Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

Investools Basic Stocks (5 Step Investment Formula)

Posted: 13 Feb 2010 09:29 AM PST

Investools Basic Stocks (5 Step Investment Formula) | 2.6 GB

Investools basic stock trading course.

A basic introduction to self directed stock investing, basic technical indicators and charting, long term vs short term trading, mutual funds vs ETFs and index tracking stocks...everything you need to know to advance to the next level (options and more advanced technical analysis, swing and trend trading, index options and spreads, etc).

This is the original 4 DVD Investools PHD Course, Basic Stocks – 5 Step Investing Formula and the pdf manual.

Discovery Channel – 2012 Apocalypse (2009)

Posted: 13 Feb 2010 09:01 AM PST

Discovery Channel – 2012 Apocalypse (2009)
English | 720p HDTV DHD | MKV | x264 1280×720 3289Kbps 29.97fps | AC3 384Kbps 6CH 48KHz | 00:42:32 | 1.09GB

December 21, 2012. Doomsday fanatics claim that this is when life on Earth will come to an end. But what does science have to say about this looming apocalypse? What real threats could possibly bring about cataclysmic changes on Earth in 2012?

Check Point Security Administration CCSA NGX R65

Posted: 13 Feb 2010 07:35 AM PST

With over 24,000 CCSA certified professionals worldwide, CCSA NGX certification is one of the most highly recognized and respected vendor-specific security certifications available.

The foundation of Check Point certifications, CCSA NGX R65 certification validates a Security Administrator’s ability to maintain day-to-day operation of Check Point security solutions and ensure secure access to information across the network. Proficiencies include creating and installing Security Policies, using logging and reporting features, and managing anti-spoofing, Network Address Translation (NAT), and OPSEC applications.

More information on specific topics, skills, and competencies covered by CCSA NGX R65 certification is available in the course and exam details.


Avanquest Driving Test (All In One) 2008/2009

Posted: 13 Feb 2010 06:58 AM PST

Avanquest Driving Test (All In One) 2008/2009 | 690 MB

- NEW OFFICIAL DSA Theory Test Questions
- Over 400 Hazard Perception Clips
- 10 OFFICIAL DSA Hazard Perception practice clips
- The OFFICIAL Hazard Perception Test introduction video
- Practical Test Training Tutorials
- MOCK Driving Test to see what the examiner is looking for
- NEW OFFICIAL DSA Show Me, Tell Me questions
- LEARN ON THE MOVE – practise DSA questions on your mobile phone, iPod, PDA etc.
- Printable E-books – Theory Test and Highway Code workbooks



M.O.C 5118A Maintaining and Troubleshooting Windows Vista Computers

Posted: 13 Feb 2010 04:24 AM PST

M.O.C 5118A Maintaining and Troubleshooting Windows Vista Computers | 180 MB

This three-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to successfully maintain and troubleshoot Windows Vista computers. It will provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify technical problems that can occur in an organization’s client computers. The course will focus on five main troubleshooting areas: operating system, hardware, networking, security, and applications. It will also provide the knowledge and skills necessary to monitor and maintain Windows Vista client computers.

Audience Profile
The audience for this course is experienced enterprise-level IT Professionals who focus on a broad range of desktop operating system, desktop application, mobile device, networking, and hardware support issues. As working professionals, students must quickly resolve support issues by combining technical expertise with problem solving and decision making skills and a deep understanding of their business and technical environments. They must consider all variables, justify resolutions with a logical troubleshooting approach, and relate tradeoffs to business and technical requirements and constraints.
Students will have used Microsoft Windows XP-SP2 and may have experience with Windows server operating systems. Their jobs require them to stay knowledgeable and skilled about new versions and updates of technology in the business environment.
At Course Completion
After completing this course, students will be able to:

* Plan and apply a troubleshooting methodology for an organization.
* Describe how the Windows Vista platform helps address troubleshooting requirements for important technical areas.
* Identify the most appropriate method to troubleshoot Windows Vista computers.
* Identify Windows Vista tools that can be used to help in the troubleshooting process.
* Identify important maintenance tools that will be used as part of IT operations for their organizations.
* Describe how monitoring and optimization tools in Windows Vista can be used to assist in troubleshooting and keeping computers performing optimally.


LeapFrog: Let’s Go to School (2009) DVDRip

Posted: 13 Feb 2010 03:12 AM PST

LeapFrog: Let’s Go to School (2009) DVDRip | 370 MB

DVDRip | English | 35 min | AVI DivX 1387kbps 624×480 29fps | Dolby AC3 48000Hz 192kbps stereo 2ch | USA | 2009

Based on the popular educational game with the same title, series Leap Frog (Frog) pre-school children are taught in a fun and friendly atmosphere. In this part, the brother and sister-frog-frog, Ted and Lily, are preparing for the first day of school and hold a lesson of phonetics, accounts and tell about the animals.

Directed by: Bob Nesler
Cast: Dorothy Elias-Fahn (Lily), Robert Mark Klein (Edison), Cindy Robinson (Calendar), Jessica Straus (Tad) …


AUC English Course 11 Levels

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 10:28 PM PST

AUC English Course 11 Levels

This is 12 CDs .nrg and its very very useful education CDs video and audio and recording your voice to check if your accent is near to American Accent Language ,and grammar, and there is many practicing .

the 12 CDs :
1 for the setup
11 for the 11 levels and its divided to
- Basic .
- Intermediate .
- Advanced .
- Review .
- Executive .
how its work :
Mount the 1st CD and setup the software . ( it named Setup )
2nd mount the CD you want to start .
Then at star > all programs u will found English Discoveries after you click on it u will find all the cds names choose the one you mount and start studying.

AIO 9 Ebooks Collection 2010

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 10:25 PM PST

AIO 9 Ebooks Collection 2010 | 154 MB

Building Websites, HTML Basics, Web Design Book Collection

Web Design for Dummies 2009,
Wiley вЂ" Building Web Sites All-in-One For Dummies 2nd Edition (2009),
Build a Website for Free 2009,
Apress вЂ" The Web Startup Success Guide (2009),
The Principle of Beautiful Web Design 2007,
O’Reilly вЂ" Designing Web Interfaces (2009)
Web Studies Rewiring Media Studies for the Digital Age, by David Gauntlett
A Beginner’s Guide HTML by Wendy Willard
HTML Dog: The Best-Practice Guide to XHTML and CSS

Big Book of Windows Hacks

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 10:21 PM PST

Big Book of Windows Hacks| Size  68.59 MB

O’Reilly Media, Inc.| 2007 | English | ISBN-13: 978-0596528355 | 647 pages | PDF

Bigger, better, and broader in scope, the Big Book of Windows Hacks gives you everything you need to get the most out of your Windows Vista or XP system, including its related applications and the hardware it runs on or connects to. Whether you want to tweak Vista’s Aero interface, build customized sidebar gadgets and run them from a USB key, or hack the “unhackable” screensavers, you’ll find quick and ingenious ways to bend these recalcitrant operating systems to your will. The Big Book of Windows Hacks focuses on Vista, the new bad boy on Microsoft’s block, with hacks and workarounds that also work for Windows XP. You can read each hack in just a few minutes, saving countless hours of searching for the right answer. The step-by-step instructions let you apply the solutions in no time. This book takes you beyond the operating system with hacks for applications like Internet Explorer 7 and Office 2007, and hardware such as the Zune, your wireless router, and the PC itself. The Big Book of Windows Hacks includes: Expanded tutorials, new background material, a series of “quick hacks,” and informative sidebars Security hacks, including protection at wireless hotspots, hacking Vista file permissions and user account protection, and more Efficiency hacks, such as tweaking your PC hardware, troubleshooting hardware problems, and speeding up system performance Fun hacks, like building a custom Media Center PC or turning a PC into a digital video recorder “Beyond Windows” hacks for running Linux inside Vista, dual-booting Linux/Windows or XP/Vista, or emulate classic video games on your PC In all, this remarkable book contains more than 100 hacks so that the power user in you never again needsto be at the mercy of systems and hardware run by Microsoft’s omnipotent Vista and XP operating systems


Google Me (2007)

Posted: 12 Feb 2010 10:16 PM PST

Google Me (2007) | 700 MB

DVDRip | 640×352 (1.818:1) | XviD @ 543 Kbps 23.976 fps | English AC3 @ 448 Kbps (Constant) | 96 mins

A very interesting and topical documentary about a man who enters his own name into the google search engine and then proceeds to travel and physically contact the people who share his name. We take google for granted now days for thousands of searches every week, they are the dominant player on the internet for searching and it is rare, if ever, we stop to reflect on just how much faith we place in this multinational giant who are the keepers of so much information. Give this a watch, it was a very enjoyable docu!

Synopsis: "It all started when I Googled my name" said Killeen of his movie. And who in today's day and age hasn't engaged in just such an activity in a moment of idle "webbing." The difference here that the filmmaker actually followed up on his findings by not only contacting his namesakes but also traveling to whatever remote location called for to meet and interview the subjects of his search, even discovering (and verifying through genetic testing) a long-lost cousin. Jim Killeen the filmmaker in Los Angeles found, among others, Jim Killeen the priest in Cobh, Ireland, Jim Killeen the retired cop in New York, Jim Killeen the CEO in Melbourne, Australia and Jim Killeen the sexual swinger in Denver. "Google Me" has not only been given the search engine's blessing, but even features Google's VP of Engineering, Douglas Merrill, in an insightful interview voicing his sentiments on the subject. Whether an effort to defeat the innumerable self-imposed social barriers erected since the advent of the Internet or out of sheer and simple curiosity, the result is nevertheless telling and enormously entertaining – as well as a provoking commentary on today's society and how technology has transformed our lives. Due to the premise of the film, Jim Killeen is likely to become a household name. By employing the single yet powerfully intimate common denominator of a person's name, "Google Me" succeeds in exploring the philosophical subject of identity itself as well as the underlying human conditions that unite us all.