Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

Internetwork Expert Security v3

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 04:32 PM PST

Internetwork Expert Security v3 | 5.3 GB
Internetwork Expert Security v3 VOD
Internetwork Expert Security v3 Workbook Set
IEWB-SC-VOL-I-V5 Section 1 ASA Firewall Final
IEWB-SC-VOL-I-V5 Section 2 IOS Firewall Final

CCNA Video Mentor: Exam 640-802

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 03:07 PM PST

CCNA Video Mentor: Exam 640-802 | 654 MB

CCNA Video Mentor provides more than two hours of personal visual instruction covering these topics:

CCNA Basics

1. Navigating the Router/Switch Command Line Interface
2. Router Configuration and Managing Configuration Files

LAN Switching

3. Switch Basics: Learning, Forwarding/Filtering, and Interface settings
4. Configuring VLANs

Basic Routing

5. Static and Connected Routes
6. RIPv1 Configuration
7. RIPv1 with Split Horizon, Route Poisoning, and Poison Reverse

Advanced Routing

8. Single-Area OSPF Configuration
9. EIGRP Configuration and Operation
10. NAT Overload (PAT)


11. PPP and CHAP Configuration


12. Access Lists

CCNA Video Mentor is a unique video product that provides you with more than two hours of personal visual instruction from best-selling author and instructor Wendell Odom. In the 12 videos presented on the CD-ROM, Wendell walks you through common Cisco router and switch configuration topics.

Designed to develop and enhance hands-on skills, each 10-15 minute video covers essential configuration tasks, including navigating router and switch CLI, router configuration, managing configuration files, configuring Virtual LANs, static and connected routes, RIPv1 configuration, RIPv1 with split horizon, route poisoning and poison reverse, single-area OSPF configuration, EIGRP configuration, Network Address Translation overload, Point-to-Point Protocol and Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol configuration, and configuring access lists.

The videos contained in this package consist of animation, lab diagrams, and video captures of router and switch command entry and output. Wendell provides audio instruction throughout on how to configure various features and offers unique tips and shortcuts that truly make learning easy.

Editoer’s themekit Falling snow

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 10:36 AM PST
18 | MOV | SD(720×576) & HD(1920×1080) | 2 wav | 4.6Gb

For more info: Product homepage

Animated Backgrounds
Full Screen Animated Backgrounds
Animated Overlays
Animated Backgrounds with Alpha Channel
Standard & Mini Lower Thirds
Animations with Alpha Channel

Full Screen, Full Color Wipe Transitions with Sound FX


Fxphd BKD209 – Background Fundamentals

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 10:36 AM PST

fxphd Background Fundamentals 204 | 5.21 GB

We wanted to lay out the game ahead in more detail than we ever have before – since people have asked for a tad more of an idea of the direction and focus of the future Background Fundaments. Based upon feedback from students, this new term and the following term’s Background Fundamentals will concentrate on the visual effects knowledge and tasks that artists run into on a daily basis – focused on method and theory not individual applications. Over the next two terms we will be covering all the cool and no so cool but important things that come up. From label replacement, matching 3D and live action, keying and lighting, and even some 3D stereoscopic effects. In each case we will try and make the class self contained to that week, while addressing real world shots, with an eye to both budget and timescale. Yes we will even try and budget and cost shots as we go. Plus we get to fly in helicopters and stick needles our (digital eyes). – We hope this will be the most hands on and fun BKD yet.

If you like the challenges in Term 3 – you’ll really enjoy this new term. Classes will either be HOW to approach a shot, or be part of our new one off ON SET specials showing how to work on set and on loaction. We figured we’d pepper the course with these ON SET specials as it they been popular in the past – and it is important to get our of the dark suite and always keep in mind practical options of things you can do on set. You will once again get material to Downloadand work with – and we will have more of our rapid real world challenges. We recommend The Encyclopedia of Visual Effects by Damien Allen as an accompanying textbook for this course, and the next. It is not mandatory, but it will serve as a great reference and provide additional source material to practice with, including material from ILM.

Class 1: Poking your eye out – worked example
Class 2: Wire Removal – how to approach it
Class 3: Working in Space
Class 4: Working with 3D passes and practical tricks
Class 5: Making it work in stereo. Stereoscopic comps
Class 6 – On-Set 1: Helicopter shooting
Class 7 – On-Set 2: Digital camera workflow
Class 8: Comping into stock footage – worked example:
Class 9: Selling a Shot: Stunts and comping
Class 10:Keying tricks and theory of how to approach a difficult shot.


LIZABETH PRUITT Roses & Jade Instructional Oil Painting Tutorial

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 10:11 AM PST

LIZABETH PRUITT Roses & Jade Instructional Oil Painting Tutorial | 7.8 GB

I have had the pleasure of watching the career of Elizabeth Pruitt for the past decade, and she is truly one of today’s contemporary rising stars. She is equally proficient in portrait, landscape and still life, but she is known mostly for her beautiful classical still life compositions.

She has received recognition from many prestigious painting groups, including the Oil Painters of America, the National Oil and Acrylics Painters Society, and most recently, the C.M. Russell Invitational Exhibition where she was awarded the Tuffy Berg award for “Best Newcomer” of the show. Her entry auctioned at the event for over $7,000.

What many of her collectors don’t know is that Elizabeth has been a teacher of art for almost as many years as she has been a painter. She is a clear and articulate instructor and can explain what and why she is doing on the canvas at any point in the process. For this reason, she has made a fantastic educational DVD on how she paints the still life in this program.

She spent almost a week in our studio, filming three programs to be released in sequence. When she was finished, it was difficult to decide which to release first, as they were all equally stunning. And, all three are equally informative.

It is often difficult to see an artist take a painting completely to the end, with all the final details, but Elizabeth is accomplished at being able to do just this. It is instructive to see how she builds the painting from a loose gesture in the beginning, to a solid foundation, to finally, the finishing details that make the objects seem to come alive.

This will be one of your favorites in your video collection, and I highly recommend it to you.


ExpressionEngine Training Movies

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 06:23 AM PST

ExpressionEngine Training Movies | 700 MB

ExpressionEngine Screencasts
Building a Dynamic Website with ExpressionEngine
Learn how to build a website from beginning to end.

By watching these video tutorials you'll learn first-hand how to build websites with ExpressionEngine: from installation to preparing for client access and everything in between. Whether you're building a single website for yourself or several sites for your clients, learning ExpressionEngine will put you on the fast track to getting your websites done. Buy all 12 episodes, and you get over 6 hours of guided instruction by an ExpressionEngine expert!

Episode Listing:

Episode 1: Templatizing the Front Page
Episode 2: Adding a Comment Form & Embedding Content
Episode 3: Organizing Content in Categories
Episode 4: Linking Main Navigation & Building an RSS Feed
Episode 5: Adding Static Pages using the Pages Module
Episode 6: Building a Stand-Alone Entry Form (SAEF)
Episode 7: Publishing a Podcast
Episode 8: Adding Membership to a Site
Episode 9: Creating Relationships Between Entries
Episode 10: Adding Search Functionality
Episode 11: Optimizing a Site with Caching
Episode 12: Preparing a Site for Clients

EMC E20-351 Storage Area Network Implementation Exam

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 06:20 AM PST

How to Design Your .com by Gary Simon

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 06:16 AM PST

How to Design Your .com by Gary Simon
English | ISO | 862 Mb

Includes: 3 full website design projects are covered from start to finish in Adobe Photoshop. Also learn the html & css process. 5 logo designs in Adobe Photoshop and 3 logo designs in Adobe Illustrator, all covered from start to finish in video format.

• Know exactly how to make a website

Not only will you know how to design and build a functioning website, but you will know how to design and build a GREAT looking website. Gary Simon (the instructor and founder of has been designing for over 9 years. You get to learn the design process of a seasoned professional whose familiar with the latest in professional design trends.

• Learn how to design awesome logos

Be able to design great looking logos in a variety of styles. From web 2.0 to professional corporate. Also learn logo design in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator!

• The potential to earn big as a designer

Since you're able to see how a real professional designer designs and builds websites and logos, you will have the knowledge that it takes to be a competitive designer. No steps are left out of the design process of the 8 website and logo design projects listed above.

Financial Recovery Bankruptcy Foreclosure Short Sales And Rebuilding Your Credit DVDR

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 04:10 AM PST

Financial Recovery Bankruptcy Foreclosure Short Sales And Rebuilding Your Credit DVDR | 4.4 GB

Are you going through financial hard times? Are you contemplating filing for bankruptcy? Do you feel overwhelmed with the difficult choices and situations ahead? EduCouch brings you all the professionals you wish you could meet and consult in the comfort of your own home. By the end of this program, you will be ready to make a proper decision in relation to your finances and come out with a feeling of satisfaction and independence. Going through a bankruptcy or a foreclosure is a difficult time in one’s life but dealing with this process can be positive and ultimately rewarding when you know what to expect and develop your own plan. This DVD features 6 experts who share their knowledge and advice about everything from the financial implications to techniques on rebuilding your credit and your self-esteem. With the help of this DVD you will be able to prepare for what is to come, develop a strategic plan, re-evaluate your finances and start a new, debt free life.


WWDC 2009 Mac Session Videos D1 & D2 DVD

Posted: 06 Feb 2010 04:01 AM PST

WWDC 2009 Mac Session Videos D1 & D2 DVD | 10.3 GB

Purchase session videos from the Worldwide Developers Conference 2009 and watch Apple engineers deliver in-depth technical information about the technologies that power iPhone OS and Mac OS X.