCS capabilities and usage in Office 2010.
* Developing BI Applications Developing BI Applications Business Intelligence (BI) applications help enterprise users make business decisions. This unit focuses on the SharePoint BI tools available for bringing information together for analysis, examination and collaboration with others to gain the decision making knowledge needed. The BI development tools available in SharePoint include status indicators, chart web parts, PerformancePoint Services, Excel Services, BI Search and Visio Services.
* Open XML Open XML The Open XML SDK is a powerful tool for processing Office documents. This unit provides an overview of the benefits and architecture of Open XML and the APIs and tools (on many different platforms) that a developer can use to build document-based solutions using this format. The Open XML SDK which is provided by Microsoft and other community-based developer resources are highlighted.
* Office 2010 Services Office 2010 Services The power of Word, Excel, Access and Visio Services come to light in this unit. A number of tasks can now be pushed to these server-side services for processing. For instance, you can convert your documents at scale into other formats, whether fixed (XPS, PDF) or fluid (RTF), using Word Services. And Access Web databases can be published to SharePoint via Access Services where Access tables become Lists, forms become ASPX pages, macros become workflows, etc.
* InfoPath 2010 and Forms Services InfoPath 2010 and Forms Services InfoPath 2010 is a way for Information Workers, IT or Developers to create robust user interfaces for Office Business Applications. InfoPath provides a rich form design experience and InfoPath Forms Services can render these forms in the browser. This unit covers development of custom SharePoint List Forms and workflows, publishing InfoPath Forms and connecting external data to InfoPath Forms.

MySQL Essential Skills

Posted: 20 Jan 2010 04:01 AM PST

MySQL Essential Skills
# Paperback: 496 pages
# Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 1 edition (June 10, 2004)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0072255137
# ISBN-13: 978-0072255133
An introductory look into the most popular open source database. Get step-by-step instruction from installing MySQL, manipulating it, and basic reporting, to advanced reporting, interfacing programs, and backups. An accessible introduction to a powerful database, featuring progress checks, exercises, and Ask the Experts sections in each chapter.

Size : 14.37 MB

SQL Server 2008 Administration in Action

Posted: 20 Jan 2010 03:58 AM PST

SQL Server 2008 Administration in Action
SQL Server 2008 Administration isn't a standard SQL Server tutorial-there are dozens of those to choose from. Instead, this book breaks down the role of "SQL Server Administrator" into its key focus areas and tasks and details the techniques and best practices that make an administrator effective. In this book, a reader can quickly identify a task and find the best practice associated with it. For example, a reader looking for information about indexing would find step-by-step procedures for identifying and dropping unused indexes, creating missing indexes, selecting the appropriate clustered index, and so forth.

Each technique is presented in a clear, straightforward style and in the order of the typical lifecycle of a SQL Server system. This allows a reader to easily open the book at the appropriate page and focus on what you need to know for each specific situation.
While most techniques will work for all versions of SQL Server, this book is current for the recent final release of SQL Server 2008.
Size : 12.80 MB

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services Unleashed

Posted: 20 Jan 2010 03:56 AM PST

Irina Gorbach, Alexander Berger, Edward Melomed, “Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services Unleashed”
Publisher: Sams | 2008-12-24 | ISBN: 0672330016 | PDF | 888 pages | 7 Mb PDF

Product Description:
As the foundation of the Microsoft Business Intelligence Strategy, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services provides users with faster access to data and even more tools for managing and analyzing data across multidimensional objects (databases, dimensions, cubes).

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services Unleashed is the ultimate guide for anyone who is planning to use the latest version of Analysis Services. It gives readers insight into the way Analysis Services functions, and explains practical methods for designing and creating multidimensional objects. It also provides valuable insight into the reasons behind the design decisions taken by the product development team. The authors have been involved with Analysis Services from its earliest days. They have documented in detail the internal features of Analysis Services 2008, explaining server architecture, main data structures, data processing, and query resolution algorithms.

* Discover the new functionality introduced in Analysis Services 2008 including MDX enhancements and new DMV (dynamic memory views)
* Work with the Business Intelligence Development Studio, the new Dimension Editor, and Aggregation Designer interfaces
* Enjoy complete coverage of new Shared Scalable Databases scale-out infrastructure
* Learn the key concepts of multidimensional modeling
* Explore the multidimensional object model and its definition language
* Integrate multidimensional and relational databases
* Build client applications to access data in Analysis Services
* Unravel the inner workings of the server architecture, including main data structures, data processing, and query resolution algorithms
* Learn the main concepts of the MDX language and gain an in-depth understanding of advanced MDX concepts
* Gain a deeper understanding of the internal and external protocols for data transfer, including the XML/A protocol
* Discover how Analysis Services manages memory
* Explore the security model, including role-based security, code-access security, and data security

Beginning C++ Game Programming

Posted: 20 Jan 2010 03:52 AM PST

Beginning C++ Game Programming
Interactivity—the unique feature that sets games apart from other forms of entertainment. The power of interactivity lies in the programming that occurs behind the scenes. If you're ready to jump into the world of programming for games, "Beginning C++Game Programming" will get you started on your journey, providing you with a solid foundation in the game programming language of the professionals. As you cover each programming concept, you'll create small games that demonstrate your new skills. Wrap things up by combining each major concept to create an ambitious multiple player game. Get ready to master the basics of game programming with C++!

Michael Dawson (Author), from Santa Monica, CA, is a professional writer and has worked as a programmer and game industry designer and producer. He is the author of "Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner" (Premier Press, 1592000738), which teaches newcomers programming by using games as examples. Mike earned his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California and has worked as a programmer for a large Internet services company. He also has experience in the television industry as a staff writer for a popular sitcom.

Algorithm for Programmes and Problems on Algorithms

Posted: 20 Jan 2010 03:49 AM PST

+Algorithm for Programmers by Jorg Arndt
The latest 23 chapters so far:
- Bit wizardry
- Permutations
- Sorting and searching
- Data structures
- Combinatorial algorithms
- Searching paths in directed graphs
- The Fourier transform
- Algorithms for fast convolution
- The Hartley transform (HT)
- Number theoretic transforms (NTTs)
- The Walsh transform and its relatives
- The Haar transform
- and 10 chapters on arithmetical algorithms

+ Problems on Algorithms
# Paperback: 192 pages
# Publisher: Prentice Hall; 1st edition (February 8, 1995)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0134335589
# ISBN-13: 978-0134335582
# Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 7 x 0.5 inches
# Shipping Weight: 10.4 ounces
With approximately 600 problems and 35 worked examples, this supplement provides a collection of practical problems on the design, analysis and verification of algorithms. The book focuses on the important areas of algorithm design and analysis: background material; algorithm design techniques; advanced data structures and NP-completeness; and miscellaneous problems. Algorithms are expressed in Pascal-like pseudo code supported by figures, diagrams, hints, solutions, and comments.

Fast pronunciation of 39 languages – Pimsleur Conversational Dialogs

Posted: 20 Jan 2010 12:09 AM PST

Fast pronunciation of 39 languages – Pimsleur Conversational Dialogs | 20.3 GB

Pimsleur – Fast pronunciation of the most rapid, convenient and efficiency of methods for studying foreign yazykov.Metod Pimsleur scientifically proven and justified, it is used by more than 25 million people vsem.Programmami Pimsleur people involved government agencies, with different nationalities, students, travelers, people create a family abroad, biznessmeny and all those who just want to learn a foreign language. Why? Because the method Pimslera works!

Year: 2005
Author: Dr. Paul Pimsleur
Genre: Textbooks
Publisher: simon & schuster
Format: zip – mp3
Quality: excellent
Size: 20.36 Gb

Dr. Pimsleer (creator of new technology learning languages and devoted his life to the discovery and study of methods of learning a language) has developed a new method, which is based on two key principles: the principle of expectation and the scientific principle of memory that he called Certified withdrawal interval. The manual includes both of these principles to provide you with the easiest and best possible method of study.

arabic eastern
arabic egiptian
armenian western
chinese cantonese
chinese mandarine
danish listen to sample
dutch listen to sample
french 1-3
german 1-3
haitian creole
portuguese brazilian
portuguese (continental)
swiss german
tagalog (30 lessons)