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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

Total Training – Microsoft WPF: Essentials

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 04:47 PM PST

Take a guided tour of Microsoft’s newest UI (user interface) platform, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) in this video series. Instructed by Robby Ingebretsen, you will learn invaluable tips and techniques for building amazing applications and user experiences. Ideal for developers and creative professionals, this training series plunges into fundamental principles including XAML, layout, controls, data binding, styles, templates, graphics, animation, and much more.
* Learn how to create and compile a WPF project.
* Understand data binding and the best practices for when to create bindings.
* Explore WPF controls such as Framework Element, Content Controls, Items Controls, and RangeBase Controls.
* Find out how to use XAML and Blend to create styles and effects.

Course Outline:
Chapter 1: GETTING STARTED WITH WPF (22 min)
1. WPF Related Applications & Tools
2. Starting a WPF Project
3. Understanding XAML
4. Using IntelliSense to Add Attributes
5. Adding Elements to the Application
6. Using Code Behind

Chapter 2: LAYOUT BASICS (44 min)
1. Understanding the Element Tree
2. Introducing XamlPad
3. Using the Canvas Panel
4. Using the StackPanel
5. Using the WrapPanel
6. Working with the Margin Property
7. Using the GridPanel
8. Defining Rows & Columns
9. Assigning Objects to Columns
10. Defining Column Widths
11. Using the Grid Splitter
12. Applying a Layout to the Media Player

1. Working with a Border
2. Using an Image
3. Using a Text Block
4. Understanding Controls & Buttons
5. Using the Scroll Viewer & Tool Tips
6. Understanding Item Controls & List Boxes
7. Using Tab Control
8. Working with a Menu
9. Using a Range Base
10. Adding Controls to the Music Player
11. Becoming Familiar with Rich Content
12. Using the XAML Clipboard
13. Using Embedded Fonts

Chapter 4: DATABINDING & RESOURCES (36 min)
1. Getting Started with Databinding
2. Adding References
3. Understanding Resources
4. Databinding to Collections
5. Using Data Templates
6. Databinding to Other Elements
7. Using the Content Template Property
8. Using Value Converters
9. Using TwoWay Binding

1. Introducing Control Templates
2. Creating a Basic Button Template
3. Using Triggers
4. Understanding Template Binding
5. Using Styles
6. Working with Control Templates
7. Using Templates in the Music Player
8. Merging a Scrollbar into the Music Player

1. Creating a Volume Control Icon
2. Understanding Brush Type & Resource
3. Using a Gradient Brush
4. Adding an Opacity Mask to a Brush
5. Transforming Objects
6. Using Bitmap Effects
7. Understanding Storyboard & Animation
8. Adding Animation to a Control Template

1. Creating a Shiny Button
2. Refining a Shiny Button
3. Creating a Button Border
4. Creating a Pressed Effect
5. Creating a Glow Effect
6. Final Comments & Credits
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Master The Drupal Video Series The Basics DVD

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 03:42 PM PST

Master The Drupal Video Series The Basics DVD | 817 MB

"Now there's a 1-2-3 fast & easy way for you to learn and master Drupal quickly & easily, "Here's your access to the Web's best video tutorial series that expert web designers use to go from amateurs to experts in record time……….Now you can too!


Winstructor Trainning Pack

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 03:05 PM PST

Winstructor Trainning Pack | 603 MB
Video: Windows Media Video 9 1024×768 15.00fps 41Kbps [Raw Video 1]

Winstructor – PACK, Included:
-Winstructor – Check Point NGX R65 – Training
-Winstructor – Exchange Server 2007 – Training
-Winstructor – Microsoft Dynamics CRM4 -Training
-Winstructor – Windows Powershell -Training

Winstructor – Check Point NGX R65 – Training

Check Point NGX R65 Training Videos. Master the world’s most widely used Firewall. In this series of videos you’ll learn how to implement, manage and secure your network with the Check Point NGX VPN-1 Firewall.

- The Check Point Architecture
- Installing Gateways
- Installing the SmartCenter Server
- Managing Policies
- Installing Policies
- Configuring QoS
- Creating QoS Rules
- Installing QoS Rules
- Blocking Suspicious Activity
- Monitoring the Firewall
- SmartDefense
- Content Inspection

Winstructor – Exchange Server 2007 – Training

Exchange Server 2007 is a huge upgrade from Exchange Server 2003 and offers better security, more flexibility and new features that will make your company want to deploy it. Get a head start on the competition with our Exchange Server 2007 Video Training.

With this Training Package You’ll Discover:

- What prerequisites you’ll need to install Exchange Server 2007
- How to Install Exchange Server 2007
- Understanding the Exchange Server 2007 Roles
- Install and Configure the Exchange Server Roles
- Create and Manage Storage Groups
- Create and Manage Databases
- How to create Mailboxes
- Outlook Web Access
- Outlook Anywhere
- RPC over HTTP and HTTPS
- Edge Transport Server Role
- EdgeSync
- Email Addresses
- How to configure Policies
- Troubleshooting Exchange
- Public Folders
- Permissions and Roles
- Configuring Message Transport
- SMTP Connectors
- How to deal with Spam

Winstructor – Microsoft Dynamics CRM4 -Training

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 is a flexible CRM solution that works the way that your people do, works the way your business does and works the way that IT wants it to. In this series of CRM Training Videos you’ll learn how to install, configure and administer Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.

With this Training Package You’ll Discover:

- What CRM 4 is
- Hardware and Software Requirements
- Installing CRM 4
- Creating the Organizational Structure
- Working with Roles
- Working with Permissions
- CRM for Outlooks
- Configuring the Email Router
- Configuring the Email Router with POP3 Mailboxes
- Working with Customers
- Working with Leads
- Working with Campaigns
- Marketing Lists
- Marketing Campaigns
- Quick Campaigns
- Adding Products
- Adding Price Lists
- Working with Discounts
- Configuring the Knowledgebase
- Working with Workflows

Winstructor – Windows Powershell -Training

Finally, a Shell to make Unix Administrators envious! Windows Administrators now have great power and flexibility over the Windows Operating System and Applications with the Windows PowerShell. Get your Windows PowerShell Training Videos here!

With this Training Package You’ll Discover:

- What the Windows PowerShell is
- How to install the PowerShell
- How to run scripts
- Setting the Execution Policy
- Working with Variables
- Working with Arrays
- Working with Operators
- Working with Loops
- The Foreach Loop
- The For Loop
- The While Loop
- The Do While Loop
- The Do Until Loop
- Using the Break Statement
- Using the Switch Statement
- Signing PowerShell Scripts
- Outputting to Text Files
- Sorting Output
- Using PowerShell for Windows Administration

366 Positions Make Love

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 02:08 PM PST

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Training

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 07:18 AM PST

Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Training
Exchange Server 2007 Training Videos
Build Your Own Email Infrastructure Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Training Videos
Learn Exchange Server 2007 by watching it Configured on a Live Network
Get certified! Exam Coverage for MCTS 70-236: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Configuration. Become a pro at Installing, Configuring, and Managing Exchange Server 2007
Learn at your own pace and at a fraction of the price compared to classroom learning!
Try the “Best Computer Training on the Planet” Absolutely Risk Free! — Money Back Guarantee
You get 20+ hours of instructor led Exchange Server 2007 Training Videos
Taught by a Microsoft MVP with an MCSE and over 10 years of real world experience – Dave Shackelford
Discover how to Develop Secure, Efficient Systems and how to Integrate OWA
Learn how to Backup and Restore your Exchange Server 2007
Master all the new features that come with Exchange Server 2007
If an IT person is looking to make an investment in him or herself, they should get the Train Signal courses. You WILL be an
Expert once you take the time to complete them." Testimonial from Andy Arvai (Systems Specialist for Eddie Bauer Corp.)
Read More Testimonials


Cisco CCENT ICND2 Training Tutorials

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 07:05 AM PST

Cisco CCENT ICND2 Training Tutorials
ICND2 Training Videos
Upgrade your CCENT to a CCNA Certification!

10 + Hours of Step by Step Video Training covering Cisco’s 640-816 ICND2 Exam
640-816 ICND2 Complete Exam Coverage
100+ pg PDF Lab Book on CD — Cisco Routing Study Guide
150 Top Quality Cisco CCNA Practice Exam Questions
Taught by a CCIE with “Real World” Cisco Network Experience!

Cisco CCENT Certification Training

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 01:36 AM PST

Cisco CCENT Certification Training Videos Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices

Cisco’s entry level certification, CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician) is all the buzz in networking circles. With the introduction of the CCENT Certification, Cisco has bridged the gap between those new to Cisco Networking and the highly regarded CCNA Certification. The CCENT Certification will test you on your knowledge of how to implement a switched network, IP Addressing, Wireless Networking and more. With Train Signal CCENT Certification Training Videos you will not only ace your CCENT Exam, but be able to configure everything you learn on a live network. Train Signal’s method is so good, we guarantee it!

Here are just some of the training you will find in our
Cisco CCENT Certification Training Videos:

Introduction to Networking – TCP/IP and OSI Model
Learn about Ethernet and Ethernet Standards
Cisco Switch and Router Commands
IP Addressing and Routing Process
Basic Network Protocols – DNS, ARP, DHCP
Router Memory, Configuration Files, Basic Router Commands
Wireless LANs
Static Routing and Introduction Routing Protocol
Cisco WANS
Troubleshooting Cisco Networks and Cisco Hardware

In Defense of Academic Freedom

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 01:30 AM PST

In Defense of Academic Freedom
“The Oct. 12 conference, titled ‘In Defense of Academic Freedom,’ brought together not only Jews and non-Jews, but professors whose ideological differences are so vast they likely agree on little else than the notion that Jewish groups have degraded the quality and breadth of discussion in the media and in Washington.

Mearsheimer is a proponent of the realist school of international relations, which resists the intrusion of moral considerations into cold calculations of national interest. Chomsky’s belief that American policy in the Middle East is motivated solely by imperialist aggression is greatly informed by the moral consequences of American behavior.

Nevertheless, they came together around the view that universities are the final redoubts of robust criticism of Israel. Naturally, they added, these institutions are now coming under assault.”

Cisco mds 9000 san config guide

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 01:22 AM PST

Cisco mds 9000 san config guide
# Cisco Fabric Manager Release 4.2(1) Documentation
# Cisco MDS NX-OS Release 4.2(x) Configuration Limits
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family Data Mobility Manager Configuration Guide, Release 4.x
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family I/O Accelerator Configuration Guide
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS Fabric Configuration Guide
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS Fundamentals Configuration Guide
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS High Availability and Redundancy Configuration Guide
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS Intelligent Storage Services Configuration Guide
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS Inter-VSAN Routing Configuration Guide
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS Interfaces Configuration Guide
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS IP Services Configuration Guide
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS Licensing Guide
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS Quality of Service Configuration Guide
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS Security Configuration Guide
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family NX-OS System Management Configuration Guide
# Cisco MDS 9000 Family Storage Media Encryption Configuration Guide, Release 4.x

CBT Nuggets Cicso CCNP CIT 642-831

Posted: 24 Jan 2010 01:17 AM PST

CBT Nuggets Cicso CCNP CIT 642-831
The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification indicates advanced knowledge of networks. With a CCNP, a network professional can install, configure, and troubleshoot local and wide area networks for enterprise organizations with networks from 100 to more than 500 nodes. The content emphasizes topics such as security, converged networks, quality of service (QoS), virtual private networks (VPN) and broadband technologies.

CIT 642-831
- Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology
- Documentation the Network
- Network Diagramming with Visio 2000
- Troubleshooting End-user Connectivity
- Troubleshooting Upper Layer Connectivity
- Troubleshooting RIP
- Troubleshooting IGRP
- Troubleshooting EIGRP
- Troubleshooting OSPF Part 1
- Troubleshooting OSPF Part 2
- Troubleshooting BGP
- Troubleshooting Campus Catalyst Switches
- Troubleshooting VLANs
- General WAN Troubleshooting Techniques
- Troubleshooting Frame Relay
- Cisco Support Features