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Download Free Computer Ebooks - NET BOOKS

Google AdSense Tricks

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 04:09 PM PST

Google AdSense Tricks | 2.72 GB

I live, sleep and breathe automated income. There is NOTHING on the Internet that compares to putting up websites, setting them to run automatically, and watching the money roll in.
And my customers tell me over and over again that they couldn’t agree more.
And YES, some of the income we make comes from Adsense. So if you’ve bought into the rumor that Adsense is dead, think again. While the “johnny-come-lately’s” and the “me-toos” are now running off to try their new venture of the month (whatever that might be) I have held fast…

…because I know something they don’t know.

First of all, AdSense is NOT DEAD. It has changed, and for the better. You can no longer slap up junk sites and expect to get rich by next Tuesday. Not that it ever happened, anyway, but certain marketers were certainly hoping you would believe that just long enough to lay out your cash for their latest, greatest system.

AdSense no longer rewards people for putting up junk sites. AdSense does reward Webmasters who have QUALITY content. The junk sites were a loophole, and Google closed that loophole to the benefit of everyone.

I have made an extensive and exhaustive study of what users want in a website. I know what brings them in, what keeps them on the site, and what gets them to refer the site to others.

I can put up a site and be making money withing 24 hours, as I’ve proven with my Visitor Sense videos I recently released. In these videos I showed how anyone can optimize their site to get it spydered and indexed almost immediately, to have a steady stream of visitors coming within hours of the site going live, and be making money within 24 hours.

In fact, you may have heard the sound of their jaws dropping when they saw me hit a # 1, #2 and a #3 spot on Google in just 24 hours!

I do not try to “beat” the system. Instead, I work within the system to make everyone happy. Users are happy with the content, Google is happy that users are happy, and I’m happy that I’m making money.

And when I share my turn-key systems with my customers, I can assure you that they are very, very happy, as you will see by the testimonials below.

Are you going to get rich with AdSense overnight? Could you ever? But you can make a great income, and AdSense is just ONE of several passive income streams you will earn with this Niches-In-A-Box membership.


eBooks Collection (Wrox Press)

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 04:07 PM PST

eBooks Collection (Wrox Press)

Collection of useful eBooks for I.T Professionals. all files in pdf format.

You can download only one book if you want after adding torrent in your client and select the file you want to download.

ASP.NET 2.0 Instant Results.pdf 10.16 MB
ASP.NET 2.0 Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition Starter.Kit.pdf 12.05 MB
Beginning ActionScript 2.0.pdf 12.02 MB
Beginning Ajax.pdf 4.03 MB
Beginning ASP.NET 3.5 In C# and VB.pdf 35.59 MB
Beginning C# 2005 Databases.pdf 6.20 MB
Beginning C# 2008.pdf 9.81 MB
Beginning Database Design.pdf 6.92 MB
Beginning Expression Web.pdf 11.72 MB
Beginning Infopath 2003.pdf 12.03 MB
Beginning Microsoft Visual C Sharp 2008.pdf 17.40 MB
Beginning Regular Expressions.pdf 24.24 MB
Beginning Shell Scripting.pdf 8.85 MB
Beginning SQL Server 2005 Administration.pdf 5.18 MB
Beginning SQL.pdf 8.94 MB
Beginning Unix.pdf 8.16 MB
Beginning Visual Basic .NET Database Programming.pdf 6.70 MB
Beginning Visual Basic 2005 Databases.pdf 11.37 MB
Beginning Visual Basic 2005.pdf 14.28 MB
Beginning Visual C++ 2005.pdf 17.80 MB
Beginning XSL.pdf 4.31 MB
C# 2008 Programmers Reference.pdf 19.46 MB
Professional ADO .NET 3.5 with LINQ and the Entity Framework.pdf 12.95 MB
Professional ADO dot NET 2 Programming with SQL Server 2005 Oracle and MySQL.pdf 10.61 MB
Professional Adobe Flex 2.chm 16.72 MB
Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Databases.pdf 4.50 MB
Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Security, Membership, And Role Management.pdf 11.49 MB
Professional ASP.NET 2.0 Server Control and Component Development – Wrox.pdf 16.53 MB
Professional ASP.NET 2.0.pdf 34.66 MB
Professional ASP.NET 3.5 – In CSharp and VB.pdf 38.93 MB
Professional ASP.NET.pdf 32.02 MB
Professional Assembly Language.pdf 6.61 MB
Professional C# – 3rd Edition.pdf 23.16 MB
Professional C# 2008.pdf 21.63 MB
Professional Community Server.pdf 4.55 MB
Professional CSS – Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design.pdf 17.72 MB
Professional CSS Cascading Style Sheets for Web Design.pdf 11.88 MB
Professional Development with Web APIs – Google, eBay, PayPal,, MapPoint, FedEx.pdf 11.81 MB
Professional JavaScript For Web Developers.pdf 9.00 MB
Professional LINQ.pdf 7.05 MB
Professional Linux Programming.pdf 4.10 MB
Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Programming.pdf 11.15 MB
Professional Microsoft Virtual Server 2005.pdf 5.40 MB
Professional Python Frameworks Web 2-0 Programming with Django and TurboGears.pdf 10.31 MB
Professional SQL Server 2005 CLR Programming.pdf 8.71 MB
Professional SQL Server 2005 Programming.pdf 17.80 MB
Professional Visual Basic 2005.pdf 23.63 MB
Professional Visual Basic 2008.pdf 21.05 MB
Professional Web APIs with PHP eBay, Google, PayPal, Amazon, FedEx, Plus Web Feeds.chm 3.64 MB
Professional Web Parts and Custom Controls with ASP.NET 2.0.pdf 8.69 MB
Professional Windows PowerShell.pdf 6.34 MB
Professional WPF Programming.pdf 6.37 MB
Professional XML Databases.pdf 6.99 MB
SharePoint 2007 Development using SilverLight 2.pdf 8.47 MB
SQL Functions Programmers Reference.pdf 8.95 MB
SQL Server 2008 Administration.pdf 8.70 MB
SQL Server Reporting Services.pdf 12.80 MB
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Visual Basic 2008 Programmer’s Reference [2008].pdf 15.69 MB
Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005.pdf 7.67 MB
Wiley Beginning Algorithms (2006).pdf 4.91 MB
Wrox – Professional Refactoring in Visual Basic.pdf 6.32 MB
Wrox PHP and MySQL Create Modify Reuse.pdf 5.70 MB
Wrox Press – Professional Active Server Pages 3.0.pdf 25.91 MB
Wrox Press – Professional Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET, Second Edition.pdf 15.21 MB
Wrox.Professional.Silverlight.2.for.ASP.NET.Developers.Feb.2009.pdf 11.32 MB
Wrox.Professional.VMware.Server.Dec.2006.pdf 3.74 MB

AJAX ebooks collection

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 12:55 PM PST

CompTIA Network+ 2009 Certification

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 12:40 PM PST

CompTIA Network+ 2009 Certification
Network+ is an elite training program that completely and adequately prepares students to become Network+ certified. Students will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install, operate and configure basic network infrastructure, describe networking technologies, and basic design principles. This course will provide students with the ability to effectively learn real-world concepts and skills to help launch or enhance a networking career. This course will prepare you to pass the CompTIA Network+® certification exam N10-004.

Expert Cube Development With Microsoft Sql Server 2008 Analysis Services

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 12:00 PM PST

Expert Cube Development With Microsoft Sql Server 2008 Analysis Services
Chris Webb, Marco Russo, Alberto Ferrari
PP | English | 2009 | ISBN: 1847197221 | 360 pages | PDF | 5,6 MB

Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (“Analysis Services” from here on) is now ten years old, a mature product proven in thousands of enterprise-level deployments around the world. Starting from a point where few people knew it existed and where those that did were often suspicious of it, it has grown to be the most widely deployed OLAP server and one of the keystones of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence (BI) product strategy. Part of the reason for its success has been the easy availability of information about it: apart from the documentation Microsoft provides there are white papers, blogs, newsgroups, online forums, and books galore on the subject. So why write yet another book on Analysis Services? The short answer is to bring together all of the practical, real-world knowledge about Analysis Services that’s out there into one place.

We, the authors of this book, are consultants who have spent the last few years of our professional lives designing and building solutions based on the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform and helping other people to do so. We’ve watched Analysis Services grow to maturity and at the same time seen more and more people move from being hesitant beginners on their first project to confident cube designers, but at the same time we felt that there were no books on the market aimed at this emerging group of intermediate-to-experienced users. Similarly, all of the Analysis Services books we read concerned themselves with describing its functionality and what you could potentially do with it but none addressed the practical problems we encountered day-to-day in our work—the problems of how you should go about designing cubes, what the best practices for doing so are, which areas of functionality work well and which don’t, and so on. We wanted to write this book to fill these two gaps, and to allow us to share our hard-won experience. Most technical books are published to coincide with the release of a new version of a product and so are written using beta software, before the author has had a chance to use the new version in a real project. This book, on the other hand, has been written with the benefit of having used Analysis Services 2008 for almost a year and before that Analysis Services 2005 for more than three years.


PC World – April 2010

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 11:57 AM PST

PC World – April 2010
English | 112 pages | PDF | 27.10 Mb

PC World Magazine: The computer industry is always in a constant state of change. Thats why as a PC user needs the most up-to-date information to stay in touch with the times. PC World is the number one monthly PC publication. Each issue features award-winning articles, PC reviews and ranking, pricing guides, how-to instructionals and technical advice. Expert analysis from computer experts make this a must-read for all serious PC users

Using GPS: GPS Simplified for Outdoor Adventurers

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 11:55 AM PST

Using GPS: GPS Simplified for Outdoor Adventurers
Publisher: Falcon | ISBN: 1560448210 | edition 1999 | CHM | 128 pages | 11 mb

The Global Positioning System, or GPS, is increasingly the tool of backcountry travelers. This pack-sized book is a guide to practical field use of GPS for anyone whose play takes them to remote or hard-to-find areas. Bruce Grubbs, veteran outdoor writer and technology enthusiast, offers helpful advice for hikers, backpackers, anglers, mountain bikers, kayakers, canoeists, and cross-country skiers. Written in simple language, with each term explained as it is used, Using GPS is a wealth of useful backcountry naviation advice for beginners and experts alike.


Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 11:53 AM PST

Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications
Academic Press | 2009-06-05 | ISBN: 0123747651 | 864ages | PDF | 4 MB

The Handbook of Statistical Analysis and Data Mining Applications is a comprehensive professional reference book that guides business analysts, scientists, engineers and researchers (both academic and industrial) through all stages of data analysis, model building and implementation. The Handbook helps one discern the technical and business problem, understand the strengths and weaknesses of modern data mining algorithms, and employ the right statistical methods for practical application. Use this book to address massive and complex datasets with novel statistical approaches and be able to objectively evaluate analyses and solutions. It has clear, intuitive explanations of the principles and tools for solving problems using modern analytic techniques, and discusses their application to real problems, in ways accessible and beneficial to practitioners across industries – from science and engineering, to medicine, academia and commerce. This handbook brings together, in a single resource, all the information a beginner will need to understand the tools and issues in data mining to build successful data mining solutions.

James Kennard “Joomla! 1.5 Development Cookbook”

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 11:50 AM PST

James Kennard “Joomla! 1.5 Development Cookbook”
PP | English | September 2009 | ISBN: 1847198147 | 360 pages | PDF | 12 MB

This book has a “wealth” of solutions for problems that Joomla! developers face regularly. It provides step-by-step mini examples, which show how to overcome common design and implementation problems when creating Joomla! extensions. It will help you set up a sustainable collaborative development environment using the powerful free services offered by

This book can be used in different ways. It can be used by the pro Joomla! developer looking for a specific solution to a problem, and can also be used by a novice developer looking for an insight into an area of common problems, such as effectively handling errors in Joomla!. Readers who choose to read an entire chapter will first be given a brief overview of the topic in hand, and its role and importance when developing for Joomla!. The recipes contained within the chapters will introduce the reader to specific problems and provide hands-on solutions. It provides solutions for core design topics, including security, data access, users, sessions, and multilingual capabilities.

HTML & XHTML: The Complete Reference

Posted: 11 Mar 2010 11:47 AM PST

HTML & XHTML: The Complete Reference
Publisher: McGraw-Hill | Pages: 956 | 2003-08-19 | ISBN 007222942X | CHM | 19 MB

Construct awesome Web pages using HTML, XHTML, XML, basic JavaScript, both CSS (style sheet) specifications, and DHTML. This thorough resource provides explanations of why tags work as they do, rather than just giving basic descriptions of them. Plus, use a companion Web site that features layout examples and allows visitors to sample HTML for their own uses.