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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

Netmetric CCIE Security Bootcamp

Posted: 07 Mar 2010 10:19 AM PST

Netmetric CCIE Security Bootcamp | 3.7GB
Genre: eLearning

Netmetric Solution’s Security CCIE Class-on-Demand is a self-paced version of our CCIE Lab Bootcamp. The Class-on-Demand offers our 7 day Lab bootcamp labs in a recorded video format with Live demonstration of all the Technology and Super Labs. The Labs are conducted by Khawar Butt.
The video includes video with voice explanations. The recorded format allows you to learn the highly complex CCIE Security technologies on a schedule that works for you!
You will automatically receive updates at no charge as our class curriculum changes with the progression of the CCIE Lab.
What You Get
• DVD that contains all the Initial Configs, Final Configs and the AVI file (Voice and Video) for all the labs that Khawar covers in a normal CCIE Security Lab Bootcamp.
• More than 40 hours of content from one of the most well known Security instructors in the Industry, Khawar Butt CCIE#12353 (R/S, Security, SP)
Topics and Labs
Module 1 – Firewalls (ASA/PIX) • Basic Initialization of PIX / ASA
• Translations and Connections
• Access Control – ACLs , ICMP & Object Groups
• IP Routing – RIP & OSPF
• Application Aware Inspection
• QoS on Firewalls
• Transparent Firewalls
• Security Contexts
• Failover – Active/Standby and Active/Active
VPN • IPSec LAN-to-LAN with and without NAT-T
• QoS with IPSec
• EZVPN in Client and Network Extension Mode
• High Availability VPN with HSRP-IPSec
• Basic Initialization of VPN Concentrator
• VPN Concentrator IP Routing
• VPN Concentrator Administration Control and Advanced Security
• IPSec LAN-to-LAN Tunnels from VPN Concentrator to Router
• EZVPN with VPN Concentrator as Server and Router as a Client
• NAT on Concentrator for Overlapping Subnets IPSec Tunnels
• Remote Access with Split-tunnel and RRI
• Web VPN
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
• IDS on a Router
• IDS on a PIX / ASA
• Basic Initialization of IPS 4200 Series Appliance
• Configuring IPS in Promiscuous Mode
• Signature Tuning
• Configuring Blocking on IPS Sensor
• Configuring IPS in Inline Mode
• Custom Stream Signatures
• Custom HTTP Signatures
• Custom Packet Signatures
Identity Management
• Cisco Secure ACS Configuration for Network Devices
• Configuring User and Groups on the Cisco Secure ACS server
• Configuring AAA Authentication for Routers, Switches, ASA / PIX and VPN Concentrator from ACS Server
• Configuring AAA Command Authorization
• Configuring AAA Accounting
• Configuring L2 NAC Framework – 802.1x
Advanced Security
• Preventing IP Spoofing using ACL’s and RPF
• Configuring NAT on Routers
• Configuring the IP TCP Intercept Feature on the Router
• Disabling Unnessary servicecs on the Router
• Configuring Port Security on the Catalyst Switch
• Configuring DHCP Snooping
• Configuring Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI) to prevent ARP Spoofing
• Mitigating DHCP Attacks
• Mitigating Dos Attacks using CAR
• Using NBAR to Block Attacks
IOS Firewall
Configuring complex CBAC configuration.
Mitigating DoS attacks by using CBAC
Configuring Java Filtering
Configuring URL Filtering
Super Lab
Section 1 – Basic Firewall – IOS / PIX / ASA
Section 2 – Advanced Firewall – IOS / PIX / ASA
Section 3 – Basic IPS / IDS Configuration
Section 4 – Advanced IPS / IDS Configuration
Section 5 – Basic VPN Concentrator Configuration
Section 6 – Basic IPSec Tunnels
Section 7 – Advanced IPSec Tunnels
Section 8 – Access / Identity Management (ACS Server)
Section 9 – Network & Switch Security
Section 10 – Network Attacks

A.J. Hoge – VIP Global Leadership Program.

Posted: 06 Mar 2010 11:05 PM PST

A.J. Hoge – VIP Global Leadership Program.
A.J. Hoge | 2010 | PDF,mp3,m4v | 2.22 GB

I want you to feel confident when you speak English. So right now, in fact, you need to put your shoulders back and I want to see a smile on your face and I want your chest to be up and I want you to breathe deeply. Remember, we have to change our body that's the first step. It's not the only thing, but it's the first step to getting more confidence.

When our chin is up, our shoulders are back, chest is up, we're smiling we have more of a feeling of confidence, of strength and relaxation. So be sure to do that every time you listen to English, speak English, and watch my videos always, very, very, very important.
So that's the first step.
Now you're going to learn confidence, you're going to get, you know, new English of course from these lessons, but also we're going to learn leadership. Every single month I'm going to send you audio commentaries and a little video about the topic of leadership. And sometimes I'll use that movie technique, I'll pause and explain..

PC Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools

Posted: 06 Mar 2010 11:03 PM PST

PC Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools | 6Mb

Covering both Windows and Linux, PC Hacks combines the bestselling Hacks series style with the world?s most popular computing hardware. Hacks for enhancing performance and preventing problems with your PC include overclocking CPU and video cards, tweaking RAM timing, selecting the best performing components, and more. The guide includes advice on reusing an old PC to off-load work from newer systems as well as ways to prevent security hacks.

Intel-and AMD-powered PCs?which account for more than 90% of all personal computers?are powerful and expandable, and operating systems like Windows and Linux do a great job of running well on this hardware. But to maintain maximum stability and predictability, these operating systems don?t push the hardware to its limits. That doesn?t mean you can?t. PC Hacks shows PC users like you how to get the most out of your hardware and software to make your PC experience more satisfying than ever. You don?t need another collection of simple tips and command-clicks; you need PC Hacks, where you?ll find proven techniques for enhancing performance and preventing problems with your PC hardware. This step-by-step, hack-by-hack guide, with invaluable tips and tricks throughout, will get you hacking the system board, CPU, BIOS, peripherals and operating system?everything but the unhackable power supply! In PC Hacks, Jim Aspinwall, the Windows Helpdesk columnist and feature editor for CNET.COM and author of three books on PC maintenance, delivers basic to advanced hacks for overclocking CPU and video cards, tweaking RAM timing, selecting the best performing components, and much more. He includes suggestions for reusing an old PC to off-load work from newer systems as well as ways to prevent security hacks. He also offers many tips for avoiding common mistakes?and for getting the system back up and running if something does go wrong. PC Hacks combines of the bestselling Hacks series style with the world?s most popular computing hardware. Presented in a clear and direct format and covering both Windows and Linux operating systems, PC Hacks ensure that you?ll hack and tweak your way to the best performance possible out of your trusty PC.

English Result Intermediate (Student’s Book, 2 Audio CDs)

Posted: 06 Mar 2010 11:03 PM PST

English Result Intermediate (Student’s Book, 2 Audio CDs)
Oxford University Press | 2010 | PDF | ISBN-10: 0194304795 | 162 | MP3 | 256 kbps, 44.1KHz, 2 channels | 243 MB

The general English course that takes students from ‘how to’ to ‘can do’ in every lesson.
English Result is a completely new multi-level general English course for adults. A unique two-page lesson formula combines highly visual input on the left-hand page with classroom activities on the right-hand page.
Key features
‘How to …’ lessons provide a clear learning focus and practical language that students can use in everyday situations.
A whole page of visually stimulating input maximizes student interest at the beginning of each lesson and keeps motivation high throughout.
21st-century grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation syllabus with five-skills coverage gives teachers and students everything they need.
‘Put it all together’ sections in every lesson help students consolidate what they’ve learned before they leave the classroom.
An ‘I can …’ tick line at the end of every lesson helps students reflect on how well they can use the language.
A one-page writing lesson per unit consolidates language covered and builds up to a practical written outcome.

Alpha Man Conversation & Persuasion, 14CDs + Reference E-book+ Bonus Material

Posted: 06 Mar 2010 11:00 PM PST

Alpha Man Conversation & Persuasion, 14CDs + Reference E-book+ Bonus Material
Carlos Xuma | ASIN: N/a | MP3 | 170 Mb each

At last, all the tools, tips, strategies, and techniques you’ll ever need to hold powerful, exciting, conversations…
Finally, ONE program to completely improve your ability to hold confident conversations with ANYONE
These are more of the strategies, tactics, and techniques I will cover with you in this program. From the structure of good conversation to getting what you want from every interaction. From talking to men, talking to women, to talking to your family.
You’re about to learn the most effective techniques to influence and persuade – my most lethal communication tactics.
Every conversation is a battle of wills and power. Do you know how to never be taken advantage of again? Learn how in the Alpha Conversation & Persuasion program…
Imagine how you’ll feel when you can talk with anyone about anything, in any situation…
Are you tired of being “shut out” in conversations? Would you like to feel like you have Alpha Power and persuasive ability with women? Your boss? Your family? Your friends?
This information-packed, 14 CD program covers all the bases of conversation and interpersonal communication. In just a few days, you can dra matically increase your conversational powers with everyone in your sphere of influence.
Disc 01 Concepts – Inner Game
Disc 02 STT – Core Skills and Tactics 1
Disc 03 STT – Core Skills and Tactics 2
Disc 04 Women and Communications
Disc 05 NLP and Persuasion Strategies
Disc 06 Rapport and Cold Reading
Disc 07 Verbal Self-Defense 1 – Power Questions
Disc 08 Verbal Self-Defense 2
Disc 09 Handling Difficult People
Disc 10 Humor – How to Be Funny
Disc 11 Power Conversations
Disc 12 STT – Power Tips for Conversation 1
Disc 13 STT – Power Tips for Conversation 2
Disc 14 Exercises
+Bonus material