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2011-12 Ford Explorer Available Now!'

Westin has developed the 2011-12 Ford Explorer application for Platinum 4" Oval
Tube Step Bars. This is a unique offering in that the 21-Series Platinum 4" Oval
Tube Step Bar, a beefy and sturdy step design, was slated for offering reserved
to trucks and vehicles such as Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon.

2012 Ford Explorer with Westin Platinum 4" Oval Step Bars

Due to popular demand, the Ford Explorer application was selected to be one of
the first SUV applications designed for this product. It is the first Ford SUV
offered, but is in good company with the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Platinum 4" Oval Tube Step Bar (21-Series) Black w/ 30 degree bends at ends

In addition to this being a unique vehicle offering, Westin engineers have taken
careful consideration in the design of the step, which typically features a 90
degree mandrel bend at both ends of the bar. Westin has focused on rocker panel
mounting of a cradled step with 30 degree bends at both ends.

Applications come complete with vehicle specific mounting kit, available in
black or polished finish and has the widest step area offered.

Application Information

2011 2012 Ford Explorer 5 21-3600 21-3605

FINISH: Black Powdercoat

MATERIAL: Mild Steel


FINISH: Polished

MATERIAL: Stainless Steel

WARRANTY: Lifetime

1 Excludes S.S. models.
2 Excludes Daytona, Rumble Bee and SRT-10 models.
3 Requires some drilling.
4 Not for Canadian diesel models.
5 Application features ends with 30 bend.

Additional Notes
Applications for Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Tacoma also feature rocker panel
mounting, and a cradled step with 30 degree bends at ends.

More To Choose From
Westin offers the largest variety in step-up products with 3 general step styles
and 13 step products in all. Choose your step by style: 3" Round Tube style, our
most traditional style step; Oval Tube style steps that range from traditional
style mounting like that of the 3" Round Step Bars, or choose a full cradle
mount style Oval Tube Step. They range in tube diameter from 4" to 6". Westin
Oval Tube Steps include: 4" Oval Tube (cradle mount style), Platinum Oval Bar
(traditional mount style with select cradle step applications), Premier 6" Oval
Tube (cradle mount style), and the NEW GenX Oval Tube Nerf Bar (cradle mount
style) with accent tube feature and drop down step. Choose a Running Board style
step which is classified by its single unit construction that runs the length of
the vehicle body and mounts in a cradle style. Choose Sure-Grip Running Board
(available in 3 finishes), Molded Board (Lighted or in Unlighted style), or
Westin's NEW HDX Commerial Grade Running Board (diamond tread).

Function. Difference. Variety. Style.

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